And Here There is a Prince of Air…

And here there is a prince of air
His talons long, his feathers fair
He's not alone in this grey sky
Though he watches from cliffs on high
From night to night, from day to day
The winglings with him on stars play

And now a human came on high
He holds it closed 'gainst the cold air
His coat so dark to prince's fair
A strange gesture; warm is the day
Yet still they call for him to play
Up in the prince's realm in sky

The human did agree to play
Yet he is not made for the sky
To join the winglings in the air
They fix his coat with feathers fair
So in that realm up on cliffs high
The wing-coated remains all day

A cry comes from the prince so fair
His talons limp, no sheen of day
Gleams in his eyes though sun is high
The winglings scream and cease their play;
And race to find this threat in sky
Or dive down to catch the prince in air

The wing-coated shoots through the sky
What dreamed to kill a prince at play?
What creature chose this grey-skied day?
And there—a wingling of the air—
Blood blacks his feathers once so fair—
That dreamed to kill his prince on high

And so this child of night and day
Seizes a wingling from on high
Its silver blood marks it no play
But vengeance for the prince of sky
Then down it tumbles through the air
No true friend of the prince so fair

He's summoned to the prince of air
Bruised are his face and feathers fair
And so he takes a rest from sky
To sit upon his cliffs on high
He tells the man: Upon this day
You've earned the right to join our play

The prince of air gives feathers fair
To raise him high into the sky
To join one day the winglings' play