We see a star
And we ask, "Why?"
And we stare at it through a tube,
And scribble mad digits
While trying our best
Not to build our lives into a cube.

But trying to hold down
The struggling balloon
Will not make it stay when we let go
And watching still-water
In a hole in the sand
Won't unveil Ocean's ebb and flow

While the "goal" of our country
Supposedly is
To make progress in this wild world of ours,
How far have we come,
Since the start of the earth,
To finally touching the stars?

The answer's all here
In our past it's reflected
And sheds light on the nights still to come
But if the lights are all on,
The stars blend into black,
And it's hard to hear Future's hum.

So let's turn off the lights,
So the mistakes of the past
Can be seen in the Future light's glow,
And the stars up above
Can illuminate the face
Of the rebuilding world far below.

We wonder at the future,
And we ask, "Why?"
And the Dreamers all shake their heads,
And smile and say softly,
Yet audibly still,
"The question's 'why not?', my friend."