This story has had a million and one beginnings to it, before I finally settled on this one. I hope it isn't too confusing.

Misty Memories

Pixie. Harmless name. Harmless nickname. My nickname. My life revolves around this one name. It shouldn't even be my name really, but it is. Now anyway. Not always. Just now. And I'm rambling again, Dominic say's I ramble too much. Then again, Dominic say's a lot of things. I never really like Dominic, Damien's nicer. But then again, their both controlling and demanding. Not that it matters, we're family. Or so I'm told.

An odd family it is too. Mom and Dad obey these gods who demand sacrifices; Dominic, Damien, and me help occasionally, but spend the rest of the time being children. Of course the rules around here are beyond strict. No talking to people who aren't family, not touching other people (even their arm), no pets, no interrupting Mom and Dad when their working, always listen to Dominic or Damien when Mom and Dad aren't around, eat everything on your plate (even if your full), stand up for yourself only in extremely rare circumstances, all other times Dominic or Damien can handle it. And that's just for starters.

Looking at our family you wouldn't even know none of us are related. Mom and Dad are married, sure. But Mom, apparently, can't have children, and as part of house rules they refused to adopt children. The gods forbid it. Instead the gods direct them to who is supposed to be their children. Dominic was taken when he was ten I think, Damien when he was nine, and I was twelve. I'm fifteen now, Damien's sixteen and Dominic's eighteen. Adjusting to this family wasn't easy either, I had refused to give up who I used to be and become who I am. Dad, with help from Dominic changed that.

"Pixie!" A voice broke through my thoughts and I looked up into the dark brown eyes of Dominic, "You're dreaming again."

"Am not!" I replied indignantly pushing myself to my feet from the step I was sitting on.

"Don't lie," Dominic said putting an arm around my shoulder and guided me away from the house. I looked up to see his face, cursed shortness. He had black hair, like the rest of us, that was chin length at the side and back of his head, but in the front the hair started about mid-left cheek and went diagonally up to his hair line. The one eye visible was red. He wore contacts to get that effect.

"And what makes you think I'm lying?" I asked innocently. Dominic looked down and shook his head. He stopped walking after we were out of sight from the house in the woods behind it.

"Stay here," he commanded and turned and walked back to the house.

"Why?" I asked crossing my arms, seriously, just because he's older… no wait, he is the boss when Dad's not here.

"Because," he yelled back. I rolled my eyes and leaned my back against a tree. Who knew how long I'd be here. He once made me stay in one area for over three hours while he did something else.

Well since he's gone… Dominic is the oldest and tallest of us. He's six foot three. Damien is five foot eleven. His black hair is short and in a messy spike style, like he went to bed with wet hair and in the morning, pulled a shirt on, ran his hands through his hair and left it. His eyes are green, a really really dark green, they're almost black. This time, their not contact lenses. And then theirs me. I'm five foot one, and usually have my hair in a pixie style, hence the nickname. Well that and it can be short for Patricia. I have greenish blue eyes, really their contact lenses; my real eye colour being brown. But the less any of us look like who we used to be the better.

I heard foot steps and looked over, forgetting about my thoughts. I saw no one so a shook my head and ignored the sound. Not that it ended, I kept hearing the footsteps but they were probably Dominic or Damien, setting something up or trying to scare me. That's usually how it happens.

I was starting to get annoyed; I never really liked staying in one little area. No more then I liked staying in the house. A brilliantly camouflaged house. It looked like it was a one story house, and if you looked in the window you'd see a nice peaceful looking house. But really their was a trap door at the back of the closet in the main bedroom. You go through their, and theirs a set of stairs going down to the three floors that are below the house, the first two are for living on, and the very bottom one is where Mom and Dad do their sacrifices. Their was no window's down their either, or light bulbs and electricity. Instead we use old fashioned oil lamps and other such mechanisms to see in the dark and to keep warm.

"You still their Pixie?" Dominic's voice came floating by; I looked around and still couldn't see him.

"No. I've left and gone to China, but if you hurry you might be able to catch me," I called out with a laugh. Without warning I found Dominic standing, more like towering, in front of me, a cold look in his eyes; must have said something wrong. "Wow, your fast." His hand then collided with my cheek, and it hurt. It usually does, but it really hurt this time.

I raised my hand to rub the offended cheek but he batted my arm down, "Leave it," he commanded. I tried not to roll my eyes as I crossed my arms, trying to ignore the pain in my cheek. "Now come on," he pulled me forward and beside him as he set off, dragging me along.

"Where are we going?" I asked, stumbling as I tried to keep up with his fast pace.

"You'll see," Dominic said calmly. This time I really did roll my eyes. I'm his sister, that doesn't mean he can boss me around! And it would be nice to know what's going on once in a while; but no. Heaven forbid I ever know what's going on.

"Hey Dominic," a voice called and I looked behind us to see Damien running to catch up with us, "wait up!"

"Hurry up then!" Dominic called back, without turning around or slowing his speed. Personally I would have slowed down, but Dominic had a pretty firm grip on my upper arm.

"You walk really fast you know that right?" Damien asked after he caught up, walking on the other side of me, grabbing my other arm. Can't I just walk on my own?

"And you walk really slow," Dominic shot back. "Is everything ready?"

"Yes. Why wouldn't it be?" Damien replied.

"Is what ready?" I asked.

"Nothing, you need to know about yet," Dominic said calmly. Ok I can understand that I've been here the shortest amount of time, and that I'm the youngest, but it would be nice to know something every once in a while.

"But why not?" I asked, I really should have let it drop, but no curiosity got the better of me.

"Because you don't," Dominic said in a dangerous voice. I opened my mouth to protest but then thought better of it. He suddenly stopped walking and let go of my arm. About time too, I was about to think he would cut off the circulation. I shook my hand to get rid of the numb feeling. Come to think of it, my cheek still stings too. I looked at my other arm, half expecting Damien to let go of it, but no. Instead he grabbed my other arm, so I couldn't do anything.

"Do you mind?" I asked, tilting my head back to look at him, "I would kinda like to be able to use my hands later."

"And?" Damien asked, "I'm not stopping you."

"No, but," I started and sighed, "never mind."

For some reason I thought back to when I first came here, three years ago. Dominic and Damien were 'teaching' me how to deflect a slap or punch to the face. Or, at least, have it so that it doesn't hurt at much. I would have to stand still, Dominic would slap me, and then Damien would push one of my shoulders based on which way my head was turning. Apparently I was supposed to turn with the slap. It doesn't stop the slap from stinging, in fact it still stung the same amount, but I didn't get the feeling that I was about to break my neck.

"Now, Pixie," Dominic said pulling out a long black cloth from his pants pocket, "You're going to learn to trust us." What? Don't I already trust them?

"But I already trust you two," I said, completely confused.

"Yes, but not enough," Damien said as Dominic stepped closer and tied the cloth around my eyes. "Mom and Dad have finally given us permission to give you a lesson in complete trust." I gulped; Dominic and Damien's lessons weren't the most pleasant things to go through. Usually designed by Dominic, their sole purpose was to break down the person the lessons were being done on, until they completely surrender to whatever the 'teachers' wanted. This was not going to be fun.

And ta-da! Chapter one complete. To clear things up Dominic, out of the three of them, is the one who's really in charge. Dominic and Damien aren't doing these tests to hurt Pixie, but to 'help' her. Their actually a close nit family. And the fact that she got slapped isn't that odd either. They all get slapped around by their 'parents' sometimes. She's just the youngest and is still 'learning'.

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