Pale, gold light

Streaming in through my window

Another day wasted

Under my covers

Lost to the darkness

A creature so hungry

I'm lost to the world

A land of the sad

So warm and so safe

Under my covers

In a dreamless sleep

Of the dead.

And then I start breathing

Open my dark eyes

Let in the light

From which I had fled

The light takes me in

I'm covered in sparkles?

A star in the night

Of deep royal tears.

A silent observer

Witness to destiny

A dam

Against the current of fears.

I don't want to be here.

Alone, a star

For the love I receive

Is from a world afar

A mundane planet

A realm of illusion

That stares up in awe

To find their compassion

Beginning to thaw.

A revolution of man

Drenched in the teardrops

Of understanding, from Heavens above

It rains down upon them

Pours into their soul

Cold realization drenches their skin

Leaks from their heart

Through crystal clear eyes

Long resting, perched upon a fence

Of a small, dull graveyard.

A tarnished gold key

Since the dawn of time hidden

Reveals the singular truth.

An innocent cry

Trembles the earth

As mourning doves lay

Their heads down to die

The wind is a torrent

Of emotions let loose

Whining through a midnight sky.

They wake up

From luxurious silk sheets

To a darkness that they never knew

Their dreams have fled

On feeble silver wings

Off to seek a waning moon.

They're drowning in the sea of blue

Sorrow, helplessness rushing by.

A menacing whirlpool of regret

Threatens those who can't fly

Sucks everything into its wide, gaping mouth

Its insatiable hunger

Desire unfulfilled

Dooms everyone.

And I?

I dangle from the sky.

A star quite out of place.

I distantly hover,

I can not fly

A pathetic pinprick of light.

But I may be

All the world needs

To be restored to right.

The world's chaotic symphony

Echoes through the night

The conductor's baton weaving fast

Webs of defeat upon the earth

A crescendo to the end.

-STOP- I scream

Though nothing changes

I command no power

But that o'er myself

Think of quiet.

(Drown out the shrieking)

Speak of the light

(Not the black persuing)

An angel descending

Puts his hand on my shoulder

Happiness and laughter

Shatter through the night.

Time, the greatest healer comes

A heart once broken, mending.

Love stands up

On long shaky legs

With wide eyes so innocent

All mystified.

The dawning,

A brand new day.

And then it's lifted

From a well deep inside

The power I possess

And so I shine.

All eyes upon me

As I'm glowing now

A fire unbridled, my sacrifice

Inferno of heat, my passion

Then my radiance, unbearable,


Frozen for a moment

For the sadness chilled the air

After hurricanes of final understanding

But they avert their eyes,

Look away

Become unglued

To the last scene of battle

And then their lives resume.

Under silken covers

Forgetting the sadness

Not meant for all to know

It would doom the world

To where I've been,

A hell

Of the unspeakable.