I walked behind the bushes restlessly. Ever since that threat the other day things around home had been tense. I longed to run out in the open without fear, but because of Sam and his gang, that was impossible. Now, I was forced to remain near the others and pass the time doing nothing. Just as I was about to leave the bushes, I heard something on the other side. I crept through the dense branches and peered through the leaves.

"Jack, shut up," I saw Mortimer say. Mortimer and Jack were out in the middle of the field, not caring that death could find them there. I saw that they were arguing over whether or not to go back. Mortimer wanted to stay; he loved danger, but Jack was weary.

I began to turn away, but got caught on a branch which snapped. The heads of both Mortimer and Jack turned sharply to face my direction. I ducked just before Mortimer could see me, but I was not quick enough for Jack's sharp eyes. Thankfully, he did not mention my presence to Mortimer but said, "I'm going back. You can wander out into the fields and get killed if you want, but I value my life, thanks." Mortimer growled at Jack, and then ran farther out into the field. Jack, meanwhile, approached me in my hiding place. "Who's in there?" he asked.

"Emmy," I replied, and stepped backward into the open space behind the bush. Jack climbed through the leaves and stood several feet in front of me.

"Hi," he said, turning his head and looking me in the eye. His eyes were the strangest shade of green I'd ever seen, and unblinking. "What were you doing in the bushes?"

"I was in here just to get away for awhile, and then heard you and Mortimer arguing and went to see what all the noise was about. Why were you guys out in the field?" I asked him.

Jack sighed and leaned back. "Mortimer talked me into going out there for a walk - also just to get away for a while. However, Mortimer is an idiot and doesn't care that we could be killed. So I came back."

I nodded and then looked down at the ground. For a while neither of us spoke, and I simply stared down at me feet. I noticed that I really needed to clean my nails. They were long, so dirt always got caked beneath which was really uncomfortable. "Emmy?" said Jack after a few moments.

"Yeah?" I replied, looking up at him. He really was the most handsome male around. Those eyes of his just made him look so fascinating. He also had the nicest teeth out of anyone. I wondered how he kept them looking so clean.

He opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it quickly, changing his mind. His eyes widened in what appeared to be fear and he began to inch away. "Don't move," he whispered.

Instantly me senses were heightened and I knew that something was behind me. My instincts told me that it must be Sam and his gang, and I knew that I was either going to die or be horribly mangled and disfigured within the next few minutes. I mouthed to Jack, "Save me."

Jack shook his head 'no' and then ran away, leaving me there. I couldn't believe it. I silently vowed that if I got out of this alive, I'd murder Jack. Slowly, I turned around to face my soon-to-be murderer. There stood Sam and his gang which consisted of five other people. Sam glared at me, hate and evil in his beady little eyes.

"Good afternoon Emmy," he said, tapping his foot on the ground. "Ready?"

I nodded silently, knowing that even if I wasn't ready, it would happen anyways. Within seconds, the raptors were on top of me. They tore my leathery flesh off my body, and I marvelled at the fact that though I was much bigger, there was nothing I could do once they had me on the ground. My arms were far too small to hit them, nor could I stand back up without great difficulty. My tail thrashed on the ground, knocking some of the raptors off their feet but instantly they were able to stand up again and pounce on me. The last thing I saw before I died was the face of Sam, with his razor-sharp teeth bared.