"Oh, my dear, why are your eyes so dreary?
And where is the smile that irks your face so lovely?"

"This heart of mine can no longer live!
For it's been shattered so many times,
I am no longer able to breathe.
I'm about done with faith, and I'm putting away the hope,
I feel as if I cannot go on!"

"My dear, do not fret!
I have some thread in my hand.
I will carefully sew your torn veins back in place,
and surely, you shall live!"

"My friend, listen to me.
It is fine; save your needles for your finer quilts.
I'm sure it was my duty to believe it was meant to be this way.
My heart has been embedded on this cracked, hard ground
and forever shall it stay there!
Fate may be cruel, but it is not a liar."

"My love! What poison has slipped down your throat to toxicate your words?
You are never hopeless,
for I will thread along a kiss of hope through every stitch I sew in your heart.
You will be lifted amoung this cold floor,
for that, I am sure."

"Aye; beloved one whom has hope beyond the clouds;
Oh, how I wish so very much to know that I will be healed.
But, in what way can I ever get to my feet
when my bones are broken and bruised?"

"You speak of a painful ache, my dear,
and I cannot seem to bear it.
If the Gods in the Heavens have planned a heart
to be sleeping in a ground so lonely;
to be ripped in bits and pieces formed across the ground;
it shalt not be yours, my love!
A heart to be nailed to the floor forever,
it will not be yours!"

"Ah, but sweet one,
not even I could find one strong enough to lay down their life for me.
It would take someone with the muscles of iron,
and the bravery of a lion to fend for me."

"Loved one; I tell you...
I shall break my heart for you,
twist and mangle my bones,
and throw the cracked pieces on the ground.
Then surely, your broken heart will consume the life inside of mine,
and you will then be saved.
Lies don't pass my lips:
I would do anything to see you smile."

"No! I cannot let you break yourself,
just for the sake of me!
You are my cherished one, a fine, rare gem stone,
and you've done nothing wrong!"

"But what am I to do?
The price you paid for all your heartache may not ever pay you back.
I would rather sacrafice myself,
to sleep at night knowing you have gotten what you have deserved."

"Why would you ever do such a thing?
I can't say I recall you doing anything more foolish
than to give up yourself, for a mere, sinful human such as I."

"My love! You have not sinned!
And if you have, you have surely paid repentence
as you continue to do.
It is not your fault you have loved so much
and have recieved nothing but hurt in the end."

"What has gotten caught in your eyes that forbids you to see?
It is my own fault for trusting too much!
A nearly ignorant thought had reached my mind,
thinking I could give others a true prize;
thinking that they would someday grow to change.
But instead, the betraying creatures simply stole my gifts
and beat me to the ground,
and now I sit here, dying.
If that isnt a sin, to hopelessly love,
I do not know what is!"

"My vision is perfect, it is yours that needs fixing!
It is not sinful to love, to hope, to dream!
But you cannot give your treasures to pirates,
and you cannot trust robbers and rapists."

"If one were to put their gold in a keepsake,
where would you think it would be?"

"Ah... I could put my best silver and gold in none other
than the hands of somebody I know is forever true.
That is why, you see, I would give my heart to you."