so, the test this poem speaks of i finished yesterday, when it was handed out. today the rest of the class was given the chance to finish it up. since i was already done, i hunted down a piece of paper and justed listened, what i heard is right here, below that line you see.
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The humming of the cold heater,

The tapping of a computer keys,

That masks the tick of the clock.

The movement of paper,

The clearing of the throat,

Is the only sign of thinking.

The sniffling of the nose,

The movement of the body,

Signs of life.

The erasing of pencils,

The swipe of the hand,

A telling of a thought incorrect.

The thud of a pencil,

The ring of the desk,

Whispering of uncertain hands.

The steady silence,

The waves of thought,

Echo more loudly then a cough.

The tap of feet,

The voice of confusion,

Breaks the silence.

The sound of pant legs colliding,

The door seeping closed,

Allows for one to walk and leave.

The tap of a foot,

The squeak of a pencil,

Breathes of thought.

The sounds of this magnitude,

The aspects like this,

Tell of a test.