wasabi chocolate

you may keep her
warm in bed at night
and you can keep
'i love you' in her ear
but we both know
it doesn't mean
anything at all

and you—
you are the chemicals
that burns her with
idyllic pain akin to
letting her taste
the unique flavors
of your essence
that doesn't exist

but you—
you use your fake
serotonin charms
to maintain this façade
as you take pleasure
and entitle yourself her
but chocolate is better than
you can ever hope to be

so you—
you endeavor that
artificial allure on me
in the dusk of night
while you lay beside her
and whisper in the phone
waiting to see if your
fake serotonin charm
will make a fool of me

you can betray her but
i will not be deceived
and soon she will see past
your fascia but for now
you are nothing more
than her searing wasabi
and faux chocolate
(wasabi chocolate)