Back and forth
The pendulum swings
Momentum giving it
Invisible wings
The dominos assemble
All neat in a row
The courageous first
Allows the others to tow
Behind it, and slowly
The pendulum sways
Coming but inches
From the domino's face
Behind the first,
The troops all succumb
To the thought of the change
They know is to come
And still the first
Stands gallantly tall
Confident and daring
Not reluctant to fall
For it knows that behind it
Other dominos stand
Prepared to fall as the first
At the first's risen hand
And here is the pendulum
Glaring hard in the eyes
Of the first black domino
All the bravado lies
At the domino's center
The heart thrums away
Two white dots face upward
That plainly portray
The past and the present
But what of the third?
The future is opaque
Its proceedings blurred
And yet it's reflected
In the pendulum's gaze
As it finally connects
With the domino's smiling face.

Down falls the domino
Deceitfully slow
And in its intrepid wake,
Others follow the flow.