Why I Don't Date.

By: crazypotatoes

Author's Note: Don't you hate it when you have an idea for a story but that idea is something that happens in the middle of it. Ugh!Haha anyway, this is my first story that I posted on this site. Some facts or other things may be wrong, but tell me and I will change them.

Description: There are many reasons why Carly Presley doesn't date. Unless, that can all be changed.

It all started when I was five. My mom, my older brother Ryan and I moved to England. My dad was the reason we moved because he decided to cheat on my mother. No, not just once, apparently this had been going on for several years. When my mother found out she was furious, especially since I was the one who caught him in the act. That was about twelve years ago. Since then, I became best friends with the niece of one of the riches people in England, my mom remarried David (he was really nice, he respected my mom and treated me and Ryan like his own kids), my dad died (that shocked me, and angered me. I was ten when it happened and apparently he was sick for a long time and never spoke once about Ryan or me or my mom.), my brother moved to Belgium with his girlfriend, and my mom passed away.

The last one had a huge impact on me. I was really close to my mom and I cried for a long time. That was when Ryan was still in England and just started dating whatever her name was. We lost both our parents but since David adopted us after he married our mother, he was now our legal guardian and out of anyone in the whole world I'd choose him.

I'm eighteen now, I just graduated about three months ago and I still live in London with David. I decided to take a gap year mainly because I have no clue what I want to do with my life. I know people say it's bad to take one but I really need this, it's not like I get C's all the time, in fact I've always gotten A's. But that's not the point.

I've only made a few friends since I've been here. My best friend is Keira, who is the niece of Philip Colburn who did something that made him rich and famous. The funny this is, I don't know what he does for a living he's some lawyer or doctor or scientist or something. Then there's Kevin. He started out as my brother's lab partner, he came over once and we've been friends ever since. Kevin introduced me to his new girlfriend Cecile. She's really nice, funny and her favorite topic is guys. Now we go back to Keira again, I've made friends with her cousin, Matthew and I've made enemies with her other cousin, him. Keira's family lives in one huge mansion. By family, I mean: Keira, Keira's father Benjamin, Keira's mother Irene, Philip Colburn, his wife Lynette Colburn, and of course Matthew and him.

Keira and I have been inseparable for twelve or thirteen years ever since Irene and my mom took us to the same park. I basically live at their house and I get along with, well, almost everyone just fine. Ryan made friends with Matthew, who's now 21, and he got along pretty well with him, but then he had to go off with that slut and move away.

You're probably wondering who 'him' is…and who I am. I'm Carly Presley (No, I have no relation to Elvis) and I'm 18…which I've said before. 'He' is Brandon Colburn, who has been my enemy ever since I've met him. He introduced himself when I was seven (Yes, I spent the first two years not knowing him) and he was eight, by throwing a water balloon at me. Ever since, we've been fighting about the littlest things and pulling pranks on each other left and right. Examples? When I was ten and he was eleven we got kicked out of a restaurant...our families weren't too happy. And last year, Keira and I were sitting on the edge of a fountain when he comes out of nowhere and shoves me in. I do get my revenge so later on that night, with the help of Keira, we snuck into his room while he was in the shower and stole all of his clothes leaving him with nothing but a towel. That made him run around in a towel for twenty minutes and then we got lectured…again…so I had to give back his clothes.

Now? Brandon's nineteen, a huge player and he's trying to carry on his father legacy (whatever that career field may be) but he's kind of unsuccessful.

I was minding my own business, sitting on their back deck along with Keira. We were reading magazines but she was going on about some guy she met and I was listening.

"He's gorgeous!" She explained, "He's really nice to me and he's really smart and funny."

She trailed off and sighed, "You would really like him."

"I hope so, I mean, he is dating my best friend." I told her.

She giggled, "How come you don't date?"

I just sat there with no respond until I heard that voice behind me.

"Yeah, home come you don't date?"


Keira turned around in her chair, "How long have you been standing there?" She sounded kind of angry.

He tried his best to impersonate Keira, "Well, he's smart and funny and he's totally completely gorgeous! Like totally!!"

"Ignore him." I said flatly not turning to see his face.

"Maybe she hasn't hit puberty yet." He smirked.

"Excuse Me!" I said now facing him, "I have had plenty of boyfriends but they all turned out to be jackasses and I've decided to be single for now."

"Righttt…Okay." He said and then we were shortly joined by Matthew.

Regardless, I threw my magazine at Brandon. Unfortunately, he caught it. Ugh.

"You are forgetting something, Cupcake; I am a very skilled athlete." He smirked.

"Never ever call me 'Cupcake', again!"

"Do you two ever stop?" Matt asked half laughing half serious.

"Never." Keira chimed him.

"Well maybe if he--."

"So it's all my fault?" He interrupted.

"I love how a conversation of theirs turns into an argument that has nothing to do with what it was originally about." Keira smiled as her cell phone began to ring she squealed and then said, "I have to take this….in private." Well, that's the last I was going to see of her for the next two hours.

"I think I'm going to grill." Matt said breaking the silence, "I mean its September and we won't be able to do this anymore."

"Whatever you say." Brandon said.

Matt was twenty-one, he was 6'1" with kind of short curly blond hair and light blue eyes. While is brother, who was nineteen, 5'11" and had longer brown hair and brown eyes. But not like the brown eyes that have a lot of different colors in them, they were brown.

"Well, Cupcake, It's just me and you." Brandon said walking closer to where I was sitting. By now I picked up the magazine Keira was reading and just ignored him, well, besides the fact that he called me Cupcake. Ugh, "Hmmm, ignoring me I see." Yes, I was, "Well," He began.

I couldn't wait for what he was going to say next.


He wasn't saying anything. He decided to lie down on me! His face, was thankfully, not in mine, it was facing the in opposite direction

"This is pretty comfortable." He said moving around a bit.

"Get off of me you sick bastard!" I shouted in his ear, "There's another chair right there!"

"So, it's not a comfortable as this one."

"I'm losing feelings in my legs!"

"Are you calling me fat?" He said, again trying to sound like Keira, "Cupcake, please, have you seen my muscles?"

"Your ego's covering them." I said trying to breathe, "And stop calling me Cupcake!"

"Um," Keira broke in. We both turned to look at her, well I attempted to, "Do I want to know?"

"She seduced me." Brandon said in the most serious voice ever.

"Get off of me!"

He looked down at me, "No, its ok, I think we can tell her."

"Brandon, just get off of Carly." She said laughing. With a defeated look on his face, he began to get up, "Wait! Stop!" He did, and she paused, "I think you two have the same hair color."

"Keira! I have this huge oaf on me on you're talking about hair color?"

"I am not an oaf!" Brandon said finally getting up, "Better, cupcake?"

"Go to hell." I said standing up.

He looked around for a moment and smirked, "Then you'll miss me. Speaking of which, what ever happened to your brother?"

Keira smiled, "Yeah! What ever happened to him?" She always had a crush on him and was devastated everytime he brought up one of his girlfriends.

"Whatever her name is, Natalie, or something, convinced him to move to Belgium with her to get away from her 'evil, demanding' family, remember?" I said this as Matt returned.

"Any food?" Brandon asked.


"Nah, I didn't feel like it anymore. I decided to run by the idea of going out."

So we were going to go out. It was Matt, Matt's girlfriend Chelsea, Keira, Brandon, Kevin, Cecile and me.

The place was pretty much packed with people from local colleges who were trying to dance and drink away the early college stress. Matt and Chelsea, and Kevin and Cecile all disappeared as soon as we got in there. They probably went off dancing somewhere.

I was miserable, and I don't know why. I was still stuck on that question of why I don't date. Maybe to avoid assholes, people who are just like Brandon.

Why, why, why?!

You know that song, Barbie Girl? The one by Aqua? It's annoying but it's always in your head at the same time? Yeah, that one just came on. Why? It's going to be in my head for the next six months now. Ugh. Why am I so miserable?

Why am I asking all of these questions?

I looked over at Keira and she began laughing, "I remember we all were completely obsessed with this song."

"I know! I haven't heard it in a long time."

"I guess the DJ got tired of seeing people rub up on each other."

"You're just saying that because…um….that guy…isn't here."

"That guy? Oh you mean Paul." She thought for a moment, "I guess so."

"Would you two shut up?" Brandon finally spoke up. Bummer, I enjoyed the silence.

"Why? So you can enjoy the song?" I laughed.

"Is there anything wrong with that?"

"Guys," Keira rolled her eyes, "How about we talk about…um, winter."

"Winter?" Brandon asked, "Why?"

"Well, because it's coming up." She smiled, "Are we still doing that annual gigantic skiing trip?"

"Yeah, it's going to be from March 22nd to sometime." Brandon told her.

"You should come this year, Carly." Keira smiled, "I mean, c'mon, you are like family."

I nodded, "Yeah, sure, I'll go."

"You can ski?" Brandon started laughing.

"Not for my life." I informed him, and he laughed even more, "Snowboarding is more my thing."

He shut up, "Oh."

"Sorry for preventing your ego from hitting Pluto."

"That's not a planet anymore." He said quickly. Woah, someone's been brushing up on his current events.

"You get my point." I snapped.

Keira just looked back and forth between us, "Is there any reason that girl keeps staring over here?"

"She entranced by my hotness." Brandon smirked and leaned back in his chair.

I rolled my eyes, "I guess I didn't prevent it for too long." He shot me an evil look.

"No, she seems to be looking at Carly."

Brandon sat up straight again as I threw my hands up in victory, "I have succeeded in bursting your ego twice in a row!"

"Now she's walking over here." Keira narrated.

"Well maybe if you stop staring!" Brandon looked at his cousin.

"Hey," She said in defense, "I'm just doing my job!"

The girl approached me as they were talking, "Are you Carly Presley?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "Do I know you?"

"Christie Peters, nice to meet you. You don't exactly know me but, you knew someone who I know." She smiled and flipped her blonde hair back.

Keira just looked at her, "What?"

"Do you recall a Derrick Edgar?" She asked

Great, I'm being interrogated.

"I dated him, yeah."

"Well, like a month into your relationship, we began ours."


"Um, I'm sorry, what?"

"He cheated on you for six months." He said looking down at me, "With me." I just looked at her, "Oh, and we're still going out."

"So you knew the whole time that we were going out?"

"Oh yeah! I had no problem with it because guys always go for 'moi'." She bragged.

She began to walk away when I said, "Christie!" She turned around in her snobbish like ways, "You know, white isn't always very good to wear."

"I know!" She said looking at her shirt, "But it's really expensive I got it at…." I couldn't help but interrupt her…

…By spilling Keira's pinkish looking drink all over her shirt.

After she threw a tantrum and ran away I took my seat again.

"Well she was a bitch." Keira finally said.

"Oh yeah," I agreed, "Sorry, I'll buy you another one."

"Oh no! That's okay, I mean, it was worth it."

Brandon just kept staring at me until I finally screamed, "What?!"

"I never knew you had it in you."

"Obviously, I kicked your ass when we were kids that's nothing compared to that."

"I was sick!" He defended himself.

"So? I still did." I said getting up, "See, that's why I don't date. I'll be somewhere."

I was sitting at the bar just thinking about nothing really, well actually how I wanted to get out of there. I wanted to go home and sleep, but that won't be an option since we all came together and I didn't want to ruin the fun for people who actually are having fun.

Guys are pigs. I still don't like Derrick but I still wish she didn't fill me in on what was happening. I liked it when I was like ten and I just had small crushes that didn't matter because I couldn't date anyway.

Wanna know a secret?

I liked him. Please take note of the –ED. I didn't even know what a crush exactly was and I got over it so it doesn't count. Back then he wasn't as annoying and jerk-like, but now I hate him.

I still sat there and could feel the bartender looking at me.


Oh god, did he sleep with one of my previous boyfriends, too?

"Yeah?" He placed a drink in front of me and handed me a folded napkin, "Um, thanks." I was confused. So I opened the napkin, not really expecting it to say anything:

You look like you could use one, Cupcake.

Reason 1: Their ego's can be larger than Asia.

Authors Note…again: I have a ton of ideas for this story. But they're all for future, future chapters and I have to fill the gap in. Ahhhh. Hopefully some new stuff will come to me. I promise it will get better.

-But did it confuse anyone? I wasn't sure if I was throwing too many people out at once.