The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Teen Version

A dark mist settled, swallowing the city roads and pavements as the chill of the late night set in, sending cold tendrils of frost over the sideways, byways and any walled areas. Glistening's of moonlight settled onto grassy patches of earth.

The silence of the small passageways between streets was eerie at best. The cold chill of the shadows cast from the glimmering street light set silently on the passer-bys of small rodents and the fluttering of pigeons settling into sleep against the small wind and icy tendrils of frost settled through the mist covered area.

Yet, all this went unnoticed as the figure of a lone teenager walked down a silent pathway, hunched over staring at his feet. The casual swagger let of a characteristic of arrogance and his dark blue eyes left an image of dislike, the unkempt sneer almost permanently settled on the thin white lips. The pale skin of the youngster glowed almost ethereal in the moonlight, but this soon changed as the teen passed under the shadow ways of the sidewalk. His bland jeans and hooded jacket sprayed with the scrawl of "Capra" across the grey cotton mass.

Not to far distant, however, someone had noticed the weather. His greasy, long, thin, black hair stuck to his face which was a pale horrid mask. The eye sockets gleamed with two pure white orbs and two blood red pupils. In his hand, he held a dirty knife, which glinted off his yellowed-toothed reflection from the malicious gleam of madness in his features, as he crept to the darkest point within the tunnel, under the deserted roadway. The tunnels centre lights had been smashed so that small pieces of glass lay dormant on the ground - not even the glimmer of the other tunnel lights reaching them. His dark Blue pants and black coat - with the picture of a purple haired troll, its green eyes bulging from yellow skin, on the back - helped to conceal his presence.

As the teen drew closer and neared to the underground tunnel way, he looked up to quickly glance at the surrounding area and to check the direction he was headed in. The dark tunnel allowed only the flickering of the dim lights to come through as the teen shrugged, strolling almost leisurely through the gateway - ignorantly unaware of the malicious shadows lurking within.

Tip. Tap. Tip. Tap. Tip. Tap.

At the sound, the greasy head turned to look at one side of the tunnel, the dark framed body pulling itself closer to the wall instinctively.

"Who is that who comes under my bridge? How dare you!" A deep voice laced with malice, and the sureness of insanity came from deep within the darkness and icy chill of the tunnel.

"I come this way everyday, fool! How dare you challenge me to my rights!" The teen replied, the many years of arrogance and disobedience towards his parents and peers covering the slight quiver of fear in his voice.

"How dare you? How dare you!" The quick glint of the knife flashed for a second with the Kaijuu's hand shaking in red-anger. "You should know when to hold your tongue, boy! For your insolence, you will pay the price in blood. Your blood! Breath will not come forth from your body again!" The dark, swaying figure swiftly crept towards the boy, the dirt-ridden knife glinting in the Kaijuu's hand as he lunged with the knife held high in his left hand, darting for any part of the teenager - just so long as speckles of red dust coat his dark corner.

The teen dodged swiftly out of the way - his youth giving him speed - but foolishly - as his arrogance and pride sealing his fate just as on so many other occasions - the Capra clad boy turned to face his opponent rather than running for the other side of the tunnel. The Kaijuu swung himself around, the dirty knife slashing out at the boy's arm, then a thin, pale, filthy hand lashed out as the teen tried to move, grabbing the boy's neck in his stronger hands.

"Now, boy. You die!" The wiry, pale figure thrust the knife deep within the teens stomach, gliding the blade keenly upwards through the left side of the boy, slicing through the diaphragm and lung as well as several other critical organs - yet only nicking his heart. Listening gleefully to the struggling and painful screaming that came from the ripped muscles of the now dieing Capra, a dark, twisted smile of pure malicious glee erupted from the troll-hooded murderer.

Pulling the now, still, dead form of the teen into the darkest corner of the tunnel, the troll waited in the silent darkness, feet staining in the pool of thick, warm and coppery blood, for his next victim.

Tip! Tap! Tip! Tap! Tip! Tap!

After a long and hard working day of meetings and annoyingly smug business partner's, a young woman dressed in a black business suit with her long blond hair tied back in a smart bun with a dark clip made her way down the silent street. A moment earlier she had heard a kind of strangled sound. Instinctively clutching onto a pure black handbag with the golden labelling logo of "Chevre" imprinted onto the front with the carved letters spelt out fluidly over the silver buckle, the young woman turned her head in every direction, her heart beating at triple its usual pace. She waited, but could no longer hear anything, so she continued on until she came to the dark entrance of the tunnel way.

This was the quickest way home, where she could rest her weary feet, and sit back, and….

"So, someone else has walked into my tunnel," the deep monotonous voice covering the malicious tone came from deeper within the tunnel. Pulling her pepper-spray from her back, she held it out in front of her, keeping her bag instinctively close to her side, and her eyes stayed keen on the shadows as she cautiously stepped further into the tunnel.

"And you step yet further," the Kaijuu sneered viciously, the cold chill of his voice raking shivers down the Chevre's spine, as he stepped out into the dim light, his blade - although covered in blood, and leaving a trail of red speckles in its wake - glinted behind his back.

"Don't come any closer!" Chevre replied, her strong, clear, almost demanding voice yelled out, a piece of blond hair falling from its confinements. "No closer… Or I-I'll spray!" she called holding her spray out in front of her. She slowly walked around him, her left foot slipping slightly. Glancing down for a second, she saw the pooling blood making its way down the slight slope of the tunnel way.

Letting out a light gasp in horror-stricken terror, she spun, sprayed at the Kaijuu and turned on her heel, running for the other side of the tunnel - for her very existence. After having lost her footing once, Chevre pushed herself along the wall, and almost slipped again when her right heel broke.

Leaving blooded prints in her wake, the Kaijuu laughed coldly - as though icicles would form in the very air he breathed in - and moved back into the shadows, leaning against the wall above the cooling coppery liquid. He had missed this chance with Chevre, but he wouldn't let his next victim get away.


Coming home from the pub after having a few drinks with his workmate, the largely built man wearing a black shirt and dark jeans, his denim jacket swung casually over his shoulder - as the last pint was giving him a warm buzz deep within his gut - he made his way to the shortcut home. His wife would kill him if he didn't get home soon. The infamous logo on the almost empty packet of cigarettes "Bovidae" reflected lightly in the shimmering moonlight.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Who has come into my tunnel, this time?" The frosty voice came from within the darkness. The slink of the murder stayed in the shadows where the lights did not work, and away from the flickering of the lights that did.

"None of your business, you eejiot! Now get outta my way. I gotta get home to the wife," the deep voice almost boomed from the large chest of Bovidae.

The red coated knife made it's way forward, swinging swiftly with the deadly grace - that could only come with time and practice, as well as a steady flow of an inner force - at Bovidae. Pulling back his arm, the slightly drunk Bovidae punched Kaijuu full in the face - pausing the gracefully icy swing - the knife falling instantly out of Kaijuu's hand, and harmlessly to the ground. Slamming into the wall, the Kaijuu fell into unconsciousness - then slid to the floor, coming to a rest under the flickering lights.

Shrugging, and picking up the forgotten jacket, Bovidae started to walk out of the tunnel - his drunken swagger returning. He stopped when something from within the dark crevices of the tunnel caught his eye. Just to his left, Bovidae caught the sight of the lifeless form of Capre, sprawled out, covered in his own now cold and pool of blood.

A/N: A college coursework project. This was just a draft, but the final piece isn't allowed out of college untill it's been to the board. So I thought that I'd put this up.

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