"Carly, sit on my feet," Brandon demanded the morning of his Men's Health shoot. He was laying on his bedroom floor, in the sit ups position.

I groaned and did as I was told, "Brandon, you're fine! Trust me, you're abs look rippling from a mile away!"

"It still wouldn't hurt," He said while beginning his set.

"Yeah, and I just watched you do 10 reps of pull-ups, you're fine!"

"I don't want to do the shoot, and then when the magazine comes out, it be like 'wow, am I that big?' and find out that they photoshopped me!"

"Wow, you sound like one of your ex-whores right now," I rolled my eyes, "If you're late don't bitch at me."

"I will not bitch at you!" He snapped.

"What are you doing now?" I smirked, tilting my head to the side.

"You're bitching at me!"

I stood up while he was midway through one of his sit-ups, but he kept his balance, "Don't talk to me until you're out of this phase, okay?"

"You know what?" He called after me as I reached the door. I turned around and look at him, waiting for him to continue, "I'm supposed to be shooting with some model. Maybe I'll fall in love with her."

"Okay then, I won't go so you can downgrade and do that," I snapped, but still not leaving. I never left in the middle of one of these arguments, at least not until I really got fed up with him.

"No, you're still coming," He told me, still working on his abdominals, "Maybe you can fall for the photographer, and downgrade."

"I wasn't the one who said anything about falling in love with someone else, that was all you!" I defended, and then quieted down, "Maybe your model girl will have a better body than me," then I looked down at myself and added sarcastically, "Oh wait! Don't think that's possible. WOW, your cockiness has really rubbed off on me!"

"It is a fitness magazine, she could have a better body than you."

"I don't think Men's Health features the sticking-your-finger-down-your-throat diet," I sneered walking closer to him, "Plus you seem to enjoy my body pretty damn much."

He was done his first rep and rested his back on the floor, and took a deep breath, "I like you better when you're mouth is closed."

I laughed, "Yeah, no you don't."

He thought for a moment and said, "You're right," before doing another rep.

"Are you done lying through your teeth now? Or should I start getting my shit out of your room so I don't disturb you and model-chick when she's pleasuring you in every way possible?"

"I'm done lying through my teeth," He stated, "You know I think you've got the best body in the world."

"Mhm," was all that came out of my mouth.

"You know that you're the only one who means something to me, that I can have fun with you just doing nothing, that you can just walk into the room and I'm more turned on than I was with half my ex-flings."

"Making up an entire speech right now is really unnecessary," I deadpanned.

"But I just said somethings I didn't mean, baby," He said laying down again and motioned for me, "Come here."

I got down on the floor next to him. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer, more on top of him, kissing my neck, "I'm sorry," then he added with a laugh, "Let's never fight again."

I smiled, "Oh yeah, right! But you have to go, you're going to be late."

"I want to keep doing this," He said into my neck, "They can wait."

"BRANDY!!!" We heard from outside the door, "You're gonna be late for your photoshoot! GET GOING!!"

He groaned and threw his head back, "Alright, whatever, let's go."

"Oh good! Here is the man of the hour! How are you sir, I'm Donovan, you're photographer for the day, Craig is the reporter he's off somewhere. Jenae, your model, still isn't here yet, so we might have your interview first," The photographer greeted us and then he looked at me, "and who is this lovely doll?"

"This is my beautiful girlfriend, Carly," Brandon introduced me.

"Hi," I gave Donovan a smile and stuck my hand out for him to shake.

"Beautiful indeed," He said as he grabbed my hand and kissed it. Then he turned to Brandon, "I'm gay, if you couldn't tell."

"I'm just here to watch, is that okay?" I asked.

"Of course, darling!" He reassured, "Hell, join Brandon for his interview! Jenae now has an unexcused tardy, go in that room and get that done and we'll see if she's here by then. For now I'll have to think of another set."

We did as he told us, and Brandon looked nervous as hell. They reassured us that this won't be released until it gets approved by the company's representative, just to avoid bad press. That calmed him down a little, but also bugged him that there was no set release date.

Craig ask him about his workout routine, diet, how he's prepping for the business, future goals, how he juggles it all, and sex life. Being as that last topic isn't exactly appropriate, we tried to avoid it as much as possible, only speaking about our relationship professionally. They even asked me what I do to keep my figure, and if we ever go on active dates or workout together, and if I cook for him, which I do occasionally. Sometimes he even cooks for me.

When the interview was done, we went back out to where Donovan was set up and in a tizzy, "She's not here! At all! We'll get you started alone and see what we can do!" Brandon was surprisingly uncomfortable in front of the camera at first. I thought he'd be loving it from the very beginning, but eventually he got into it.

"Carly, when is Brandon at his sexiest?" Donovan asked looking back at me.

"Laugh, Brandon," I told him, "I love when you laugh."

He smiled, and Donovan used this as an opportunity to take pictures, "You do?"

A few shots later, and his cover was done, "ALRIGHT, WHERE IS JENAE!?" Wow, talk about a dire need for a stressball, "I don't feel like changing my whole set!"

"She just called, she's been stuck in traffic!" Some lady told him.

"She couldn't have told us that earlier! How long will she be?" He turned to Brandon, "Brandon, I am truly sorry for this inconvenience."

"She's got a while to go."

"Shit, she should have left earlier!" He cursed, "I don't have all day to wait for her!"

There was a silence among the entire crew until Brandon broke it, "Tell her to go home."

Everyone in the room turned toward him. He was still on the set, in front of the camera, with all of the lights shinning on him. "WHAT!?" Donovan freaked out, "Why? We can't have a spread of just you! We need the sex appeal of you and a woman!"

"I don't want a model," Brandon simply replied, then pointed toward me, "I want Carly."

Well I almost fell off of my chair. Now it was everyone's turn to look at me. Donovan surveyed me and then snapped, "Measure her!"

What I'm guessing was the wardrobe people rushed over to me with tapes and paper, as someone gave Donovan a drink. I stood up as they feverishly took down my numbers.

"She's an hourglass!" One of them yelled to Donovan, "But her chest is significantly larger than Jenae's!"

"Good! It'll make them pop out more! Get her wardrobe ready! Darling, come over her, we'll take some test shots. Get the fan!"

Okay, so why didn't anyone ask me if I was okay with this?

"Brandon," Donovan cooed as he put me in place, "You are a genius, I don't know why I didn't even think of this before."

"I'm not good for this!' I exclaimed, hoping someone would get me out of here.

Donovan tied my button-up shirt under my chest, "What are you talking about, you're perfect!"

I kept protesting, "No no no, I'm really not! I can't do this!"

"MAKE-UP!" Donovan screamed over me.

Brandon came up behind me, wrapping his arms across my torso, and bending now so his head was next to mine, "You always look amazing, baby, you can do this." I noticed a flash go off and Donovan yell, "PERFECT!". But we didn't move, "See, we've got real chemistry, we can be like Posh and Becks!"

I laughed and so did he, "Yeah okay!" Cue another flash.

"You'll loosen up," Brandon reassured as the rabid make-up people started attacking my face...which really made me miss Keira.

I did loosen up. I realized that it's really, deep down, every girl's dream to be made up all pretty and have her picture's taken. I looked super hot, the outfits being more slutty than stuff I would normally wear, though. But Donovan did take pictures of me in my plain, normal clothes. Donovan made sure to get great shots of us and our rings, promising he'd made the caption something about bad boys settling down. A ton of pictures were taken on a bed, which made me feel like I was in some kind of porno, but we did have the chemistry this shoot needed.

"You looked really good today," He told me as we ate at the little cafe across the street.

"I can't believe you did that."

"Are you mad?"

"No, I did look good," I admitted, "Too bad your model wasn't there so you could fall in love with her."

He looked up at me from his food, more like glared at me, "Shut up."

"I think I have every right to keep talking, actually!"

He was about to respond when a woman approached our table with flyers. She placed on between us and began, "Excuse me, I am trying to sell my house, so please if you're interested look these over and contact the number written, or spread the news around to anyone you know!"

I picked up the flyer and looked at her. She was a middle aged woman, quite good looking for her aged and smiled, "Okay, thank you!"

She smiled at me and then continued on to other tables.

The flyer had pictures of the house from the front, back and various rooms, along with a blueprint and a description. Brandon ripped the paper out of my hand, glanced it over and said, "It's a nice house."

"Eh," I just shrugged.

"Just eh?" He put the paper down and said dramatically, "Well excuse me Princess Carly, what is your castle going to look like?"

I stuck my nose up and exhaled, "It's not going to be a castle!" I grabbed a pen out of my bag and began drawing on my napkin, "This is what my house is going to look like!" He tried to look across the table, but I moved it out of his sight, "Excuse me, I'm not done!" He shrank back in his seat and I continued, "I like brick, I want a front yard, multiple car garage, with a big enough drive way, trees, a front porch, lots of windows and a gorgeous front door." I glanced the napkin over, before looking up at Brandon who was just staring at me, and then I began a very sketchy blueprint, "As for the first floor, I HATE this new thing where the master bedroom is on the bottom floor, no, I'm too paranoid for that. I want an office, living room, sitting room that is really just for show because I think those are cool, gorgeous kitchen because I like to cook, with an eat-in area, and a dining room," I surveyed my blueprint so far, "And the kitchen will lead out to the huge balcony, with an outdoor bar because of all the gatherings I will be throwing, and a big backyard."

"You done yet?" He asked with crossed arms.

"There's an upstairs, genius, what am I going to sleep in the living room?" I scrunched my face, "So upstairs I really don't care about, I just want a huge master bedroom with an amazing bathroom, a balcony, and a walk-in closet. I do want a guest bedroom, and then rooms for my kids. I also want a basement…with a laundry room. Yeah that sounds about good."

"You forgot something," He said plainly.


"A state of the art alarm system because you're paranoid."

"That too! Hey! Don't make fun of me!" I defended, "You'll be the one laughing when people break into your house all the time!"

He rolled his eyes, "Yeah, whatever are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, I guess I have to start packing," I huffed and stood up.

He remained in his seat and looked up at me, "Pack for what?"

"Brandon, I leave in two days," I told him softly.

He stayed silent and he got up, brushed passed me and walked out the door. Him not even acknowledging this is going to make it so much worse. After this, I am gone. Gone for 4 years and he thinks the silent treatment is going to make it all go away? I guess so. I have only tonight, tomorrow and then the next morning I'm gone.

I don't know what is more exhausting: packing or running a marathon at high elevation. By my last day, I came to the conclusion that I hated packing, and what would only piss me off even more is if my luggage was lost. It was not only the fact that I had to pack that was getting on my nerves, but also that Brandon still avoided the topic of me leaving. Did he not realize that in 24 hours I would be on a different continent? Or did he think that 2012 was going to happen within that time and we wouldn't live to see me leaving?

I observed my room, packed with suitcases and boxes...but the boxes I'll just throw in the closet and act like I organized them and brought them back to David's. I nodded to myself, yeah that sounds like a plan. Keira came up from behind me and put her arm around my shoulder, "All finished?"

I nodded and looked at her, "Yup, I just need to put all of this by the door and that's it."

"I can't believe you're leaving," She shook her head, "Like, what am I supposed to do?"

"You can still just call me, Keira," I laughed, "Of course, it will cost a lot more than it usually does, but thats why they created something called the internet, right?"

"It's not the same," She said, "But I'm learning to accept it, we'll make it so it's like you never left. Now Brandon, on the other hand, I have no idea what is going on in his head."

I sighed, "Can we not talk about that?"

"Well you're going to have to eventually," She said simply. This I knew, I just didn't know how to confront him on it, "Plus it's almost dinner time. In 12 hours you'll be on that plane, or at least ready to board."

All during dinner, she kept saying something like that, just for Brandon's sake, hoping that he would finally acknowledge that I'm leaving out loud, but of course, he didn't. Honestly, I have never seen him this quiet before. He was always arguing, or joking around with Kevin, or talking just to hear himself speak. I was so worried about Brandon that I was barely in it at dinner. Mr. Colburn kept congratulating me, along with David who just seemed so proud, Chelsea kept mentioning her wedding date and how she wanted to come out and visit, along with Kevin. But Brandon...just silence.

His actions spoke more than words though, the way he held me, the way he kissed me. How we made love will probably be the most vivid memory I take over to New Jersey with me. It will be stuck in my head for the next few years...not that I'm complaining.

He took my face in his hands and kissed me. Little did I know, this would be the last time.

"You're beautiful," He said simply.

I didn't know how to react to this. Of course, it's always nice to hear. But that wasn't what I wanted at that moment. Without even thinking I snapped, "Oh, so now you want to talk?"

He was taken aback, "Carly, I compliment you and you just snap like that?"

"Brandon, I haven't heard you speak in like two days. You just wasted the last time we have left in silence. I have to go to the airport in like five hours, do you understand? Silence wasn't the way to avoid this, talking to me would help!"

"Where is this coming from?"

"It's been bothering me for awhile now! Five months ago when it wasn't mentioned, that's fine because that was awhile ago, but now that I'm leaving in less time that it takes for Keira to get ready, it needs to be confronted it. What is going through your head?"

He buried his head in his pillow while I studied every feature of him left visible. He lifted his head up, "I don't want you to go,"

"But I have to, it doesn't matter what you don't want."

"No, you didn't have to go that far, Carly. You could've gone to one of the Oxford Campuses, London is booming with higher education. Hell, Trinity College would've been easier than this. By why, why are you going so far?"

"I have family over there, I want to meet them."

"Carly, we are your family now, here."

"Brandon, you just don't understand. I decided his after your whole Diana ordeal, because I wanted to get away from you. I didn't know that when the time finally came I'd actually be in a relationship with you, and now I have no idea what I want to do."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked sitting up. From the tone of his voice, I knew that this conversation was headed nowhere good.

"You want to stay with me when we're on separate continents?" I asked sitting up as he did.

"You don't?"

I sighed, "No I do! But, it's just...isn't that complicated?"

"Well if you weren't so stubborn and chose to go on this continent, we wouldn't be having this problem! We could just do whatever you and Keira are doing."

"But this is a relationship, Brandon. At any given moment some breathtaking goddess, could waltz on by you and then what? She could be beautiful, strike up an intelligent conversation, that makes you smile and laugh and you find yourself wanting more, then what?"

"So you don't trust me?"

My mouth was kept open. I didn't know what I was saying, I didn't know what to say. Did I really not trust him, "No, it's not that, but I won't be there for you to have whenever you want. I won't be there for you if you ever need me, want a female companion or whatever. I can't lay here and watch movies with you, I won't be able to do that, and I cannot afford plane tickets both ways multiple times a year, and you have to stay here for the company."

He thought for a moment, "So you're saying I'll be bored and move on?"

"Yes! Exactly," I was going to continue but I was cut off.

"Which is kind of the same as you not trusting me," He spat,"Carly, what else do I have to do? What about you? You'll go over there to that University which is full of guys."

"Oh so now you don't trust me? Have I ever cheated before?"

This time he stood up, "Wait! So now because I haven't had the greatest, most committed past you're judging me on this. Carly, you are the only one I ever wanted, I just used all of them because I couldn't have you."

I remained on the bed, "And in six months you can't have me, so you'll use someone else?"

"That's not what I'm saying!" He said louder than he meant too.

I put my head in my hands, this would all be easier if this was confronted before, and not at one in the morning, "Then what are you saying?"

"That I could be with you, completely devoted to you when you're over there and I'm here."

There was silence after he said this. He didn't move a muscle and I stayed on the bed, with my head in my hands. I had no idea what to do. Could he? I trust him, but I'd rather have my heart broken now as opposed to later.

"But what if you don't, okay? What if I'm studying for my final and you call me saying that it's done, that you cannot take it anymore and that you met someone else. Do you understand that I won't be able to do anything after that? That final that I was studying for, well fuck it, I'd probably rather drink myself in a coma than have you leave me for someone else!"

"Then why are you leaving!?" He shouted.

"I told you! I made this decision months ago, before we were even close to anything and I want to see what I have left over there! I have family in Maryland, not far from Princeton, I want to get to know them."

"What you have left over there?" He repeated at a much softer tone, "Nothing, Carly. You've been here since you were five. You don't have a father, you're brother's not there, just distant family that haven't seen you since you were 2 feet tall and wore pigtails."

"Oh, so since you just summed up the fact that I'm an orphan and that basically no one in my family wants me, I should stay here with you? Let me just call Princeton up now, and tell them to keep the deposit I sent and that I won't be coming tomorrow," Now I was furious. He did not just cross that path with me. The look on his face told me he was looking for something to say, "And don't say that that's not what you meant, because it is. You live with both your biological parents, your brother, your cousin, you hear from your Aunts and Uncles. I've been mooching, as you say yourself, off of your family for the past decade. I'm over saying my welcome now."

"Overstaying your welcome? Carly, you're my girlfriend, Keira's best friend and a daughter to my parents, you are doing anything but that."

"Point is, I'm leaving. What do you want to do?"

"Obviously, you don't want to stay in a relationship with me."

This time it was my turn to stand up, "Brandon! I love you, I want to stay with you, but you're just going to break my heart. I want to stay with you, with everything I have."

He bit his lip and then softly said, "Well, then, I'm coming with you."

My eyes went wide, "Coming with me? Brandon, you can't do that."

"Then what, Carly, what do you want me to do?" He asked me, the bed separating us. I didn't know how to answer this because I didn't know what I wanted. He walked around so he could be closer to me, "I have given you everything, and you repay me by leaving. You say you want to be with me, but that I'll break your heart. What do you want?" After I didn't say anything for awhile he grabbed my arm, pulling me closer to him, "Do you know how many times we have done this? This is at least the third, and I'm honestly sick of this. I have never loved anyone like I love you, yet you're telling me that since I've used girls before, I'll go behind your back…"

"No!" I interrupted, trying to pull my arm back but his grip was too much for me to get out of, "I'm just scared!"

"When aren't you scared!? You've been afraid of me for the past five years and anytime we get close you freak out. I want to be with you, isn't that enough? You've spent so much time comparing me to the men of your past that you don't see me for me!"

"But I do!"

"Obviously not. Carly, grow up and make decisions for yourself."

"I am! I decided to grow, obviously against the approval of others such as yourself. I'm going to do this for me, can't you see that. It's not all about you."

"Not all about me? You think this is all about me?"

"Yes! I do!" I exclaimed, taking a step back from him, "Because I am leaving you, you dug yourself into a hole. If you loved me, you would understand that I'm doing this for me and let me go."

He closed the gap between us and grabbed my arms, "If I loved you?" He choked, "If I loved you? If you loved me, you'd actually give long distance a shot and this wouldn't be happening, but you don't trust me!" We both got silent, he leaned in and asked quietly, "Is that how you really feel about me?

"No!" I shouted, "Yes? Maybe. Can't you just let me go without making a pity party for yourself?"

"Carly, can't I be at least a little upset that you're leaving? I'm not making a fucking pity party! Doesn't it show that I care at least a little that I'm fighting with you at 2 in the morning, instead of just letting you slip out from under me?"

"I'm not slipping out from under you!" I replied absolutely furious, "And Brandon, if you accepted the fact that I was leaving like a week ago, we wouldn't be here right now!"

"Yeah, but I don't love you, remember, so why would I?" He spat. I just stared him dead in the eye before pulling out my mobile, "What are you doing?"

"Leaving," I said simply, dialing a cab number.

"Yeah, you've made that clear," He rolled his eyes.

I gave the service the address and to be here as soon as possible, and they gave me the wonderful response of ten minutes. Satisfied I hung up and looked up at Brandon, who was still fuming and in my bubble, "No, Brandon, I'm leaving now." I turned away from him and grabbed the clothes that I laid out earlier that night.

"Ohh, I get it so you're running away again!" He threw his hands up and walked towards the opposite side of the room, running his hands through his hair.

"I am not running away!" I yelled after him, fumbling trying to change, "I'm just sick and tired of fighting with you!"

"Carly, It's what you do all the time! I've seen it happen three times now! In fact, how could I not see this happen again!"

"Because I'm not running away!'

"You called a cab to take you to the airport hours earlier than you were supposed to go after fighting with me! I call that running, its your easy way out!"

"It's not the easy way out, because I'd rather solve this," I pulled my shirt over my head and then threw my other clothes in the one bag I had in his room.

"Then help me solve this, Carly! It's not that hard!"

"Yes it is! I'm leaving you, Brandon, do you know how hard that is for me?" I asked, in an actual normal tone, "Oh, wait, nevermind because I apparently don't love you."

"You started that, Carly!" He spat, "And what about everyone else? You were supposed to say goodbye to them in the morning, before David, Keira and I took you to the airport!"

I grabbed the bag and opened his door. I headed down the stairs so I could place it by my other bags, and where my boarding pass and other flight necessities were. Knowing Brandon was right on my heels, I didn't say anything.

"Yeah, I'm definitely getting some Deja vu now," I heard him say behind me. I just huffed and tried not to listen, "Except last time I had to chase you down the stairs it wasn't at some obnoxious hour of the morning, we weren't in a relationship, which was why it started in the first place, and you weren't about to run off to America in a few hours."

"So what, Brandon?" I snapped, whipping around so I faced him. I threw the bag down with the others, praying the cab got here soon, "I was scared to death last time, but now I am in a relationship with you and things I definitely different now. But can you keep it in your pants for four or so years?"

Fortunately, the cab pulled up, distracting him from answering me for a second. I was afraid to hear what he had to say, whether it be him agreeing with me, or yelling at me that I don't trust him. I opened the front door and shoved all of my bags out onto the porch. The driver asked if I needed help, and knowing Brandon wouldn't, I told them that that would be nice. The driver took two of my bags and went to put them in the trunk, as I grabbed the remaining suitcase and my carry-on.

"I could, Carly! It's honestly not that hard, we've pulled it off before!"

"But I'm leaving for four years! You've only been gone for like four days, there's a difference. You say that now, but could you actually pull through with it, or would I just be left there heartbroken?" The driver walked back up to me and took my remaining bags.

Brandon just looked at me, and I took this time to study him. He was standing on the staircase that led up to the porch, while I was down on the pathway that led up to his house. He was only wearing sweatpants, shirtless as usual. He was angry, which was easy to see, and the bed-head just perfected his look.

"Just go, Carly, I'm tired of it."

I wanted to run up and kiss him so badly, but I didn't. Instead of moving back up to where he was, I inched closer and closer to the cab. The driver was already in his seat. I just had to open the back door and get into mine. I didn't want to go, but I had to. If I wanted to grow up, I had to leave, I was tired of feeling so dependent. But I didn't know what to say back to him. I didn't throw my ring back in rage, I didn't smile or cry. I just opened the door and looked back at him, "Tell everyone else I'm sorry."

He didn't say anything in reply as I went to get into the cab, but I stopped myself, "I love you," I managed to choke out before getting into the cab and shutting the door. He just ducked his head, running his hand through his hair one last time.

I tried not to make my sobbing visible the entire drive to the airport, or make eye contact with anyone in the line for security or in the terminal as I waited. I called David and left a message, explaining to him the situation, hoping he'd understand, and that I'd call him once I landed. The last time I was in an airport it was in Denmark, with Brandon. Therefore everything reminded me of him. My phone kept going off the entire time I sat in the terminal, always Keira, but never Brandon.

"I just couldn't stay, Keira," I told her, after finally answering, "He means too much to me, I couldn't."

"I'd be mad at you right now," She said sternly, "But I just can't be. You ready to board?"

"I've got about five minutes," I told her, "I'll call you when I land and get settled in, and of course I'll tell you when my internet is set up."

"You better!"

"I'll be back in no time, thank you for all you've done for me."

"Yeah, but thank Brandon for all you've learned," She said, "And if you don't get what I'm saying, just think about it."

Keira was the best friend I knew I'd always have. She is going to be there for me through my college experience, despite the distance between us, and she's still going to have Al. She also promised to check in on David every now and then, but he was proud of me and all that I have accomplished, understanding the need I feel to go. Kevin told me he'd visit, especially since his family is not to far away from me, and that he'd bring Gabby. I was going to try and make it back for Chelsea and Matt's wedding, but if I couldn't I would feel terrible. This group of people have done much more than I could ever ask for, they were the greatest group of friends that I know are irreplaceable.

I stood in line to board, looking around, wishing I'd see Brandon running through the airport looking for me, just like they do in the movies.

But this is no movie. As I handed my boarding pass to the lady, I looked around one last time. No Brandon. I sighed, holding back my emotions as I took my pass back from her. I clutched my carry-on and walked through the gate toward the plane waiting for me, knowing the last vision I'd have in my head was of him standing there, running his hand through his hair, as I drove off.

Never have I gave my heart to anyone such as him, and I feel he'll never know what he means to me. Keira's right, I did learn so much from him. Not only that, but this morning reminded me exactly why I don't date.

Reason 38: Happy endings only exist in movies, in reality love is never scripted that way.

AUTHOR"S NOTE: …….so that's all, folks! After nearly four years, it's completed! Good news though, their story is not completed! Did you honestly think I'd just separate them and BAM the end? That's why there's a sequel, duhhh!! The first chapter is written for the most part, and while I haven't decided on the title officially, I've been thinking something like "Why I Refuse to Date" or "He's the Reason Why", something stupid like that.

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