Summary – They were untouchable. The seven deadly sins of her school had destroyed her brother. Now, she was out to destroy them. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...





Gluttony is linked with the pig and the color orange.

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

Occurs if weaned improperly as an infant.

Punishment in hell – force fed toads, rats and snakes.

Matthew Gold, brown hair, brown eyes, seventeen, Caucasian, one of five sons of Denise and Paul Gold, multimillionaires. Very dense.

Made it a daily occurrence to trip Christian and steal his lunch, typical bullying.

Jenny Hander sat on the table in the corner of the common room. Her jean clad legs were crossed as she lent forward to look at the sheet in more detail. The lines and drawings splattered all over it made no sense to anybody except herself, for the words were written in Latin, a language she excelled in. As she moved her pencil across the paper, a smile grew on her full cherry red lips. She ran her hand back through the soft gold curls around her shoulders that boarded on a slightly ginger colour and sighed happily. Her plan was formulating perfectly. The beads around her neck clinked together, before resting back on the large navy sweater and the white belt around her hips . Her icy blue eyes lifted to look across the room, which had been made for the Sixth form with more care than the actual building of Crossley High.

Four maroon sofas sat in a square in the centre of the room, spotted with black scatter cushions. To one side there was the so called 'kitchen' a couple of worktops with a microwave and toaster. Oh, and the little fridge that hadn't worked since September (It was now June.). On the other side, a pinball machine and a snooker table. Jenny was in the furthest spot away from anyone, but by now, people had given up giving her attention. It was pointless after all, she'd only murmur a pathetic reply and glance up once before looking back at those sodding papers.

Often she was spoken about, and many lads tried to get the attention of the stunning blonde that detached herself from everything, but there was never anyone who could tear her away from the papers.

"What the hell is on those sheets?" The people around her would murmur, and some would even venture closer, to get a peek at the words she had written.

Jenny lent back in her seat, her white teeth gnawing softly on the end of her pencil, the rubber bending in her mouth. She closed her eyes, her mind drifting to a mental image of her late twin Joseph, clad completely in black, laid across his bed with gashes across his stomach, blood flooding onto the white crisp sheets. She saw the dead look in the fifteen year olds eyes, the tears on his porcelain cheeks and the pain he had gone through. Then, when the now seventeen year old opened her eyes, she saw the people who had made his life hell. She saw the bullies in the form of dazzling, beautiful teenagers, of who sat just metres from her upon the couches.

She felt her heart thumping in her chest as she glanced from her paper to them. Mentally ticking each of them off as she murmured under her breath what the sheet said.

Tracy Ainsworth

Suzie Ainsworth

Matthew Gold

Justine Praulins

Freddie Joe Shoesmith

Daniella Corvitz

Luke Johnson

That was it, Jenny bit down on her lip and looked back at the sofas. Her eyes narrowed to slits and she could feel her own eyelashes ticking her eyelids. The bell went, and she sighed, collecting the papers into a neat pile and slipping them into her 'New Look' bag with care. She stood up, slipping her handbag over her shoulder and moving from the common room. She walked slowly in her white sandals behind the group. Her eyes studying each one in turn, a look of determination fell like a cloak, over her face as she thought back to her completed plan. At lunch, the best part of two years of preparation would be put into action. But for now, she had English to worry about.

As she slid into a seat in the dinner hall, she eyed a table close by. The biggest wooden table in the room, surrounded by eight chairs, either green or blue. Her eye's followed the group as they each took a seat and carried on talking, unaware of the girl staring at them with utmost interest. Jenny eyed her first challenge.

Matthew Gold was sitting between the two sisters, Trisha and Suzie, chomping on his toasted sandwich. He chewed, Jenny has noticed with extreme disgust, with his mouth open, and spoke with his mouth full. The sisters, however, must of found this sexy. Jenny rolled her eyes, and found herself cringing at her own sandwich and replacing it in the plastic container. She kept her steely gaze on Matthew, and soon enough, his eyes met with hers, and blue met with a muddy brown. He cocked her his charming smirk, and she grinned, forcing herself to glance bashfully at her food. Alarm bells were ringing in her head as the beautiful siren remembered the awful things Gold had inflicted upon her brother.

She thought back to the times when her brother had come home, starving as his lunch had been taken from him. She remembered how she'd questioned him, asked him countless time's who had taken his dinner. He had never told her, instead, she had to read it in the tear soaked letter he'd left her and her parent's, who had done all they could to bring down the elites that had caused him so much pain. Matthew Gold was one of them, but his parent's managed to persuade the school board with their cash. It made Jenny sick to her stomach.

That's how they had gotten away with their malicious bullying, money. Jenny no longer respected the board, or her teachers, who never intervened. Not even her art teacher, Mr.Gledding, who she really thought would stick up for their claims. The young teacher now never received the soft smiles she had once sent, but looks of disappointment and blank stares which clawed at his heart.

Jenny's mind teetered away from Mr.Gleddings and back onto the matter at hand. Matthew Gold was sat staring at her, his eyes full of something she loathed, want. She could see in the way his eyes rolled down her body with an inordinate desire to have her as he swallowed a mouthful of food.

She inwardly grimaced, leaning back to study him in more detail. If you took one look at him, you wouldn't think that he ate eight meals a day, (she had counted while researching), or even ate at all. He was slim, with hardly any muscle to be seen. But if you looked closer you'd see the slight overhang of his stomach, or the second chin that appeared when he pulled a face. You'd see the disgusting side of him, as Jenny did.

He finished his dinner, leaning back in conversation with Trisha, to which a very angry looking Suzie pouted. Instead, she turned her attention to the rest of the table. Jenny bit down on her lip angrily as she looked at the faces of her brother's tormentors. They would soon become the tormented. She rapped her fingers on the desk, leaning forward and thinking back to the plan. Taking a camera from her bag, she set it softly on the table behind her tray. Click. She caught Matthew delving into Trisha's lunch like a hungry pig. She saw the tomato sauce around his lips, on his stubble and on his cheeks. It was just a cheese and tomato baguette, but he turned it into the most disgusting meal you could imagine.

She winced as she took three more snaps, each one more atrocious than the last. She slid the camera back into the back and stood, slinging it back over her shoulder and taking the tray to the trash. She slipped it in and walked from the dining hall, only one place in mind.

Mr.Gleddings looked shocked when Jenny entered his office, biting on her lip. He leant back on his chair and ran a hand through his raven hair.

"Jenny? What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering if I could use the laptops… please."

Tom Gleddings looked at the beauty in front of him and nodded, standing up and walking back into his teaching room. He unlocked a wooden cupboard and pulled out one of the black laptops, sliding it onto the counter softly. He took the lead and plugged it in, switching it on before turning to look at her.

"Can I ask what you're doing?"

"Me Sir? I'm doing a piece about the Seven Deadly Sins."

Mr.Gleddings dark eyebrow raised as he looked down at the girl, tilting her head to one side and biting on her lip still.

"Can I see it when you're done?"

She seemed to hesitate for a second, before nodding slightly and giving him the blank look he had grown accustomed to. He watched her sit down, before clearing his throat and disappearing back into his office. Jenny waited until she heard the door shut before reaching back around the computer and collecting a wire to connect the camera. She slipped the USB cable in and laid the camera on the desk, watching the image on the screen appear slowly. She grimaced like before as her mouth hovered over the picture. She opened PhotoShop and began to create her idea.

Tom glanced out of his office window at the girl's back, he felt himself sigh softly as he thought back to her steely gaze. He felt his brow crease when she slightly shifted, and his eyes caught the image of Matthew Gold on her screen. His stomach went nauseous at the image, before he turned away and sat back down.

Whatever she was up to, he could tell it wasn't in Matthew Gold's best interests.

Jenny smiled to herself as the image was mutated on the screen, and the word 'Gluttony' appeared above the boy. Her eyes danced with dangerous revenge, and the fires within her heart were slowly burning at her icy insides. Gluttony was a sin, and Jenny was going to ruin him. The way he had ruined her brother.
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