you and me

he told me i would mess up


he taunted and mocked me

for my weaknesses;

my fears—

my insecurities;

and i'm left shattered—


he always loved to ruin me

then say

he deeply cares for me;

but you—

you, my love;

you saved me yet again

offering the comfort i needed

through encouraging words;

soothing touches;

loving smiles;

and showing that you care—

with you i feel protected;


like nothing can ever harm me

you told me—

'forget about him;

what the fuck does he know?'

and you kissed me;

hugged me;

then made me smile

while happy tears slid

down my cheeks

as you said—

'all that matters is

you and me'

and i've never loved you more

than at that very moment