So many words I've left unspoken,

Far to many that have never left these lips.

My selfish desires to be with you always,

Has brought boiling jealousy,

And caused so much strife within in me.
All I ever wanted was you.

All I ever wanted was to be there, hold you, call you mine,

All I needed was you.

I give you my heart now,

Keep it safe,

This love is more then just stirrings of deep friendship,

I'm begging you,

Please, never leave me,

Even if my love is not returned,

You're my world, my being for living,

My happiness now, and the happiness waiting to be found,

You are more then just a childhood crush,

More then just my first love.

I'll be happy for you someday, when you leave for someone else,

I know that day is close,

When your love will bring you to another,

But I'm hoping you won't forget me,

Along that path of love you choose,

Best friends to the end?