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Life as we all know it is full of things that we may never see and only ever hear of. The truth of the world we live in is constantly hidden from us and the lies filled with hatred or unjustice are just a few of the things that make the time we spend on Earth one great adventure after another. This plane where we are born and live is explored and we find new things to create or destroy. Possiblities are no longer numbered and human-kind are creating new things every moment - whether it be life, technology or just an idea. Yet we still deem thousands of things impossible. But are they really impossiblities? Or are they just challanges to create new hopes? Or just things to distroy hopes inorder for others to gain power?

Humans create their own impossiblities. The world around them has only just begun. It's not a position they should give up easily.

So why do they?


The Gods and Goddesses created time. They created life. They laughed and shed tears. Yet they let go. They stepped back and let others take over. For Humans this was freedom. For Humans this was enslavement.

For the two... It was the End of a War.


When the Gods and Goddesses created Humanity, they let the world revolve and humans made their own asking for guidence and advice - sometimes even direct miricles. But what we need to understand is that there are only certain things that the Gods and Goddesses will tolerate before challanging.

Each God and Goddess each represent an Element. These Elements are sacred and are only appointed to the 'Chosen Ones'.

Eight Gods and Goddesses are the Heads who often find themselves making the final decisions:

The God of Air

The God of Earth

The Goddess of Fire

The Goddess of Water

The Goddess of Metal

The God of Lightening

The God of Light

The Goddess of Darkness

The Chosen Ones are a Gods or Goddesses Champion, and through them, the Gods and Goddesses communicate - that is after their with-drawel at the End of the War.

Some of the Chosen Ones became famous - for instance, the Earth God's Champion is Jesus Christ - whilest others remain mysterious and unknown. The Goddess of Darkness' and the God of Lightening's Champions were unknown and yet it was these two that kept the world from its own destruction.

This tale, however, will only be focusing on the Goddess of Darkness' Champion - a Diaety by the name of Jake Galma.


A/N: It's just the opening, but it should get somewhere. It's kind-of a cheat really, because on my account, the God of Lightening's Champion is Li Syaoran from CardCaptor Sakura. Thats how I came up with this idea. So please read that if you don't quite understand this. Thankyou!