Well we are beginning with me, huh? Well this is my journal of what has happened for the past few days. As I am writing this, I think to myself, why does the world have to come to an end? And my answer to that question has always been because of humans, but today it seems that it isn't just the humans fault, it is everyones including immortals and beasts.

Yes, I am not human, by any means other then my physical features. I hate humans, they are not worth anything, dirt to me and they are in need of a good destructive spree from your truly. I don't hate all humans, I do have a few that are my friends but then again I wouldn't call them humans either. One is Alexander, the werewolf, Daemon, the vampire and well there is Andy who is just a human.(why he is that way...well, he isnt really human-alive or dead, he is an enigma)

Myself…that is for later I suppose but I suppose since this is my first journal entry, I should explain myself. Well….my human name is Lee John Keilke, but my original name is Dante, my last name is not important.

My life, started at the beginning of time, I was just an arch-angel that all I was at the beginning but then I found the source of evil, the sword of oblivion, Savior. Quite the unique name, considering that oblivion is as far from savior as dark is from light.

The sword consumed me for, well in human years, billions of years; I killed in the name of something I never believed in. The name is unimportant considering that I killed that 'thing' many centuries ago. I destroyed Atlantis because they defied me; I used my powers to bring down Troy, the man that killed one of my friends in battle. The man he happened to have killed was a soldier, he was said to be invincible, which was true expect for one shot to the neck.

Most of humans that have heard my name think that I am some type of demon. Yet to be honest… I'm neither human nor demon nor angel; I am something that lives outside the bounds of reality and order, a type of fallen angel, yet not. Well, enough of my past, we are looking at the near past that has occurred.

It started when I met another, this one other, is identical to myself, same type of sword, expect it is of chaos, same past other then destroying Atlantis or Troy. But the individual did destroy Papua. You know that mountain town in Greece, that was destroy with fire and ash. Yeah that was her, yes this only complete difference is that this individual is a female.

Seems prefect right? Wrong! She wants to kill me, for something I never did… I don't even know. Her name is Vixen, human name is unimportant; the reason why it is unimportant is because not one person knows that name. Her name seems to be the exact opposite of what she was…or so I thought when I first met her.

I was riding home on my motorcycle when a woman came running out of a building. I tried to stop before I hit her, but my brakes for some odd reason didn't react as fast as I did, I knew what would happen so I dove off my bike and watched it slide into a semi that drove over it, as it crossed the street. Now you probably wondering how a semi got there, well think about it,

I have powers as does…Vixen. At first I couldn't figure it out, but then the girl runs out and starts asking me if I was alright, do I need a fucking doctor. God she was so annoying…bye the third question, I yelled out for her to shut up because, I am in pain.

That was a white lie; I knew I couldn't feel that much considering I was immortal but still. It was bother only feeling a bit of it every now and then. I mean I get cut up a lot from fights and trips to the sparing gym, they don't hurt but they are annoying.

She stared at me, the rain pour onto her long dark hair, and those eyes of hazel staring so intendly. Not knowing what to do but then she asks me the one question I dreaded from the first day I move here.

"Are you Dante? Dante….O..." I cut her off of course,

"Yes…why who is asking?" all she did was stare at me then with a squeal, she says " Vixen…" she jumps onto me, she held onto me like I was her life. She is so annoying….yet for some odd reason, I don't mind. She seems so scared, of what I don't know.

But that is her, Vixen, the girl I met a little over a week ago, who changed my life forever, and still annoying as hell.

End Journal Entry,


Well there is the first entry... I know I know.. it was short but it was only his first entry in this book. It was will get longer and better as we go along. Keep reading, and review. Thanks!

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