"Pass the ball to me! Over here Tommy! Pleeeeeas—AHH!" I still winced as I remembered my seven year old self suddenly flying face-first into the muddy grass, the impact momentarily knocking me out.

A few moments of inhaling dirt later, I lifted my head up slowly and spit out the grass that was currently flossing my teeth and saw the innocent football laying just inches from my now very bruised head.

Narrowing my eyes further, I shifted my gaze upward and found myself looking right into the dark gray eyes of Satan himself. Growling loudly, I raised myself onto my knees, and threw a fist out, hoping to make contact with that little place boys always seemed to take special care of.

Too bad he jumped back quickly, narrowly missing my attempt.

"What? You said to pass the ball!" He tried to say innocently, shrugging his shoulders while widening his puppy-dog eyes dramatically.

If only this wasn't the millionth time he had tried something like that, I might have believed his little act. Luckily, for me, (or well, maybe not actually) I had known the twerp since diapers and could tell whenever he had a trick up his sleeve.

"You're such a butthead! I hate you, Jason Brenner!" I childishly yelled, preparing to tackle him to the ground. But just before take-off, he turned and quickly sprinted across the yard, with me trailing behind, yelling savagely.

The next few minutes were complete chaos as I chased him all around the yard, with my idiotic twin, Tommy, behind me, trying gallantly to save his friend. Finally, just as I was getting ready to grab onto his shirt, he faked a left turn, and used his last burst of energy to sprint the other way.

Not seeing what Jason had slyly avoided, I tripped and fell. This time, it was head-first right into our little blow-up pool. Sputtering for a few moments, I stood up and wiped my eyes dry, only to look down to find my pretty pink birthday dress completely drenched with the old, leaf-filled rainwater. Jason wisely kept his distance, as he was now standing still half-way across the yard, his mouth wide open in shock.

Huffing loudly, I tried bravely to keep the tears from pouring out as I stomped towards the house. Right before entering, I took a deep breath, and with all my might, I turned around and screamed, "I'm telling my mommy on you," hoping in some way to sound intimidating.

Upon slamming the door shut, however, I suddenly broke down into loud sobs, attracting the attention of my mommy, who had been preparing more food for the rest of the guests at the birthday party.

Gasping at the sight of me, she suddenly drew me into her arms and murmured comforting words into my ear, before she pulled back and shot me a little grin. "One day, sweetie," she said softly, as she brushed my bangs out of my eyes, "he's gonna realize he's doing all of these things for a reason."

Seeing confusion in my eyes, she patted my butt gently, and turned me towards the staircase. "Go on, sweetie. Change into something comfortable and come back down for your party, okay?"

Nodding softly, I started walking up the stairs and roughly threw the door to my bedroom open. Upon seeing my twin sister, Jessie, (Yes, people, that does mean our mom managed to pop triplets out) my mood worsened.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked her moodily.

Tossing her straight blonde hair back, she turned around in her perfect pink dress and sneered at the sight of me. "I'm having a tea party." After pointing at my ruined dress, she continued, "And what did I tell you? That is why you don't play with boys. You need to be more like me, Jamie."

Rolling my eyes, I sighed and turned around, opening the drawer next to my bed. Finding my pair of trusty overalls, I quickly pulled them out and sat on my bed, pulling the stupid dress over my head.

Well, I attempted to at least.

The dress had other ideas, seeing as how the small buttons attached themselves to my unruly mass of brown curls. Still struggling, and currently blind, my sister continued her little 'I'm-better-than-you' rant.

Finally ripping the dress from over my head, I rubbed the newly bald spot and looked up just in time to see Jessie hold up a big bundle of daisies, freshly picked from a garden.

"Look at the flowers I got for my birthday, Jamie. You know who gave them to me?" She asked 'sweetly,' as she walked closer to give me a better view.

Sneering, I pushed them away, and tugged on the overalls. "I don't care. They're ugly anyway," I scowled, as I snapped the last button up.

Moving to the edge of my bed, I planned to go back outside to show the boys who was really the boss here, but Jessie leaned over and stopped me.

Pausing for a second, she looked right into my eyes, and whispered, "Jason did."

Giggling at my disbelief, she skipped back over to her side of the room, waving the bouquet of daisies as she went, while a new wave of anger washed over me.

That jerk.

He gave me a rock.

10 Years Later.

Moaning at the bright light shining in through the window, I rolled over and groaned, remembering what I was dreaming about. Blinking one eye open, I glanced at the clock and winced when I saw it was barely past 9 o'clock, a time I hadn't seen since I outgrew Saturday morning cartoons.

Snuggling further into my blanket, I wrapped an arm around Chubby, the fat penguin that was possibly the only nice gift Jason had ever given me, not that he knew I actually slept with it or anything.

Oblivious prick.

A few moments later, I had finally found a comfortable position and was ready to drift back off to sleep when I heard a loud giggle cut through my eardrums.

Snapping my eyes open, I sighed and tightened my hands around the penguin as more laughs erupted downstairs. Imagining what could possibly be going on downstairs, I winced as nasty images of THE golden couple flooded my innocent brain. Note to self: NEVER do that again.

Rolling over, I covered my head with an extra pillow and attempted to ignore the noise, but finally gave up when Jessica was still cackling twenty minutes later.

"Die, cheery bitch, die," I muttered, and threw Chubs against the door. Tossing the blankets aside, I gave up on sleep and walked wearily to the attached bathroom, thanking god that I at least had my own room now.

Five minutes later, I was washed up, and walking back into my bedroom, I automatically picked up my signature overalls.

They were completely worn in and way too big for my short 5'1" stature.

Just the way I liked them.

Looking into the mirror, I finished braiding my boring brown curly hair into two pigtails (as that was the only way to contain the mess) and sighed when I saw that I looked exactly as I had when I was in elementary school.

We all weren't blessed with perfect straight blonde hair, unlike Jessicaaa (Insert whiny, mocking tone here, k? Good.) Groaning, I wondered again why only I had gotten the short end of the deal for the Link triplets. Let's explain, shall we?

Jessica. Ugh, besides being the resident bitch of the household, she was perfect in every way. Blonde hair, hazel eyes, tall, cheerleader, and made up one-half of THE golden couple of Riverside High. Yes, she sounds absolutely daaaahhling doesn't she? Barf now, please.

Anyway, moving on… Tommy. He was our older twin brother. Tall, dirty blonde hair, football team captain, 'hot' according to the desperate girls at my school (as well as my best friend, Rachel), and relatively nice (when he wants to be, of course).

The bad part?

He came in a 2-for-1 deal with his best friend, fellow football player, and second half of THE couple, Jason Brenner, who just happened to make my life hell.

Yep, that Jason.

The one that has tortured me since we were in diapers.

The one that was probably making out with Jessica right about now.


The one that I was secretly in love with, and had been since we were kids.

Oh yeah, everyone…

Welcome to my life.

Hi, I'm Jamie Link aka Loser Extraordinaire.

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