She dances to her own beat

All the boys want her

The girls are jealous of her

So why does she strive for more

Complicated reasons dwindle in her heart

As she puts her mask on every day

People see perfection, no one sees the defection

She dies slowly as she has no more to look to

Everybody wants to be her friend

Everybody wants to know her opinion

Everybody want to see what she will wear

What will everybody think if she doens't go to school anymore

Life whirwinds around her as she turns her back on everyone

She hangs out with the bad boys who just want to ride her

Drugs, sex, money. It all blends into one thing:


People say things about her behind her back

She's infamous as she goes dark with leather, red lipstick, and fishnets

Boys just want to fuck her, she's so easy

No one realizes she's already dead on the inside

It's just a matter of time until she dies on the outside