The Unforgettable Sound

Rating: R

Summary: Eric's determined not to be hurt, especially not what happened after Daniel. Slash, M/M.

"ERIC, Ashley's here!" came my mother's voice. She always stressed out about Thanksgiving, always stressed out about having enough room for people to sleep, enough beds, blankets, pillows...

Hell, I have to give up my room for my uncle and his lover last year...

I take one last look around my bedroom and decide it's good enough for Ashley. After all, her old bedroom was...well...I'd rather not say.

I close my door and Ashley's loud laugh carries up the stairs. As soon as I reach the bottom, I can see her hair, which has been dyed a bright purple. There's a guy standing next to her and I assume it's her boyfriend. He's quiet and doesn't seem like the type she'd date. But that's okay, because a lot of the guys she's dated and brought home for us to meet don't seem like the type she'd date.

She's wearing black pants with a pink t-shirt. She's got a white zip-up hoodie on over the t-shirt, and her glasses have changed from the once-wire ones to thick, black rimmed ones. She turns around with a 'Where's Eric?' and squeals when she sees me.

"ERIC!!" she screams happily, running to the bottom of the stairs and pulling me down into a tight hug, making me trip on the last stair. She spins around and I'm not even touching the ground. "Oh, I missed you!!"

I don't think I've mentioned that Ashley and me are twins. Mmhmm...We were actually triplets, but...our brother died after he was born. Mom doesn't tell anyone, though. She raised Ashley and I like we were twins.

"I missed you, too, Ash," I say, my voice strained. She lets go of me and takes me in. I look down at myself and realize how boring I am. Jeans and a white t-shirt that doesn't have anything on it. Four year old Converse shoes that once belonged to my friend Jason.

" hair, Eric?" she takes a strand of it and smiles. Oh, yeah. That's the only thing... odd...about me. I guess I failed to mention that. "Looks nice,"

"Yours, too," I smile at her.

"So, Ashley, who's your friend?" Mom asks with a smile to the newcomer. I give him a small smile and nod. He blushes and nods back. Cute. His eyes are a bright green. Very cute. I don't think any of Ashley's boyfriends have been this attractive.

"Oh! Yeah, I'm so sorry, Danny...Eric, Mom, Dad...This is my best friend, Danny. His parents didn't invite him over for Thanksgiving," she smiles at the boy. "He came out to his family a few weeks ago and they completely disowned him, and, well...I invited him over for the holiday. That's alright, right?"

Danny's gay? Wow. Can I share a room with him?? Please??? Pretty please???? I swear I'll be a good little boy...Unless he wants to do something.

"Oh, honey, of course its alright! We're glad to have him!" Mom smiles, showing her teeth, and Danny smiles lightly back, as though he's scared.

My mother can be pretty frightening.

"You know how your mother always makes so much food," Dad says with a smile. He's pretty accepting of everyone. Just like Mom. But...I don't think he'd be as accepting if one of his kids came up to him one day and said, "Dad, I'm gay."

Not the point.

"Oh, you," Mom bats Dad with her hand before waving us into the kitchen. It's weird having the entire family here. Ehren is in the living room, watching TV with my younger sister Angela. I find it pretty amazing that Mom gave birth to five children. Shame she only got to raise four. "Ehren, Angela, it's ready to eat!"

The rest of my siblings file around the table and we--without a prayer (we've never been very religious)--start eating.

After fourty-five minutes or so, dinner's over and Mom and Dad are talking to Danny like he's been in our family for years. I'm watching from the other end of the table, even though I was sitting right next to him when we first began eating. Ashley grins at me from next to Danny, and moves to the seat next to me.

"You like him, don't you?" she says, still grinning. I forget to blush.

"He's...interesting. How old is he?"

"19. I met him at a club, he's in a band," she turns to look at Danny. "Isn't he just cute? God, I almost wish he was straight..." she shakes her head happily. "But that's okay. I like him like this. If you want to, I can take the couch and you can share your bedroom with him,"

I sit up a little straighter. "Ashley! I barely know the guy! Not to mention he's overage and I'm not going to be eighteen until December,"

"So? You're almost eighteen! If anything does don't have to talk about it until you're eighteen. Then it's legal," Ashley groans when I sigh. "Come on, Eric! He's gay, I know he likes you, it's Thanksgiving, he's vulnerable...Go for it! The worst that can happen is he can say he's not ready for you! The best is that he'll say yes!"

I let out another sigh and continue looking at Danny. "Alright. Fine. Just...Don't push him into anything,"

"Alright," she says, marking an 'x' across her heart. "I promise,"

Finally, around midnight that night, Danny and Ashley make their way up to my room.

"Here, my dearest gay friend, is my brother Eric's room. You'll be staying with him," Ashley says with a big smile. I glare at her as Danny looks in at my room.

"Sorry about the mess...I thought Ashley was going to come alone, so I figured that it wouldn't matter how bad looking it was," Danny shakes his head and smiles.

"No, it's okay, it reminds me of my dorm,"

Dorm? He's in college? Holy shit.

I look to Ashley but she's already gone. Great. Bring on the awkward silence. "Umm, I don't have any pull-out matress or anything, so you can have the bed," I say, beginning to pull a few extra blankets from my closet. Danny stops me by putting a hand on my arm. I look at it, and then up at him.

"You don't have to do that. I'll share the bed with you," share. Bed. Yum.

"A-Are you sure?" I say a little too quickly. Danny laughs and it makes me feel like I'm waaay too young for this 'college man.'

"I'm sure. Just...Don't freak out if you wake up and I'm cuddling next to you, alright?" freak out?!? I'll find it hard to freak out if I'm in your arms... "You're okay with that, right?"

I nod furiously. "Of course. I, umm...I'm gay, too. My parents don't know. Only Ashley and my friend Jason know,"

"Ah, he's the one who gave you those shoes, isn't he?" Danny gestures to the Converse I've tossed in front of my closet. I nod proudly. Those shoes are brilliant. Written all over with Sharpie markers, they refuse to look like they've been mutilated by them. Arrogant bastards. I love them

"Well...I've had a long you're going to be up much later, let me know so I can take a sleeping pill," he reaches for a bottle in the backpack he's brought up with him. This time I stop him by putting a hand on his arm. He looks a little startled. His eyes peer up at me through his plain brown hair and glasses.

"I won't be up much longer. Just...let me shut down my computer," I say, pulling my hand off his arm. All this touching isn't exactly a parade of regular heartbeats. I think mine's about to pump right out of my chest.

Danny nods and I shut it down before pulling off my pants and my socks. Danny does the same, taking off his shirt as well. I can't help but stare at his chest...Flawless chest...Beautiful chest.

I notice I've gotten closer. I look next to me. I'm still next to the computer. I haven't moved. That means Danny has.

Within seconds, he's inches away from me. "'re gay, huh? Ever...ever been with a guy before?" he asks softly. It's now that I notice he's a few inches taller than me. I close my eyes and let out a moan as my mind starts wandering.

Then the question pops back into my head. "You mean, like, on a date bed,"

Danny smiles and fumbles with the strings at the bottom of my t-shirt. "In bed," comes his whispered response.

I shake my head violently. "No," I say, stronger than I expected. His fingers continue to play with the bottom of my shirt. This is not the Danny I met this afternoon. He's way too confident. Or maybe he's just picked up on the fact I like him and is going for it.

"Mm...Shame..." his fingers brush against my stomach before he pulls away. "It's brilliant,"

I open my eyes. "You've been with a guy sexually?"

"Only my last boyfriend. But he turned out to be a jerk and I had to break up with him," he shrugs, crawling under the covers. I turn on my lamp before shutting off the light on my ceiling and crawling in next to him. His hands seem to be immediately at my stomach again.

I smile, shiver, and say "Shame." I turn off the lamp and thank someone that my room is soundproof.

His hands dip below my boxerline and my hips jolt. He chuckles and pulls his hands back out. I'm about to say 'tease' when he pulls me closer to the middle of my bed and crawls on top of me. Danny runs a finger down the middle of my chest before slipping his hands below my boxers once again.

I know what he's going to do and I know I'm going to love it.

He runs his fingers around my waist a few times and then slowly slips my boxers off. "Wait," I whisper. "My door. Lock my door," one of his hands leaves my body and locks the door before putting it back.

There's hesitation. Then, suddenly, his hands are fucking teasing me, drifting across everything that my boxers usually hide. And for good reason. Then, he leans over me--erection touching erection--and kisses me, lightly.

Oh, hell no. You're not getting away with that. I think before pulling him back down and kissing him roughly. He grins against my lips and kisses harder back. I open my mouth and his tongue thrusts against mine. I pull away for a second while I put my fingers underneath the last bit of clothing Danny has on his body. He nods before pulling them off. All that's left is my shirt. Then, without warning, that's off, too.

Soon, he's in position, and then, without warning once again, he pushes into me...

Oh, Jesus, why didn't I take that offer from Jason?!?

I shake and shudder with pain for a few moments. Danny takes my hand and squeezes--holy shit, who knew that holding hands could make such a difference--even when having sex? I let out a cry, which he takes as a sign to continue.

He does.

After a few moments, the room is silent. Danny's panting beside me, I'm panting beside him.


On Thanksgiving night.

Oh, there must be a god. a freak. But I wanted to write this book that CONSTANTLY occurs in my dreams. And this was the result. And...I'm in a complete road block with...ANYTHING ELSE I've tried to write (i.e. The Boy Next Door, Math Lessons) And I've got another dialogue only thing that I plan to put on sometime...just...cut me some slack. I'm a busy busy bee right now. I hope everyone has/had a great Thanksgiving and if you don't/didn't, feel free to tell me about it. Hell, feel free to tell me about it anyway. I'll bet it'll beat the horrible family mess mine will be...xxxooo