The Unforgettable Sound

Rating: M

Warnings: slash, blah, swearing, blah, mentions of rape and abuse and all that good shit...cheating, bad relationships, should know what to expect.

Summary: Ryan likes boys but it scares him a bit. But only until Raymond shows up next door...Slash, M/M...Rewrite of 'The Boy Next Door'

Authors Note: This has changed...quite a bit. I'm going to leave some pieces in, but probably change the dialogue a bit...and most the themes are going to stay the same, I'm rewriting to see if I can let it go a little slower...because the old one went a little fast and I only like bits and pieces...Let me know what you think and if it's any better than the old version...


I knew the first day of seventh grade that I would have a hard time fitting in at any high school. Of course, I had so many different issues that I was a little reluctant to make new friends in fear of them having even more problems.

Later on in life I realized that friends did create more problems. I also realized that being called a fag and not being welcome in either locker room at school made seventh grade seem like the 9th layer of hell.

I got through it. All the way up to twelfth grade, where I am now, sitting on the edge of my bed, wishing time would stop and my alarm won't go off.

But it does and my mom's not too far behind it.

"Ryan! Get up! It's your first day of school, you don't want to be late!" she bands on the door and I know it peels off layers of skin on her knuckles when she does so.

"I'm up!" I call back, but I continue to sit here. The last few weeks I've been dying to finally see Rachel, one of the two girl friends I have. But now, the first day of my senior year, I feel like dropping out and saying, "fuck it. I'll see you around."

Some force awakens my muscles and I grab clothes from the night before, pulling them on without even noticing. My mind is now on the people moving in next door. According to my father, it's supposed to be a now single father with a 17-year-old son. Dad calls the boy a fag, but...I don't think he's really got anything to go off of with rumors or whatever...I mean, his own son is gay and he hasn't caught on.

"Ryan! You're going to be late, hurry up!" Mom raps on my door a few more times and I tell her I'll be ready while attempting to apply eyeliner and fix my hair at the same time. I end up fucking things up and pulling a hat over my head and putting eyeliner on even thicker.

When I finally make my way downstairs, my parents are know where to be found, which means that the bus is also already gone. Great way to start of the year, Ryan. Really great. Lets walk into the speech late. They won't mind...

"Hey! You!" someone calls. I keep walking, walking past the house towards my school. "Oh goddammit..." I hear the voice mumble. "Boy!"

I stop dead in my tracks and turn to stare at the voice. "What?" I ask, clearly annoyed. And I am. He's bothering me and I'm late for school and my parents didn't even tell me goodbye. Fuck. Today is not going to be a good day.

Whoever it is runs up next to me and I know who he is. He's the new kid that supposed to move in. There's a U-HAUL truck parked by the garage and two cars parked on the street outside of the house. "Sorry about my dad...he wants me to make friends...I swear, he can act like I'm twelve sometimes..."

I shuffle my feet; he seems like he's a little shy. Not enough so that he wouldn't say anything, but enough to be embarrassed by his father trying to get him a friend. I have this weird place in my heart for shy boys...Right next to the place for assholes, unfortunately...

"It's alright...are you heading off to school today or...?" I ask, trailing off. My feet shuffle again and I look up at him, squinting my eyes against the sunlight that happens to be behind him. It makes him look so beautiful and I know then he's one of those shy asshole types, because he's got to be conceited because he's so goddamn pretty...

Fuck. School.

"No, actually...I'm supposed to start today but we were a little behind with moving..." he smiles at me. "Raymond Egan," and he sticks his hand out for me to shake, all formal-like. It makes me blush a little and I pray he doesn't notice, but he does because he gives me a shy smile.

"Ryan Martin. I'd love to stay and talk, but I missed the bus and I really need to get going if I plan on getting to school on time..." I smile and him and begin walking away when he's in front of me again.

"I'll give you a ride but I need you to help me with something," A ride? I swallow, wondering. Yeah, he's my age or whatever, but still...he could be a rapist, you know...And I'm not too stupid and closeminded to not listen to my mother's warnings about getting in cars with people you barely know..."Please?"

I want to say no, but he's so fucking pretty and he's so shy, and I can't. So I nod my head and he thanks me a million times or something before telling me what he wanted me to do. "Even if we don't end up talking, I need you to talk to me until I make new friends...please, if I don't have someone to talk to it'll kill my father...he's so fucking overprotective..."

I snort and blush again because it's so unattractive. Not that it matters much, he's probably straight or already has a boyfriend or isn't initially attracted to me..."Why? You're a male for chrissakes,"

Raymond shrugs and there's a weird look in his eyes and there's a reason, he's just not saying. "I don't know. So can you do that for me?" I feel so bad for bringing up whatever had happened that I can't say no. After all, he's gorgeous and if he actually wants to talk to me, then I'll fucking talk to him! Jesus.

"Dad!" he yells loudly, probably directed to the man still standing next to the car on a phone. "I'm taking Ryan to school!"

I hear a quiet 'who's Ryan?' before I'm pointed at. "Oh. Okay. See you in a while!" he waves to his father before unlocking his car.

I let out a sigh as I sink into the passengers seat. "Damn. Your own car? Your dad must get huge paychecks..."

"Nah, not really," Raymond smiles at me a bit and I can't help but smile back at him. "Why, what about you?"

I shake my head. "I failed my drivers test too many times, my dad's not letting me take it again until I turn eighteen in May," he laughs, but it's one of those laughs that's not laughing because it's funny, but laughing because you don't know what else to do. He starts his car and pulls his seatbelt over his shoulder, and just kind of sits there, looking at me.

"What are you waiting for?" I blink at him and he gives me an amused smile.

"For directions..." I squint my eyes at him before slamming my head against the seat.

"Oh, fuck, I feel like such a dumbass," I groan, pinching my nose. He laughs again, and sets a hand on my arm to calm me down. It works. His hand's so warm and I wonder what it'd feel like against any other part of my body...

"It's alright, don't worry..." and I give him directions. We spend the rest of the ride in complete silence and I wonder what's going through his mind.

Finally, we end up at the school and I get out and lean against the door, completely unsure as to what I should say. He fills the awkward silence for me. "Hey, Ryan...would you like to hang out sometime?"

I nod my head enthusiastically and he gives me that shy smile again. "Yeah. I live right next door to you, just come over whenever," I smile back and close the door before waving at him.

Raymond's gone by the time Rachel walks up to me. "Heyyy, sexy. So I saw you talk to that guy," she points to Raymond's car. "What's he like, he was cute," she smiles at me as she pushes up her glasses and links her arm with mine.

"I don't really know, I kind of made the car ride awkward by mentally freaking when he touched me," I turn down a hallway and stop at my locker. She leans against the locker next to mine and looks at me.

"Oh, do I sense a crush? Tell me, Ry, is he going to be an asshole like Jade was?" I hate it when she brings him up. It happens all the time, whenever she gets a sense that I like someone. And Jade was the worst of my exes, he had a hard time getting over me breaking up with him during school.

"No, he's not going to be an asshole like Jade. Why do you keep bringing him up anyway? It's as though you fucking want him or something," I've hit a nerve because she huffs and walks off to her locker, just as Mikey walks up to me.

"Damn boy, you can piss her off," he says, spinning the lock to his locker. Somehow, for the third year in a row, we've managed to get lockers right next to each other. "What's her problem now?"

"I said she wanted Jade," I mumble, tossing my backpack into my locker. Julie's next to her now, which means that Noah's got to be around here somewhere... Suddenly there's arms around my torso and lips are pressed to my cheek.

"Hi Noah," I hear Mikey say. He pulls away from me and kisses Mikey's cheek.

I know the feeling that's going through Michael's body right now. That feeling of wanting one of your closest friends but knowing you can't have him because he's either an asshole in a relationship, already in a relationship, or doesn't feel the same way. It drove me crazy with Jade...but then he fucked things up and it hurt me, but I got over it...mostly. It still hurts when Rachel brings him up, though, because I can't believe how fucking stupid I was...dear lord...

"Schedule check, boys," Noah says, taking his out and waving it in front of my face. There's a weird look in his eyes and they're a bit bloodshot, which kind of scares me. I know Noah's been into drugs before, but he said he'd broke his addiction...Did he lie to me or is he just that tired?

I dig mine out of my backpack and hand it to him. He checks the schedules and his eyes are a bit slower than normal. "Noah?"

"Yeah?" he looks up at me and blinks, smiling at me.

"You okay?" he nods and goes back to the schedules. "Alright...late night?" he nods again and holds out his hand for Mikeys, who gladly gives it to him. It never really bothered me that he did drugs before. He told me he'd quit when he was ready, but after he quit and he turned back into the Noah he used to be, I got used to him...did he start back up over the summer?

"Ryan, you coming?" there's a hand on my shoulder and a warning bell signals that we have to be in the gymnasium in five minutes. I smile up at Mikey and decide that even if Noah's doing drugs, there's no possible way I can tell him it bothers me without sounding like his mother. Which would be weird, because Noah's mom is dead.

I nod and we walk into the gymnasium, pretending to listen to what my friends are saying and trying to keep my mind off of Noah, Jade, and Raymond.


The speech was the same as always...our principal talks about what he expects of us this year and that the seniors are only allowed one senior skip day, not seven to twelve like the seniors before us had. He tells us that swearing will not be tolerated, even though it always has been and always will, and all the crap that comes with starting a new school year.

As I'm walking to choir - my first class and the only class I have alone - I notice that Raymond is in the front office. Despite the warning bell telling me I have thirty seconds to get to class, I decide to take a detour and see if he needs to be shown around.

The bells jingle when I open it, and the two secretaries look at me before turning back to Raymond, who looks up after they have. A smile washes over his face, one that I already know is one of relief and the blonde secretary looks up at me again.

"Mr. Martin, do you know this boy?" she asks, pushing up her glasses and giving me a look. It scares me a little. But then again so does she. The old woman can be pretty intimidating sometimes.

"Yeah, Raymond Egan, I met him this morning, he gave me a ride to school," I smile at Raymond and wave a little, knowing right away it's a little lame and I feel a blush coming onto my face again. I blink and look back at the secretary, who sees everything.

I wonder where Ms. Green went off to, she's nicer than...whoever she is..."Well, can you do me a favor and show Mr. Egan around the school?" the last second bell goes off, and before I can open my mouth, she adds, "I'll call your choir teacher to let her know," and sends me off with a pile of papers to hand to him when I see fit.

She pushes us out of the office and closes the door, leaving me to stare down at the top paper, which happens to be his schedule. I snort again. I have to work on quitting that. "Choir?"

Raymond laughs. "Hey, don't judge me. And besides, that woman in there just said that you were in choir, too, so you're in no place to poke fun," he smiles at me and I blush again.

"No, I just...none of my friends are in choir, it'll be cool to have someone I like in there," I'll bet that my face turns crimson in milliseconds after that sentence, but Raymond just seems to smile even wider. I clear my throat and continue through his schedule.Choir, English, Calculus, lunch, Art, Biology, study, History..."So I thought you weren't coming in today?"

He shrugs and I hand him the extra copy of his schedule and glance at the clock. I have twenty minutes until the first period is over, meaning if I play my cards right, I'll be able to show him around the entire school and still make it to second period English with Raymond on time. "Yeah, dad got a little overwhelming so I told him I was going to school,"

I nod, once, and look down at his schedule again, mentally noting that I have first period choir, second period English, and seventh period History with him. This could be fun...


By the time lunch rolls around, people are already walking around cursing the school day and wishing they could be back in bed. Like always. Especially the seniors. I've already heard people talking about the first senior skip day. Barely four hours into the day and already talking about a skip day.

"Hey! Ryan!" I hear a voice call, and turn around. It's Raymond, looking a little frazzled but relieved to see a face he knows. "Oh thank god I found you, I haven't seen anyone I know for a while..." he lets out a sigh and I have to laugh. "I got lost coming down here, had to ask an old lady help..."

"Oh, that's our librarian, Mrs. Delrik. She's...quite a character, I guess," I toss my Biology book in my locker and turn to face him, smiling. He flashes one back briefly before I clear my throat and I lead him to the cafeteria. Mikey, Rachel, and Julie are already there, talking, Mikey so engulfed in the conversation all three are having that he doesn't even notice Ray and I walk up. "Hey,"

"Hey," Julie and Rachel say in unison. Mikey keeps talking, even though Rachel and Julie look like they're bored out of their minds.

"Michael!" I say loudly enough that the table next to us gives me a weird look. "Where are your manners?"

"What? Oh! Hi, we met in English, right?" he directs at Raymond, who nods as I motion for him to sit down. "So, where's Noah?"

"I don't know, he said he'd meet us here ten minutes ago..." Rachel checks her phone and shoves it back in her pocket after reading the time. "What do you think he's doing?" I shrug, scanning the lunch room to see him standing in line next to a girl. I guesture to him and Rachel looks over her shoulder, an anry look passing over her face.

"He's ditching us for that bitch?" she says harshly.

"Jesus, Rachel, don't be so mean...what'd she do to you, anyway?" Mikey asks, getting a glare from the girl sitting across from him. I'm the only person who knows what Lyla did to Rachel and I'm not about to tell anyone, either. Rachel takes her backpack from underneath the table and leaves in a huff, obviously pissed off and hurt, just as Noah turns from Lyla and watches her leave.

He walks over to the table and makes direct eye - his eyes are more bloodshot than they were this morning - contact with me before asking, "What happened?" I swallow, considering whether I should tell him or not. Raymond doesn't take the silence as the way it was supposed to be taken, and explains it to Noah, whose eyes widen before he goes after her.

Mikey holds back laughter while Julie gives him a sad smile, Raymond looking to me for help. "What, what'd I do?" I smile and almost think of grasping his shoulder, but decide against it before I have a chance to actually do it.

"Don't worry about may actually get them to admit whatever's been pissing them off. You helped, really," I say, turning into the table and giving Mikey a stern look, who's still keeping in laughter.

"I'm sorry, Ray, we've all gone through the same thing at some point..." he apoligizes, finally stopping. Raymond dismisses it and the lunch break drags on, seeing as none of us are eating and the loudest people have left, probably going to fight in a bathroom.

I'm halfway through the first day of my senior year but I can already tell you that it's going to to be hell.


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