In My Eyes

Waking up from the cold morning and untangling herself from the softness of her sheets, Min got up from her bed and stretched. She called upon her maid, TingTing like every other ordinary morning. TingTing was a petite girl with hair tied up into two buns and looked around the age of fifteen.

"Miss, would you like some tea?" TingTing asked as she placed down a bucket of cleansing water.

"Yes that would be great." Min smiled and went to prepare herself for the day; she combed her long, black hair, and dressed into a beautiful gown that showed off her curves and a tiny body that reached mid thigh on one side, revealing her long legs.

"You look so…" TingTing began but stopped after Min hushed her with a finger on her lips. "Shhh…" They both knew that she was 'beautiful'. She smiled as she took a good look at herself in the mirror. But it wasn't long until she changed out into an old peasant blouse, which she intentionally ordered to be two times her size so that it covered so much of her that it made her look like a nun. She braided her straight silky black hair into two parts on each of her sides, and to top it all off, she put on extremely thick glasses, which weren't prescribed at all.

She looked at herself once more and sighed. She wasn't what you would call "attractive" anymore, but she smiled at this realization. Of course she wasn't attractive; those were her intentions.

Min's family was extremely wealthy. Their backyard consisted of several small ponds and separate gardens planted with exotic flowers. Walking to the main living room, she prepared to face the worst. A line of young men with red envelopes were struggling to be the first to talk to Min's parents. "Please be patient, we will have time for each and one of you." Mrs. Li tried to calm the crowd. "I am truly the best choice for her husband!" A voice shouted out. "No I am! You're just a bookworm that sits in the library all day! I can protect Miss MinYi with my martial arts skills." Then, a dozen more voices started to cut in.

Min easily grew sick of the chaotic scene. "AHHHHHH! STOP! ALL OF YOU!" she screamed. All was silenced, and Mr. Li turned to stare at his daughter in disgust. He rushed to her side and pulled her off to a corner.

"I thought I told you not to dress like this! Why don't you ever listen? You're already 18. You'll never get a decent husband… no man would want a wife as filthy-looking as you." 'Great, that's exactly what I want…' Min thought and smirked.

"Oh yeah? Why don't you just reveal me to all of them right now? Show them the real side of me?" Min could see her father's face turn into a shade of bright red. She felt bad for talking back, but what could she do? She didn't want to be in an arranged marriage… she wanted to find a man that loved her for who she was, and not her appearance. Ignoring Min's words, Mr. Chan and went back to the group of young men.

"Who does that servant girl think she is…?"

"I know! What an ugly girl… it hurts my eyes to look at her." Min giggled as she heard the rude remarks they were making and happily skipped out of the door, bringing TingTing with her.

"Ah… nothing compares to a nice walk out on a bright day." Min twirled around to find TingTing with a puzzled look on her face. "What's wrong Ting?" Min asked. TingTing mutely stared back at Min.

"Miss, I've always wondered… why do you hide your true self? You are honestly the most beautiful woman I've ever met in my life, and—" TingTing paused at the sight of her laughing mistress.

"TingTing," Min finally stopped her laughter and laid a hand on TingTing's shoulder. "When we cook eggs, we always take out the shell don't we? We eat only what's inside, the shell has no use to us… and same with humans. It doesn't matter how good you look, if you're a bad person, then that may never be changed. Would you rather marry a handsome serial killer, or a less good-looking man with the kindest soul you'll ever encounter?" TingTing was awed.

"You are absolutely right, my lady… I wish to become a sensible woman just like you." Min giggled.

"Oh what a bright and sweet maid you are!"

It wasn't long before noon came. Min decided to hurry back home before lunch, but on the way, the girls stumbled upon trouble. A huge crowd gathered around some sort of fight… Min and TingTing managed to squish in to get a better look.

"Ow…" TingTing winced at the sight of a punch thrown at a man right in the stomach that went sprawling on the floor.

"What on earth is this? Why are you hurting him?" Min ran to support the man. He looked quite young… she'd say about 20 years old or so. "Get out you little hag! Don't make me hurt you too!" The attacker, whom was a blunt and muscular man roared.

Min gulped, staring at the large chopping knife he was holding but fought back, "What are you going to do? Chop me? What kind of man are you, threatening innocent girls like this? What right do you have to hurt people?"

"YES! Leave them alone!"

"Let's go report him!"

A few witnesses shot out. The man backed off, seeing the negative reactions of everyone. "Fine! I'll let you go this time… but you won't get away easily the next time I see you!" he pointed a finger at the injured man and ran away.

Min shook her head in disgust as the crowd scattered. "Miss, are you okay?" TingTing rushed to Min's side.

Min rapidly nodded, "But he's bleeding! Oh no, let's get him to a doctor." Together, they helped the man up and went to seek aid from the nearest physician around.

"Is he going to be alright?" Min bit her lip. 'He's a stranger to me… why do I care? What in the name of Buddha am I doing?' She thought, but a part of her made her feel like it was the right thing to do. "Don't worry Miss; thank goodness you brought him here soon enough. That punch certainly went down hard… but he's lucky to have survived it." The doctor gave Min a reassuring smile as Min sighed in relief. The doctor continued. "After a few days of rest, he'll be back to normal… but do you know where he lives?" 'Oh right, he's a stranger after all… I wonder if he has any information about himself with him.'

"Um… let me see…" Min searched in his vest and discovered a name ensiled with a name. 'Chan' it said. There was only one family with the surname 'Chan' in the city… and they were famous and known for being exceptional lawyers.

"Chan… isn't that the neighbour of Madam's sister?" TingTing asked.

"Oh yeah… My aunt lives only a block away. We can drop him off.
Min smiled and the Doctor nodded. "You are very kind, Miss."

Min blushed, she felt warm inside. 'I saved someone… I, MinYi Li am a hero, with definitely more than just a pretty face.'

2 Days Later: YongJun Chan's House

"Augh… what happened?" YongJun found himself clutching his stomach painfully after awaking on his bed. "Young master! You've finally awoken! I was so worried!" Ah Wong, YongJun's favourite and most trustworthy servant sprang up from his chair and ran to his side. Confused, YongJun tried to remember everything that happened. The same lines replayed in his head, "Why are you hurting him? What right do you have to hurt people?" It was a girl's voice… a girl dressed up as a peasant. YongJun was a lawyer, so he always paid close attention to details. He remembered the girl had a sweet aroma that a normal peasant girl wouldn't have… and her clothes, though may have seemed ragged and old, felt like rich material. 'She's definitely more than what meets the eye, but who is she?' YongJun spent the rest of the day thinking about his mysterious savior. Somehow, no matter how hard he tried, YongJun couldn't keep her from invading his mind.

"How did I get home?" YongJun questioned Ah Wong.

"A maid and a girl that looked like a peasant brought you back, young master. They looked quite young… I think one was almost the same age as you. It surprised me that such generous people still exist. The peasant girl even dropped by later that evening with expensive medical herbs that will help treat your wound. Oh how lucky you are, young master, I'm so glad you're saved." Ah Wong replied and saw a stern expression on his master's face.

"Young master…?" No reply. Ah Wong reached out and attempted to pat YongJun until he suddenly blinks and turned to face him. He pulled Ah Wong's sleeves frantically. "Quick! Find those girls for me!"

Ah Wong was a bit startled and backed off in surprise.

"Oh… I just wanted to give them my proper thanks." YongJun quickly added and let out an uneasy chuckle. Ah Wong nodded slowly and left to begin his search for his master's heroes.

It wasn't long before Ah Wong came back with the bright news. He had found out who the girls were… well one anyway. "But what about the other one?" YongJun sounded desperate. He didn't care about the maid Ah Wong found any information about and was more interested in the peasant girl.

Ah Wong shrugged and said, "It turns out that the maid's name was TingTing. But it confused me why a maid would address a peasant 'Miss'. However, I did see them walking into the Chan's Residence."

YongJun spent a few minutes going over what Ah Wong had told him. The peasant girl didn't seem like a real 'peasant', and if the maid addressed her as her mistress, it could only mean one thing… She was the precious daughter and heiress in Chan's family.

"Yes! That's it!" YongJun bounced up in excitement. "I will pay a visit and express my thanks right now." He said, after retrieving the address from Ah Wong written on a tiny piece of paper, with a question circling his thoughts. 'Why would she dress up as a peasant?'

Standing infront of the great door to the home of one of the wealthiest families in the city, YongJun took a deep breath and walked up the steps to tap on a dragon shaped doorknob. He was greeted by an old servant called 'Ah Kun' and explained his purpose of his visit. "Oh, our young mistress is currently out at the minute though, but I'm sure she'd be back in a short while… do you mind waiting?" YongJun was about to shake his head when the sound of the front door opening interrupted him. YongJun turned to face his familiar saviors. "Welcome back, Miss MinYi!"

YongJun and Min's eyes met at first glance. Although Min was still in her peasant blouse, her beautiful eyes couldn't be hidden. YongJun's heart was touched by such delicate pair of brown orbs. At that moment, YongJun wished time would freeze…


After a few months of long walks and talks in various places, YongJun and Min became great friends. YongJun would always visit Min after work and they'd have dinner outside in Min's garden. YongJun helplessly fell for Min and her charisma and kind personality. She'd warm YongJun's heart with her smile everytime. He knew that she was the woman he had been looking for.

After many days and nights of deep thought, YongJun decided to propose to Min.

"I know this might be a bit sudden… but Min, will you marry me?"

Min was surprised, but deep down inside, she felt the same way.

"W-w-why would you want to marry …an ugly girl like me? I'm filthy all over… I think you'd at least take someone much pleasant as a wife." She looked away.

YongJun shook his head and took Min's hand. He lifted her chin and their eyes met. "I love you because you're you. You are the sweetest and kindest girl I've ever met… and you're always the first and last thing on my mind. I don't care about who you are, how wealthy or poor you are, or where you're from. Min, in my eyes, you are beautiful… inside and out."

Min was truly touched. Her heart skipped so fast she felt like it would burst. This was honestly the happiest day of her life. "Yes!" she cried as tears of joy formed in her eyes as she took YongJun in her arms.

"I love you too," she said. "I love you too…"

1 Year Later

"Congratulations Mister Chan! It's a boy!" TingTing said, holding a newborn baby. YoungJun quickly took his son in his arms. He let out a happy chuckle. "Look Min! It's our son! Isn't he the most adorable child?" Min smiled weakly and touched the baby's soft cheeks.

"Yes… he's beautiful… Let's name him KaiXu!" she said, "Our very own KaiXu Chan."


A/N: this is written for school purposes - about my great grandmother. i didnt know what really happened, so i had to expand the only information i had..

1) min's wealth

2) min's beauty

..with my imagination to turn it into a story.