((Well, this is the introduction to A Pirate's Story! If you didn't know this, and you probably didn't, this story is actually the second book in a trilogy I am working on! Sadly, I have no intention of putting up the first book, called A Cyborg's Story, but I'll basically say that book one focused on Alex Foxx, a cyborg who was fifteen during that book. Now, twenty years have passed, their is a completely new character- a pirate, this time around, and... well, yesh. If you've got time after reading, would you toss in a review? They're appreciated very much! Thanks, and happy reading!))

- - - - -

Mount Dawn… it's the highest peak ever to be carved onto the face of this wondrous earth. It has countless peaks, each which seem to endlessly pierce the heavens. Forever capped with its cavernous stones it glistens in the radiance of the golden sun. It is bathed in warm light, glowing beautifully as it stands there, like a messenger God sent to guard the ancient world. Over the hundreds of years that Mount Dawn has been on the earth millions have come to gaze at its splendor, hundreds upon thousands of artists and poets have sought out this mountain to be the source of their astonishing inspiration. Around its lofty peaks flock fluffy, white clouds. Mount Dawn was, and still is, the world's tallest mountain and volcanic crater. And, as I said before, people from thousands of miles in every direction would come just to see this mountain. They would do almost anything to ooh and ahh at its amazing splendor…

- - - - -

Anyone can ask me how much pain that mountain caused me. To be honest, I really don't care about it very much. It didn't inflict any pain on my family, I wasn't even alive when it exploded and when the Mandor Kareet took the lives of so many innocent people, many of which were youths still in their prime. Sure, it was a horrible event, but I'm honestly not one to really care.

Eight years after that terrible mountain let forth its sulfuric fumes and bloody orange lava I was born. Both of my parents were near enough to hear it explode, but far enough to escape any harm; so my family was basically left untouched.

My father had been steering one of his first ships down the cold, swirling waters that were the Detoria River. He was heading down to the Raven Sea with hopes of gathering up a crew so he could climb the ladder of sea-faring men. At the moment, it was just a motley crew of a few men and himself. He had not yet met my mother.

While he leaned up against the wooden wheel there was a tremendous crashing noise. He whirled around and a vibration seemed to shake the earth. Smoke rose on the horizon and he and his crew just stood there for a few moments, watching the landscape change off in the distance. Then he screamed at them all to hurry up and get back to their stations so they could get away from whatever had just happened.

My father and my mother were two people in the miniscule percent of the world's population that lived through the horrendous explosion that racked the entire earth. I… don't really know where my mother was at the time, but I remember father telling me one day that she had indeed heard it and even seen a small part of it before she fled.

He never really talked about her, but he had told me many times that she had been amazing, no, beyond amazing. He said that her life had been too short and her kindness was more than anyone could even comprehend. Other than that I did not know very much about her, except that she had been killed in my father's stead when I was young.

But, her death was very long ago, it is a part of the past. Now is not the past, now is the present.

My name is Cliff Carter; I am the son of Aviarus Carter, a bloody pirate but a good father by all standards. I am a pirate as well. Most people fear pirates, it's common knowledge. If you see a pirate ship floating off in the distance, you gather up your family and your belongings and you flee. If you leave the door to your house unbolted and a fair sum of money on the table, they might not pursue you.

My story begins with tragedy, as many tales of the day do, on the Raven Sea on the sixteenth of October in the year 2783. It was many months after my nineteenth birthday. Oh, and also, in this story I play the role of antagonist, and for those of you who don't know what that means it means this- bad guy, villain, and/or rival.