Prince Charming Has Problems Too

The theatre was abuzz with conversation as the first years awaited the start of their Orientation. Nearly all the chairs upholstered in red velvet were filled by an excited by a young man or woman, all talking and laughing with one another, the din they created loud enough that without a microphone no one would be able to be heard.

"Ilana, remind me again why I'm here?" Alex said, after looking out at the horde of people waiting for the show to start.

"Because you couldn't resist this kind of introduction to the froshies. And because you are quite attached to your title as most popular person at BU," The green-eyed girl replied, raising one eyebrow. "Are you having second thoughts?"

"It just seems like a waste of my time and a bother," Alex said, black eyes sweeping the assembled students. "They'll find out who I am eventually."

Ilana shrugged, causing her tumble of brilliant red hair to fall off her shoulders. "You're the one who agreed to it."

"That's mostly because I wanted to see if there were anymore of our kind here, especially anyone like me. The council's been suspiciously quiet the last little while and I don't trust it. I wouldn't put it past Kale to try and slip in one of his creatures to either keep an eye on me or bring me in."

The dryad frowned. "He wouldn't actually try and force you out would he?"

"If he thought he could do it he would. But he knows I'd put up a fight and likely kill whoever he sent. No, he won't try to physically remove me but he will try other methods."

Shaking her head, Ilana looked up and then smiled slightly. "You're on," she told Alex.

The chestnut haired vampire sighed and then relaxed, putting his most charming smile on as he strode onto the stage. He caught the microphone the student council president threw him and swept his gaze over the assembled first-years, giving the impression he met every pair of eyes and smiled only at that individual. "Well I'm not really a member of the student council body or even a member of any sports team or club. My name's Alex Donovan and you'll probably see me all over," He told the audience, walking back and forth, still smiling at them all, as the bright lights overhead blazed down onto him. "I have somewhat of a reputation here and almost everyone knows who I am. I guess they decide to give you guys a heads up." Here he winked before continuing. "So please feel free to come and introduce yourself and if you're looking for a party come talk to me. I'll know where and when it's being held. Now I'll turn you over to people who actually know what they're doing and have a reason to be up here on stage. It's been a pleasure."

Finished, Alex tossed the mike back to the student council president and walked off stage.

"That went well," Ilana observed, indicating the crowd who were giving Alex a standing ovation.

"It was pointless and a waste of my time. I couldn't see anything with those lights in my eyes and now I'm going to have to deal with being harassed by first-years. I hate this place sometimes."

"You've been in a pretty black mood lately. What's the matter?" Ilana asked, concerned.

Alex ran a hand over his face. "Kale. I always hope that this time he'll give up but he never does. It's like everything good in my life was sucked out after meeting him."

Ilana reached out and pulled Alex into a hug. "It'll get better," She whispered. "One day something will happen and all the good you've been missing will return three-fold."

"No it won't. God hates me. My life so far is proof enough of that."

"Don't give up. You'll be happy again. And in the meantime you have us."

"But the others will age and eventually die," Alex whispered back.

"I'll still be here."

Alex looked up at her and couldn't help but smile. "No. You'll eventually get so frustrated with all of us that you'll find some dryad-less tree and lock yourself in and never come out again."

Ilana laughed and released him. "Don't tempt me. You seriously need to find another girl to add to our group. I'm getting sick of all Theron's sexist remarks."

"Well what do you suggest? We have all the main groups represented. We don't want to create an imbalance."

"We don't have a normie," Ilana pointed out.

Now Alex laughed. "True but what normie could take being with all of us not to mention dealing with what we are? I don't think there's any normal human like that anywhere in the world, let alone here."

"Well then you'd better find some other girl to add to our group or I'll go on strike."

Grinning at her, Alex said "Fine then. I'll be on the lookout for a girl to corrupt for you. Satisfied?"

"Immensely. Now let's go. Kayne says he's got the water balloons ready and Aiden should have the fireworks by now. Let's go welcome the froshies properly."

"And people say I'm the evil one."

Chuckling the pair ran outside to prepare their special surprise for the new students.