This is for those readers who have ever wondered what happened to Alex de Vires. I have decided to write a little novella for you guys! It will be quite short, consisting of only a few chapters.

This is a little teaser for what is to come. Please tune in. His story has proved to be a little tricky but I want to get it just right.


He brought the glass up to his nose and inhaled deeply. A flurry of scents washed over him and he closed his eyes in silent ecstasy.

"What do you think?"

He nodded as he swilled the wine around the glass. "Good, maybe add a little more blueberry."

"Alright, I'll pass that on," his assistant said smiling. Alex nodded and watched her leave. With a sigh he emptied the glass into the sink and retreated to the sanctuary of his office. His assistant Rose was smart, beautiful and funny and she was also in love with him. They had gone out for dinner last week but he had not been able to bring himself to do anything about it. So she continued in vain to catch his eye and flirt lightly with him. No doubt she would quit and leave him assistant-less when it became more than clear that he had no intention of ....? What was it called exactly? Pursuing her like a penis-controlled idiot? because he certainly had been one in an earlier lifetime. Now, things were very different... His phone vibrated insistently against his wooden desk but he ignored it. Only when it stopped did he look at who had called. His heart sank when he saw that it had been Georgina. It had been months since he had last spoken to her. He knew that he was being a selfish asshole but he just couldn't deal with the re-surfacing of painful and impossible feelings, not when he had finally managed to get his life back on track. What was he doing? He slammed the phone carelessly on his desk. What the fuck was he doing? While Georgina didn't want him Rose certainly did. "Just do it!" he said to himself.

"Do what?" a voice asked in confusion from behind him.

He jolted violently in his chair tipping his it violently backwards as he craned to see who it was. "Uh... nothing I was just talking to myself about... a new recipe... for the wine."

The side of her mouth lifted in a slight smile. "Anything you can share with me? Perhaps over a drink?" When she saw his face she quickly stuttered an alternative. "O-or a coffee?"

Just do it! A slow easy smile tugged at his lips. "Sure, what about dinner?"

Her eyes widened. Clearly after getting the cold shoulder from him for a week she had not thought he would accept her offer or upgrade the offer to date equivalent of a penthouse suite. "Sounds great," she gushed looking devastingly happy. As soon as he saw that dumb school-girl glee on her face he realised that he had made a mistake. What am I thinking? I never took the time to really get to know this girl, if it works – great but if it doesn't I'll lose the best assistant I have ever had. God.