Peter knew of all the folklore. He knew that ravens were an omen of misfortune. That was why the raven that had been following him since he stepped out of his apartment was upsetting him. Nothing could possibly be better in Peter's life. He had just gotten a new job at a major firm in New York City, the unofficial capital of the USA. It was quite an accomplishment, considering that he was fresh out of college. But that raven!

"I'm just being paranoid," he murmured, stepping into the waiting taxi. He tried his best to keep his wits about him. Peter kept telling himself not to turn around and see whether or not the raven was still pursuing him. Eventually, his fear got the best of him and he slowly turned around in his seat. The raven was flying just a few feet behind the taxi. "I'm just being paranoid," he repeated, trying to convince himself that the ebony bird held absolutely no symbolism.

The taxi came to halt in front of the skyscraper that was now Peter's work. He paid the driver his fare and then stepped out of the cab. The raven veered right, following him to the front doors of the building before suddenly flying away. Peter heaved a sigh of relief and through the entrance.

The first hour and forty-five minutes of work went quite well. Peter had nearly forgotten about the raven.

At 8:45 a.m., though, somebody shouted, "Something just crashed into the north tower, and it's burning!" A hoard of people ran to the windows and watched in horror as flames consumed their twin tower. Peter was among them.

At first, they all seemed to have been struck dumb. Then the question was posed, "Are we next?" Those working in the south tower of the World Trade Center did not have long to wait. At approximately 9:03 a.m., US Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the second twin tower. Peter was among the many who died.

Soon, both towers were nothing but a pile of rubble, and above it all flew the raven.

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"Due to the raven that follows him wherever he goes, a young man is convinced that something terrible is about to happen."

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