This came to mind when I couldn't sleep, and I'm quite proud of it.

Inner Spectrum

The color of the soul is created much the same way as a perceived color, only instead of light reflecting on it, it is goodness. The more goodness the soul reflects to the world, the lighter the color on the soul in question. A soul that absorbs all goodness, and lets none reflect and be given to the world, is black. A soul of one who takes no goodness for herself, but gives it all to the world, has a soul of pure white. These colors, and shades, create an imbalance in the world. The black covers over the white, not letting it shine through, but the white does what it can, trying to help the black soul realize his folly. Trying to help the black understand that it could have more, it could be a color.

Light with a wavelength between 610 and 780 nm is the scientific definition of the color red. The measurement of wavelengths of "goodness" are not so defined as that, but it is the extreme before crossing into the blackness of complete selfishness. Red is anger, frustration, blood, war, passion, and lust. It is terrifying, for its evil nature does not diminish its beauty. But there is good in red. Without passion, life would not exist. People would exist, but not live. Without anger, expressing ones extreme displeasure with a situation would be very difficult. Without war, people would not understand the value of peace. Without lust, people would not understand the importance of self-control. There is good in the bad. In the words of Anne Bradstreet, "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." So be cautious of a red soul, but do not scorn its existence.

Orange, the color where the wavelengths separating red and yellow are blurred together. It still possesses passion in generous, and likely dangerous, amounts. This passion is tempered though, by the influence of the yellow's rays. This passion is often directed selfishly, but is also rarely used against others. It is bright, bubbly, and carefree, almost to the point of being passionately passive. Orange souls are a lot of fun to be around. They can be counted on to throw the best parties, and always to have something fun to do when a situation becomes monotonous. These people, though, tend to be distant during times of strife, and imperceptive to the needs of others. They dance in and out of others' lives with the greatest of ease, leaving an impact without realizing it.

Orange fades to yellow, as spring fades to summer. Yellow is active, but has no more passion than the amount needed to find life interesting. This color of soul tends to surround itself with many friends, all of whom are unique in some extraordinary way. They are connector between colors, the one that can get along with almost anyone. They may, or may not, have talent in fine arts, but they love them with all of their heart regardless. They are curious, and at times seem to lack common sense, but they know when crossing the line is not an option. The ultimate optimists, they keep others going in times of despair, and find hope in every situation. They keep the world turning, and it is a blessing to find such a person as a best friend.

As yellow fades to smaller wavelengths, but before blue has a chance to win out, the two merge. Green is passive. They take a great amount of inactive interest in the world around them. They are observant, and give good advice. They are soothing to be around, but still do not find themselves falling to pessimistic tendencies. They are loyal, and will always be around to help those they care for. They are more than willing to die for their friends, because in their mindset, a friend not worth dying for is not a true friend. Slow to trust, once given, it is given completely, and once betrayed, rarely given again. The same could be said about the love they give. They take heartbreak badly, and heal from it slowly. They are jealous of yellows ability to remain vigilant in their joy, but also admire them for it. But they adapt well. Even at the heart of misery, they keep going, they keep growing. Like a forest ravaged by fire, they move on. New trusts grow, like trees after a volcano's eruption, like roses blooming in the spring, having survived another harsh winter. They give to charity everything they have left over, after making sure their friends do not need their gifts.

From 450nm to 495 nm wavelengths, light is said to be blue in color. Souls of this color radiate peace, tranquility, stability, trust, and confidence. They impact every life they interact with, and the mark left is consistently for the better. They give everything they have to the betterment of mankind, but are only passively selfless. They never bring attention to the work they do, and are the closest to being white of any color. They do not make good friends with every color, but they deeply care for everyone, except for the shades. They dislike white, because they are too good, and can not relate to real people. They dislike black, because of their evil ways, and find them not worth the effort to save. They give little passion to their work, but still devoutly work to create a better world. They are flawed, but once befriended by one, help will always be just around the corner.

When blue fades away, red begins to have an influence once more, and violet souls are produced. Passionately altruistic, these are the warriors of justice, and the defenders of peace. They hate black souls, and chase after them, attempting to render them incapable of harming others. They are those who stand up boldly, and foolishly, to the white souls and say "You aren't doing it right, they need to be stopped, not helped." They are righteous nay-sayers, and hypocritical fools. They are possessed of no mercy for the wicked, and utmost scorn for other do-gooders. These people do a lot to help those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and money. They help people to have better living conditions, and they combat poverty. But they don't recognize those who are in desperate need for forgiveness, acceptance, and love. They do not pay heed to those who are emotionally impoverished. They are "mature", living unchanging, scheduled lives. Their imagination stretches no further than wondering what is for dinner, or which of five identical business suits they are going to wear to work that day. This maturity is the cause of their close-minded approach to goodness. To have one as a friend is usually indicative of a likewise violet soul, or of a yellow or orange soul. It is difficult for the other colors to tolerate the one-sided mind inherent in such folk.

In light, black is the absence of light reflecting into the eye. In this, the soul is similar, as a black soul does not show to possess qualities of any of the colors. They are passionless, joyless, pessimistic, disloyal, unchanging yet unstable, and lack good intentions. They absorb the goodness that is sent their way, selfishly trying to make only them see it, and in doing so erase their chance at living. White is all colors, reflecting all goodness, and not allowing themselves to even think twice about giving it away. They possess passion, and the self-control necessary for it to be effective. They are happy, because help others. They believe that everyone can become a better person if presented with the correct opportunity, which shows their optimism. They are loyal, they change when change is needed, but also provide a stable environment for those attempting to find safe harbor. Most of all, however, white light does not smother other colors of light. White souls understand that every soul has its own part to play, and shine on it, helping its impact to be seen further than it could ever be on its own. Instead of asking "Why aren't you trying to be white?", they simply wonder, "What color do you want to be?".

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