Uncharmed/Decharmed Character List

Right so here's a list of the characters, taken directly from my notebook. I'll likely update these at a later date, since some are just half-formed characters. Others only appeared once and aren't likely to ever show up again but if they were in my notebook I included them anyway. I tried to at least demi-organize this, via little headings as well as alphabetizing it by last name. Anyway if you think of anyone I forgot, or would like more information on the characters of have any other questions/concerns, let me know and I'll try and put the information here, provided it's something I don't mind revealing.

~New Vampire Council~

Raihan Boone: Vampire. Bitten when 18, vampire councilor

Amaya Caldwell: Vampire. Bitten when 32. Works as guard for vampire council

Trevor Channing: Human. Has the Sight. Acts as Alex's assistant

Ella Davies: Human. Alex's girlfriend, vampire councilor. Member of Black-Tip Were-Wolf Pack, Alpha Female

Alex Donovan: Vampire, 6th oldest. Bitten when 23. Ella's boyfriend, vampire council leader

Eclipse: Appears to be a cat. Can change into a panther-like form, member of Alex's group

Kayne Higgins: Psychic- telekinesis mostly, member of Alex's group

Jalex: Vampire, oldest. Bitten when 10, vampire councilor.

Ilana Lyndall: Dryad. Theron's girlfriend, member of Alex's group

Collan Martin: Vampire. Bitten when 29, vampire councilor

Theron Rickman: Were-mountain lion, Ilana's boyfriend, member of Alex's group

Bredon Sedgewick: Vampire, 5th oldest. Bitten when 19. Vampire councilor

Aiden Wayde: Fire elemental, member of Alex's group

~Queen's Wolves~

Vincent Carrington: Were-wolf. Member of Black-Tip Were-Wolf Pack, Guard

Jason Harrington: Were-wolf. Member of Black-Tip Were-Wolf Pack, Alpha Male

Ben Hughes: Were-wolf. Member of Black-Tip Were-Wolf Pack, Driver. Mated to Celine

Celine Lani: Sylph-Siren mix. Member of Black-Tip Were-Wolf Pack. Mated to Ben

Ryan Nelson: Were-wolf. Member of Black-Tip Were-Wolf Pack, Runner

Chase Wyndell: Were-wolf. Member of Black-Tip Were-Wolf Pack, Tracker


Sheldon Barclay: Were-crocodile

Madison Cleary: Human. Ella's BU friend, Psychology major

Sarah Gilbert: Human. Ella's BU friend, Math major

Warren Haswell: Were-badger

Nina Jones: Were-lynx

Chloe MacKay: Human. Ella's BU friend, Drama major

Bruce Norman: Were-bear. BU professor

Mara O'Keefe: were-coyote, stalked Ella, in love with Alex

Gary Quent: Human. BU professor

Jill White: Human. Ella's BU friend, Business major


Ainmire: Northern General, Fae Lord

Dolaidh: Fae King

Faoiltiama: Southern General, Fae Lady

Liadan: Western General, Fae Lady

Riona: Fae Queen

Shanahan: Far Darrig. Serves Lord Tierney

Tierney: Eastern General, Fae Lord

~Old Vampire Council~

Corbin: Vampire. Bitten when 33. Ex-spy for Kale

Deidre: Vampire 4th oldest, ex-vampire councilor

Faith: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

Galen: Vampire, 2nd oldest, ex-vampire councilor

Kale: Vampire, 3rd oldest. Bitten when 27. Ex-leader of the vampire councilor, turned Alex

Lynet: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

Norton: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

Oriel: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

Percy: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

Silana: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

Vasu: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

Zeki: Vampire, ex-vampire councilor

~Spirit Council~

Duarte: Encantado, Spirit Council- Leader

Felcia: Sudice, Spirit Councilor- Change

Genoveva: Weisse Frauen, Spirit Councilor- Essence

Leonel: Trauco, Spirit Councilor- Earth

Maureo: Saci, Spirit Councilor- Fire

Mikil: Ngen-Mawida, Spirit Council Messenger

Nastya: Sirin, Spirit Councilor- Air

Roque: Tikbalang, Spirit Councilor- Flesh

Ryba: Topielec, Spirit Councilor- Life/Death

Vanora: Selkie, Spirit Councilor- Water

~Psychic Families~

Cuthbert Dalrymple: Psychic- Telekinetic with minor clairvoyance, Leader of Dalrymple family

Wiber Dalrymple: Psychic- Seer

Cyril Higgins: Psychic- Telepath with minor telekinesis, Leader of Higgins family, Kayne's father

Adelina Higgins: Psychic- Telepath, Kayne's mother

Sinclair Kavanagh: Psychic- Seer with minor telepathy, Leader of Kavanagh family

Veleda Kavanagh: Psychic- Half telepath, half seer

Hubert Levy: Psychic- Telepath with minor clairvoyance, Leader of Levy family

Kenaz Levy: Psychic- Telekinetic

Keagan Nequam: Psychic- Telekinetic, Leader of Nequam family

Lukina Nequam: Psychic- Telekinetic with minor telepathy

Sampson Otis: Psychic- Telepath, Leader of Otis family

Sorcha Otis: Psychic- Telepath, engaged to Bertil

Alina Roemer: Psychic- Telepath, leader of Roemer family

Robyn Roemer: Psychic- Telepath with very minor telekinesis, Kayne's friend

Massa Sigismund: Psychic-Seer. Has vision concerning box

Ramla Sigismund: Psychic- Seer

Volva Sigismund: Psychic- Seer, leader of Sigismund family

Azura Vasser: Psychic- Seer with very minor telepathy, Leader of Vasser family

Klara Vasser: Psychic- Seer

Bertil Yager: Psychic- Telekinetic, engaged to Sorcha

Galina Yager: Psychic- Telekinetic, Leader of Yager family

~Elemental Council~

Adam: Earth elemental, Elemental councilor

Bridgette: Fire elemental, Elemental councilor

Canace: Air elemental, Elemental councilor

Dharani: Earth elemental, Elemental council leader

Douglas: Water elemental, Elemental councilor

Dyzek: Earth elemental, Elemental councilor

Iri: Fire elemental, Elemental councilor

Ran: Water elemental, Elemental councilor

Serefina: Fire elemental, Elemental councilor

Sherwin: Air elemental, Elemental councilor

Wyatt: Water elemental, Elemental councilor

Zephira: Air elemental, Elemental councilor

~Were Council~

Azad: Were-cheetah. Were councilor

Cahira: Were-bear. Were Councilor

Chandresh: Were-binturong. Were Councilor

Duncan: Were-alligator. Were Councilor

Dustine: Were-lion. Were Councilor

Ernan. Were-marten. Were Councilor

Fryda: Were-genet. Were Councilor

Gudrun: Were-lynx. Were Councilor

Hakim: Were-tiger. Were Councilor

Hannela: Were-crocodile. Were Councilor

Imelda: Were-jaguar. Were Councilor

Luana: Were-Tasmanian devil. Were Councilor

MacKenzie: Were-quoll. Were Councilor

Miles: Were-wolf. Were Councilor

Neziah: Were-hyena. Were Council Leader

Owen: Were-fox. Were Councilor

Prudence: Were-coyote. Were Councilor

Toshiro: Were-raccoon-dog. Were Councilor

Valda: Were-wolverine. Were Councilor

Wies: Were-badger. Were Councilor

Zo: Were-serval. Were Councilor

~Ella's Family~

Nicholas (Nick) Davies: Human. Ella's older brother

Philip Davies: Human. Ella's Father

Sharon Davies: Human. Ella's Mother

Teddy: Pomeranian. Ella's dog

~Raihan's Family~

Hazel Boone: Vampire. Bitten when 18, Raihan's sister

Maria Boone: Vampire. Bitten when 20, Raihan's sister

Winifred (Winnie) Boone: Vampire. Bitten when 17, Raihan's sister

~Aiden's Family~

Coralin Wayde: Water Elemental, Aiden's mother

Dax Wayde: Water Elemental, Aiden's older brother

Hali Wayde: Water Elemental, Aiden's oldest sister

Kindra Wayde: Water Elemental, Aiden's older sister

Latimer Wayde: Water Elemental, Aiden's father


Eagan: Satyr. Likes Ilana, terrified of Theron

Garret: The Green Man. Old ally of Spirit Council

Sadie Grant: Vampire. Bitten when 27. Alex's friend

Peyton Hayford: Hobgoblin. Member of Ella's guards

Vevina Lerner: Vampire. Bitten when 17

Brian Wright: Human. Stalked Vevina

~Ella's Home~

Lisa Morgen: Human. Ella's friend from home.

Megan Reed: Human. Ella's friend from home.

Emily Reynolds: Human. Ella's friend from home.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Stanton: Human. Ella's friend from home.

Vanessa Taylor: Human. Ella's friend from home.

~Missing People~

Adonia: Onoskelis, not actually missing

Afina: Iele, missing

Atid: Orang Bunian, Missing

Calanthe: Korrigan, not actually missing

Darach: Ghille Dhu, Fae Spy for Spirit Council, missing

Eszti: Iele, missing

Felip: Pombero, missing

Firenze: Äbädä, missing

Hajna: Iele, missing

Isoke: Egbere, missing

Jukka: Otso, not actually missing

Kers: Jogah, missing

Ngairee: Hākuturi, missing

Vidar: Rå, missing

Willow: Diwata, missing