Twenty-one (epilogues and sneaking peaks)

Sebastian Bear was a beautiful invisible, but one thing he did better than be undetectable was take on the spotlight. I watched him carefully from across the room, grinning at something Yorkie had said, mumbling back a reply and laughing aloud when finished. I bit my lip in thought, glancing down at the shiny purple jewel that sparkled against my finger. It was a few days until our Eros wedding and the nerves had yet to set in. Lucian was still under surveillance, stored away in some village somewhere on the outskirts of the dreamland. He would be at the wedding if he could, he stated in a short and somewhat unfriendly message sent through Crake, if the damn council would get off his ass. I had smirked at that, realizing he would always be grouchy. The Lowlands had permanently changed him. He was no longer friendly, if he ever was anyway. I had finally found my wedding dress though, something I thought I'd never look for before thirty. I wasn't ever the commitment type, and suddenly I felt there was no other way to be. In my head I already belonged to Seb. Now I just needed the world to know.

It was when she cleared her throat that I found myself back in reality. Ames's eyebrow went up in amusement. She plopped down on the armrest of the chair I had been occupying most of the night, gaze drifting to the perfect boy I called fiancé. "Something tells me that you two have some kind of amazing ass story about how yall met," she grinned, nudging me with her shoulder.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I laughed.

"Try me,"

"Maybe another day, when we're drunk or something. It's too wild and much too long for right now,"

"You're such a maw maw, Madeline," she laughed, patting me atop the head like a good dog. "But that's why I love you,"

"I really am though," I sighed. "In many many ways,"

"If you're referring to the fact that you and Sebby over there haven't done the dirty. I know that already. I can tell."

"Oh god. How?" I felt my stomach sink. Was I really that obvious?

"The sexual tension between the two of you is monumental. They should build a statue in honor of it. It should stand in the middle of the city, erect, for all to see, much like Sebatians…"

"Enough, Ames." I laughed. "Time for you to go visit another party member."

"Speaking of members,"

"Go!" I laughed hysterically, pushing her forcefully toward the room of people. I shook my head, watching her shake off toward her boyfriend.

Everyone seemed to be taking to Sebastian, even people I had yet to meet were drawn to him. He was perfect though, I thought softly, twisting the ring around my finger. The crowd around the "new guy" had slowly began to dissipate as he grew tired of entertaining. He walked toward me, so slow I thought it might be a hallucination. "Madsy," he whispered against my ear, leaning down so close I felt his breath shiver across my neck. "What is on that pretty little mind of yours? Anything dirty, because if so, tell me all about it,"

"Get off me," I said the words but the sincerity was completely out of them. He grinned, falling down in the chair beside me. It was very uncomfortable yet the completely pleasing all at the same time. Seb allowed his arm to be left around me, while I watched the party scene. Yorkie and his girl had broken things off but still seemed friendly. She had actually shown up to the party and stood giggling over something the boy had said. Across the room Ames played the piano, shoulders bouncing with the giddy tune. The group of people surrounding her sung along, loud drunken words filled with happiness and promise.

"I'm ready to get home," Seb sighed. I nodded, standing up and taking his hand. After telling everyone bye and walking out into the night air we got in Sebastian's new car, which was, in fact, twenty years old and very cheap.

"I'm ready too," I leant against the smelly old seats, watching the lights cast over his face as we drove home. The radio was on, but only served as background noise as Sebastian hummed his own tune. I grinned as his hand found mine, lacing our fingers together over his knee.

"The wedding's in a few days," I stated the obvious, watching his expression turn giddy. He smiled and nodded but never offered a word.

It was days later that we found ourselves back in Eros. The thick black nothing that usually stalled our entrance to Eros was a lot less irritating then. I relished in the fact that it would keep me with him a few moments longer. As soon as we stepped onto the plush green grass our paths lay out separated, mine leading to Ezra's tiny tricky house, Seb's toward his own. We paused for a moment, both staring out at the curvy paved way like it meant the death of us? Seb's hands had fallen deep in his pockets while mine twisted uncomfortably in front of me. "You want to back out?" Seb grinned at me from across the way. I laughed at that, shaking my head and making a face toward the sky. "Because if you want to back out I'd totally understand,"

"I wouldn't," I grunted. "Why? Do you want to me to back out?"

"I want you to quit looking like we're handcuffed together and the only way to escape the sharks is a marriage," he smirked.

"Would you really be that understanding? After all we've been through for this," I grinned, glancing at him for an honest answer.

"No," he sighed. "I'd be pretty pissed. I would stalk you."

"I would hope so," I nodded. "This is just weird though yeah?"

"Yeah. I think it's pretty damn weird," and then we laughed so hard we nearly cried. I felt drunk and delirious. It was nice.

We were to get married in the Fae Garden at the stroke of midnight, which meant only a few minutes before the event. I bit my lip at stared at my reflection tentatively. The dress I had picked out seemed nice enough, white in most places while a soft purple veil rested over the skirt and matching stitched patterns across the sleeves. My hair was curled and flowing down my back, unnaturally long and somewhat ridiculous as the purple flowers tucked in still smelt of honeydew. Ezra had been finished with my makeup for a while and played with her own. "I'm nervous," I whispered, just low enough for her to hear. "I'm going to throw up," I finished quietly, placing a shaky hand over my mouth.

"You'll survive it," Ezra laughed, turning around to face me. "An Eros wedding is much different than your mortal ceremony. It's only to be you and Sebastian at the actual sacrament. I'll see you at the party afterward,"

"But I don't even know what to say," I whined. "No one's told me anything. I might really mess this up. Oh shit! I'm going to make a fool out of myself."

"Calm down, Madeline," she giggled, shaking her fiery orange hair. "You will live."

I made a face, clutching my dress so hard I felt it might tear beneath my fingers. The nerves were always bad before something big, and this is what I hated most about me. I was always scared, scared of him leaving, scared of him being taken away, scared of being alone again. I knew how bad life was without him and I wasn't willing to go through with that again. So, taking in a rather calming breath I followed Ezra from her home toward the thick patch of forest I had only seen from a distance. She looked more like a fairy than usual, bouncing around in front of me, her bright curls swinging with her graceful movements. I focused in on those orange tresses, refusing to watch the forest looming ahead, refusing to take note of anything else. It was just outside the woods that she stopped, turned around and grinned. Leaning over to press a soft kiss on my cheek she took off, back the way she came. I called out after her, asking her how I was supposed to find this garden, but she never answered.

"Must everything be so mysterious?" I grumbled, picking up my skirt and walking a few steps into the trees. It smelled of jasmine, sweet and light against my nose. I took another step. There was a path, a different kind than I had seen before. It was a thin silver thread and shot directly from my chest. I followed it through the darkness, noticing it grew shorter with every step I took. Even at midnight, Eros wasn't exactly scary. There was an undeniable glow from the stars above, twinkling, almost giggling at my predicament. I followed the thin strand of silver until I stood in front of a large ornately decorated archway. It seemed the two adjoining trees had curved themselves into a perfect bow, tiny white blossoms sprouting from every twig. I grinned, shaking my head, once again realizing that this place was absolutely unbelievable and I shouldn't have worried the way I had. I stepped inside, only turning around once to see the way I had walked in was now sealed by a mask of thick tree trunks. I fidgeted with my hands, suddenly oddly aware of my position. Sebastian was standing at the opposite side of the clearing, surrounded by a hundred or so sparkly white flower blossoms. He was wearing a black suit, much like your average groom, his hair oddly in place, his eyes wondering around the garden. It was then I realized he had arrived at exactly the same moment I did and had yet to notice my presence. I watched his hands shaking at his sides, two more shakes as if that would rid him of the tension he was feeling. I grinned. It wasn't so bad seeing him that way. In fact, it was comforting.

As if magic he glanced up right at the moment the grin took hold of my lips. He smiled right back, glancing back at his surroundings and letting his right eyebrow quirk up an inch. "Pretty nice?" He asked curiously, not yet taking a step toward me. "I wasn't sure if I had got here or if maybe this was some trick. This forest belongs to the fae you know," he mumbled, looking down at the thick patch of unearthly flowers at his feet. "They're known for their tricks and jokes and I figured they'd somehow tricked me here, because you weren't here yet and I figured when that thing closed up..." he would've went on if I hadn't laughed. He smiled, shrugging his shoulders and taking in a deep breath.

"You don't know what to do either," I asked curiously, taking a step closer. He seemed so young then, his nose squished up absent minded.

"When midnight comes we're supposed to make our vows and kiss," he sighed, glancing up at the night sky.

"You have a watch?" He shook his head in the negative. "Then how are we supposed to know?"

"Midnight in the fairy forest...you'll know," he nodded, biting his lip quite hard.

I watched his movements carefully, judging how far he would go to stay away from me before the actual ceremony. "You're nervous," I stated more than asked, lacing my hands together in front of my body.

"Nah," he lied, shaking his head much too quickly for my liking.

"Lie," I pursed my lips.

"Not so much nervous as waiting for something shitty to happen," he cleared his throat.

I had to agree with him there. Something always did seem to happen just when it shouldn't, something monstrous.

"So we have a few minutes, Mr. Bear," I grinned, strolling slowly toward him. "What do I need to know about this ceremony?"

Sebastian smirked, taking a step back with my forward ones. "We aren't to touch before the binding kiss," he laughed. "So do not come near me or I'll lose my grip,"

"We've already touched plenty of times."

"But not here. This is sacred ground," he explained softly. "Only those who are bound together may touch in the fae garden. And it didn't count when I brought you here via imagination. We weren't really there...here."

"So no touching till midnight," I made a short noise in the back of my throat like a hum, nodding my head at the thought. "What else?"

"The vows are simple. I will whisper them into your spirit and you will do the same into mine," he smiled, purple eyes glinting with mischief. "Then we will kiss," he sighed.

"Thats it?"

"That's it," he sighed, putting his hands in his pockets and strolling around the outer limits of he garden. Everything looked almost blue against the grass, soft and inviting. I struggled to keep still, watching the tiny white flowers start to shake as if impatient themselves. "Almost time," Sebastian was much closer than I thought, causing me to jump two feet in the air.

"Do we start now?"

"Not yet," he whispered, taking a step away. "I do love that dress on you,"

"But you'd like it more off of me...right?" I laughed, knowing his lines better than him nowadays. Sebastian chuckled at that too, nodding and taking a sudden unabashed look at me from head to toe. I fidgeted under his eyes, those dark purple orbs turning blue, if only for a second.


"The fairies are evil little shits," he groaned. "They are making it very hard for me to stay away from you."

"Is it them really?"

"It's this place. The flowers are coated with a perfume designed to make a man want his woman. It feels like I can't breathe without touching you."

"And what of a woman wanting her man? I seem to be doing just fine," I lied, my throat contracting at his nearness. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch him, taste him, consume him.

"Them women feel it worst just before the kiss," he blinked twice. "It's very nearly midnight."

"Why do they do that?" I asked, refusing to move my eyes from his, though very tempted to stare at his lips, body, neck.

"It's a test," he took a step closer. "If you can withstand the want it must be love." He managed a grin at this.

"But I didn't feel like this when I first stepped in," I blushed.

"I told you you'd know when it was midnight."

And just like that the whole garden was ablaze with white light. The trees all jumped with movement, a thousand balls of iridescent rainbow colors floated above us. The flowers themselves grabbed the light, shining and glimmering so bright I thought I might be flying. My body suddenly clenched as he stepped closer, my fingers twitching at my sides. I needed to touch him. But I wouldn't. He leaned in, his lips just a breath away from my own and began with our vows. "I give myself to you body and spirit. My mind and thoughts and heart are yours. The worlds shall now know I am yours and no other shall know me the way you do. This is my oath."

I watched him closely. The words had been so quiet I wondered how I heard. My heart was loud, the throbbing against my chest almost painfully hard. I looked at his violet eyes, whispering the words in return. "I give myself to you body and spirit. My mind and thoughts and heart are yours. The worlds shall now know I am yours and no other shall know me the way you do. This is my oath," I whispered. My body was on edge, my brain crying out for his touch. I waited patiently for him to give the okay. He leant forward, pressing his lips to mine, his hands coming up to pull my face close. My own fingers clung to his arms for dear life. It was fire. It was lava. Electric currents shot through my arms and legs. It felt as if I were ripped apart and sewn back together with him. My insides were jumbled, my head screaming back and forth to let go and never give up. For a moment, the intensity was almost too much to handle, but just as it had heated it cooled to a soft o pulse of warm caramel cream. I moved my hands to his face, breaking away finally for a much needed breath before diving right back in. Seb was next to pull away, grinning like crazy and pressing his forehead solid against mine. "You are mine," he whispered.

"I am yours," I replied back, happier than I'd ever been before.

It was that night at my house I first felt it, the divine chill of being taken care of. My mother, who had no idea I was now married to an ex invisible, had left me alone with him, in a very empty house. She had packed up the kids and wondered over to the grandparents, mumbling something about being good, before driving off down the street. I had watched her leave, unable to keep the goofy grin off my face. I would finally give in. It had taken a long time to work up my nerve, yet still I was incredibly nervous. Sebastian hadn't pushed it, only sitting on the couch, watching some old rerun and laughing hysterically as I tried to get his attention.

"Sebastian," I pulled at his arm, watching closely as chill bumps formed along the elbow. He didn't even bother looking over but I found it funny his body reacted even if his brain didn't. "Sebastian Bear look at me," I whispered, leaning in to catch every purple fleck in his eyes. He smiled, pressing a kiss to my head and asking patiently what I needed.

"We're alone... in the house...we're married," realization lit his eyes. "Why aren't you trying anything?"

"I figured you'd want to wait to the mortal wedding," he explained courteously, scratching the back of his head.

"No," I shook my head. "I want to do it tonight."

A knowing grin spread over Seb's lips and his eyes alit with a sparkle of blue. "Fine with me," before I could suck in another breath Sebastian had knocked me back into the sofa, pushing my legs apart and settling between them. He slammed his lips into mine. Despite the barrier of clothing between us I felt the spark building in my lower stomach, an unconscious heat filling the void that usually was. He was aggressive, his teeth nipping at my lips, demanding entrance before sliding in. I held back a moan, moving my fingers into his hair and pulling him tighter against me. I hadn't meant to but my lower body was moving sinuously against him. Being as inexperienced as I was I sure felt sexy. He growled into my neck, pushing against the already tender flesh with his lips until I shuttered. But then he completely ruined the mood by blowing a raspberry against my neck. The loud sound of suction cupped skin and spit disrupted my, otherwise, pleasant thoughts. "Seb?" I laughed, wiping the excess saliva from my skin. He grinned up at me, standing up and pulling me alone with him. We were up the stairs and locked away in my room before he said anything. Pulling my arms around his waist and pushing the hair back behind my shoulders, he sighed.

"We're going to do this right. You are my wife, after all. Not some common slut selling her body on a street corner," he smirked, leaning down and placing a soft kiss to my swollen lips.

"That was a well thought out analogy," I smiled against his mouth, moving my hands under his shirt to squeeze the toned muscles that made up his lower back. He groaned into my mouth, taking a few steps forward to push me against the door. I gripped at his clothes, trying to get them off his back. Before I had the chance, he did it for me, stepping back and ripping off the stubborn piece of fabric in a clumsy motion.

"Are you shaking?" I smiled, reaching out to touch his bare flesh. He smirked in reply, his breaths coming out in tiny uneven spurts. "I thought you've done this before..."

"I have," he replied airily, stepping closer. He took my hips in his hands, dragging them closer to his already stirring body. "But never with you."

"Oh," was all I managed before his lips connected with mine. It was slow this time, as if Sebastian were taking a piece of my soul with every move of his tongue. My fingers slid up his body, inadvertently brushing his nipple in the process. I was pleasantly surprised when he inhaled sharply, breaking our kiss for just moment before diving back in with more vigor. I couldn't help the smile that spread out over my lips, my hands forgetting their voyage toward the delicious sharpness of his jaw to experiment further. I let my hand settle comfortably against his chest, my fingers circling the tiny pink mound. He knew what I was doing and it wasn't long before his smile joined mine, mouths half open connected in the most humorous of ways.

"You think you're so smart huh?" Seb asked against my open lips.

"Uhuh," I laughed. Even as he pushed me into the door I giggled, making a face at his obvious attempts at showing me up. I shouldn't have been so cocky, thinking back on all the times he had be second guessing my prudish nature with a mere flick of his wrist. So I quickly quieted down, watching him cautiously as he slid his hands slowly underneath the hem of my shirt. I stayed put, biting my lip as he traced tiny shapes against my lower stomach. He kept eye contact, watching closely as he took his sweet time in pushing my shirt further up toward my chest. "I've got something, you don't Madsy," he whispered suggestively. "I've imagined all the things I want to do to you a thousand times in my head. I'm practically an expert at this. So it's really not a good idea to play this game."

"Really?" I grinned, leaning forward to capture his lips with mine. With my lips still close enough to brush his I laughed, finally whispering, "thats sure a lot of talk for someone doing a whole lot of nothing."

And he dove in. With one quick move, my shirt was off, thrown somewhere off in a corner, no longer needed. Seb drank in the sight of my upper half, the kisses stopping as his eyes wondered over my, usually covered, chest. I was uncomfortable, fidgeting under his intense gaze. "Mind distracting me," I whispered, nearly jumping as I caught his eye. The usually purple iris was a bright sapphire, nearly glowing in the dark. He didn't bother with a witty comeback, simply pulled my bra down and latched a heated mouth to it's already pebbled peak. I groaned, my hands finding his hair and pulling him closer. He laved the swollen bud with his tongue, exciting a dozen embarrassing noises from my mouth. With his right hand, he tended the other breast, squeezing and toying with me in a thousand different ways. I was quick to wrap my legs around his waist, wrapping my arms around his neck and encouraging him to kiss me once more. Sebastian seemed to know what he was doing. He worked my mouth until I was begging for more. With me in his arms, he stumbled toward the bed, dropping me on the cushy mattress before falling down on top of me. I hurried and flipped us over, breaking the kiss and looking down at him seriously. I pulled my bra up once more, covering myself just long enough to get the talking out of the way.

"I want to tell you something before we go through with this," I started. Sebastian stayed quiet, merely nodding his head and pushing himself up in sitting position. I fell in the gap made between his legs. "I love you and you know that. But I wanted to say that I'm incredibly nervous about this whole thing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to do it, but I'm scared. And I might be right shit at it, I know this," I paused, watching the way my fingers twisted around themselves. "I'm only stopping for a second to tell you that. You know me and if you don't love me after this, well I'll be pissed but I don't know. I might suck."

"I doubt that seriously," Seb grinned, rubbing his hand along my jaw. His fingers were calloused, scratchy against my flesh. Everything was so sensitive on me now. I could barely stand to look at him.

"I'm just saying that I have never done this before and I don't want you to expect this mind blowing thing when I can barely... I don't know."

"Though I'm enjoying myself, immensely," Sebastian smiled, leaning in and allowing his forehead to rest against mine. "This first time is completely about your pleasure, Madsy. And I promise, if you have any doubts, I will convince you otherwise." I knew the last part was meant as an innuendo, and so did my stomach. It flipped at the mere sound of his voice. I glanced up, staring into his strange eyes, falling into them. I gulped at what I saw, that perfect face, the strong jaw line, the perfect lips. I wanted every single bit of him.

"Oh," was all I managed out before he pulled me slowly toward him.

"Before the nights over, you'll be screaming my name," my entire body went up in flames. I licked my lips. I was still on top of him but the atmosphere was different. It was if all the lights had been turned off and replaced by a thousand flickering candles. I was warm and freezing all at the same time. I was straddling him, my knees on either side of his hips. He held my waist, his thumb moving back and forth along my skin. I shivered, gulping down my contradicting thoughts. I was going to do this and I had no doubt I would be screaming his name, the look alone sent it echoing through my head. "Stand up, Seb," I whispered. "I can't get your pants off lying down." We both grinned at that, stumbling over one another to stand beside my bed. Seb was first to move forward, taking the waist band of my jeans and tugging me forward. He took his time unbuttoning, his strong fingers working quickly against the fabric. He unzipped them just as slow, pushing them past my hips to land in a crunched up pile at the floor. I stepped out of them, kicking the stubborn pants from my ankles. It was insane out gawky I felt, stumbling over the air and tripping out of my clothes. I was laughing after that, pretending I wasn't standing nearly naked in front of the most beautiful man I'd ever known.

It was my turn after that. Taking a daring step forward, I pulled at his belt. His pants fell to the ground in one quick swoop. We stood still after that, my hands clasped in front of me, while Seb's hung limp at his sides.

"Well come here," he whispered, grinning wickedly just after. "it's my turn now."

He backed us both toward the bed, his lips melting over mine a thousand times over. We fell back, Sebastian positioning himself between my legs, surging up between them with a delicious sort of friction. I gasped at the sheer feel of it. In site of the thin layer of fabric between us, it was powerful. He reached behind me to remove my bra, discarding the useless straps of fabric beside the bed before resuming with his earlier action. His lips attacked my breasts, licking and sucking with such vigor I thought I might just spin out into the universe. I held his head to my body, grinding my lower half against his heated core. This time was a tad bit different, seeing as how that right hand of his was no longer tending to my breast but dancing down my stomach. Every muscle I had tightened with his teasing, my body thrumming with the great what ifs. His clever fingers danced along the top of my panties, the pointer finger finally slipping in and under to dip inside of me. I arched into his body, my head thrown back in a fit of passion I didn't think I was capable of. Without even seeing his face I could tell he was grinning, pumping that dangerous finger in and out until I felt my whole world fall apart. Then he pulled away, towering over me with a supreme amount of undeniable arrogance and self satisfaction.

"What are you doing?" I asked, my voice breathy and barely there.

"You," he chuckled.

"Oh god," I groaned, shaking my head and covering my eyes with my hands. "I know you didn't just say that."

"You set me up for it," Seb leant down, pressing a quick kiss to my lips before pulling away from my and shedding his own underwear across the other side of the bed. "And you do know me well enough to know I love things like that."

"That is true," I mumbled distractedly, staring at the sharp lines that made up his muscles. "My fault."

"Now lets get these off of you," he took his time in ridding me of my underwear, hooking his fingers under either side, while dragging them painfully slow down my thighs. I bit my lip in aggravation. Never had I wanted someone like this before, never had I ever not paused to think about the consequences.

"I feel very naked," I mumbled, scrutinizing my body from my view on the bed. It was strange how oddly like a mountain range I seemed from that angle, all fleshy curves and embarrassing bumps.

"It's because you are," he grinned, staring down at me with a complete different expression than the one I donned.

"Stop it," I found myself laughing, my ears burning red from embarrassment. It was impossible not to cover myself up, or so I thought as I moved my eyes away from Seb to the window. Despite the light being turned of and it just near dusk, a seemingly bright light leaked in through the slits in the blinds.

"Stop what?" Seb asked, leaning down to press light kisses to my abdomen. I cleared my throat, forgetting just what I had been complaining about for a moment.

"Stop staring at me," I grinned, running a surprisingly calm hand through his hair. He looked up at me, his chin resting comfortably just below my breasts.

And then like a lightening bolt slamming into my brain I realized the obvious.

This was my husband. Every sweet piece of him, those perfect muscles, those oddly endearing purple eyes, they were all mine.

"I love the look of you though," he whispered, looking so sincere I felt my heart well with adoration. "And I love the way you smell." He smirked. "I love the way you feel."

"Yeah?" I found my voice breaking away.

"Yeah. And the way you taste... well, thats amazing." I was smiling like an idiot now, my face the brightest shade of pink.

"You're crazy," I mumbled, playing with his earlobe, my fingers tracing the gentle curve and tugging softly. We had slowed things down so much I was completely flabbergasted at the feel of his touching my stomach. I grabbed a handful of those shaggy black locks, pulling him toward my body. He was less gentle this time, sucking his way down my flesh. Finally he reached my hips, pushing my legs apart and placing a soft kiss on the crook of my inner thigh. I closed my eyes, my back arching on it's own accord as he placed his mouth right at the very center of me. My legs fell completely open as my hands clutched at the bed sheets. He owned me then, completely inside and out, I was his. I would've done anything for him. He sucked and licked, playing with me until I did actually consider never leaving the bed again. I thought maybe, just maybe, that I would be complete mush, completely and utterly useless if not with him. But before I could careen over the edge, he pulled away, leaving me gasping for air like the naked moron that I was.

"Oh shit, Sebastian," I groaned, reaching out for him to come back to me. "Quit moving away."

"I'm not going anywhere," he grunted, moving up to catch my mouth in a soul scorching sort of kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and waiting impatiently while he positioned himself at my entrance. He pressed his forehead against mine as he pushed in, my breath stopping for a moment of total and complete agony. I was tearing in half, I was sure of that. I was on fire, hot tears leaking down the sides of eyes, down my face to make stains on the bed sheets. Seb's forehead was still pressed firmly against my own, his bright blue eyes a striking difference to their usual purple. He looked worried, his brow a knot of sharp deep wrinkles. I took in a breath, biting my lip and closing my eyes against his probing stare. I could deal with this. I had read a thousand stories and heard a thousand girls hurt, but this... this was torturous.

"Madsy?" Seb's voice was quiet, respectful. In any other circumstance it would be almost comical. But it wasn't any other circumstance.

"Ow," I managed a smile, another irritating tear slipping down my face.

"I'm sorry, baby." Seb whispered, moving his thumb to wipe my face. "Tell me when I can move."

"Just do it," I replied shortly. "I think it might help or something." I thought I would laugh after that, him sitting perfectly still between my legs, me crying like an idiot.

And he did. It was slow at first, Seb pulling out so far I thought he had changed his mind, only to have him slam back into me at full force. It continued like that until I lay limp and satisfied on the bed, a grinning Sebastian falling off of me. He had been right thought; I had screamed his name a thousand time before it was over. He grabbed me close, my head resting on his chest, his arms tight around my back.

"You feeling okay, Madsy?"

"I'm alright," I laughed, giggling at how heavy my entire body felt. It was a delicious sort of weight though. I loved him. "Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm okay," he grinned, kissing the top of my head affectionately.

"Next time is for you though, remember." I blew a raspberry on his chest. "And I promise no crying."

"Love you Madeline," he laughed, pulling me up closer and looking square in my eyes. "I love you more than anything in the entirety of two worlds."

And I knew he was telling the truth. As crazy as it was, it was one of the more believable things I'd been privy to over the last year.

He was my husband after all and I had him all to myself for the lifetime or so. ( :