the Betrayer sits in a lonesome tree
thinking about the shadows
it has created
rope twists and turns within its hands
and guild, grief and pain cloud its senses
a troubling burden makes the eyes milky
the scent of tears, sweat and blood all the same
the Betrayer melts the gold from its pockets
screams in agony to the sky
and the rope twists harder
until finally a knot is formed
the knot of finality
(truth was so hard to find, its excuse)
(the way was too narrow, the path tough to see)
the Betrayer weeps into its heavily burned hands
sorrow a harsh emotion to feel
but you cannot save your soul until you repent
but the Betrayer does not know how

I, Judas, am both female and male
I cry as the Betrayer and measure your heart on a scale
I, Judas, am neither woman nor man
I take up my name as the Betrayer, and repent as best as I can

(I, Judas, am afraid.)