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She is the only one. In my eyes, my heart, my soul.

Chapter 1

I'm one of those people who's considered different. Let me just clarify, I'm not crazy, there's nothing wrong with having imaginary friends if you know their imaginary. I mean really, they're more like muses, they inspire me, when I write music, so I'm a little bit of a punk, but a skater chick as well, and maybe a little emo, and I own one or two preppy tops, so that's why I don't fit in.

My name is Alethea, I am sixteen, going on seventeen, I have pitch black hair, and it's natural, Italian heritage, green eyes, pale skin. I've been called pretty, but to be honest, I'm not really.

I have an older sister called Sabina. She has these amazing green eyes and long red hair, seriously, every guy that sees her falls in love with her, except one (more on him in a minute). But she's this utter ice queen, she'll date a guy, but she completely wears the trousers in the relationship, like in grade five, her seventh boyfriend, Damien, asked if he could hold her hand (word of advice: if you're dating my sister always ask before you do something.) so she dumped him, but to be honest, she's hard not to like, at least, hard for me not to like, she's always really upset about it, and if a guy asked her to put out or something, I'll go and kick his ass to Timbuktu. And I can, I'm one of those girls who knows how to fight, seriously, I'm may be kinna scrawny, 'slender' is my mother's chosen of word, but I can beat anyone up.

The guy who hasn't fallen for my sister, is Alric Silverstone, most popular guy in school, goes by 'Silver'. I know shock! Horror! His name isn't Jake or Scott or Josh or Matt. Not that there is anything wrong with those names, but I mean how many schools are there, where the most popular guy in school is named Silver? Okay so he's absolutely gorgeous, with this lovely dark brown hair that you want to run your fingers through, and tan skin, but not orange, and his eyes, ah, when I die, his eyes want to be the last thing I see. My perfect man, would look like Silver, but when I say look, I mean only look, because to put it quite bluntly, he's a jerk.

Now you may be wondering how I know this, me being an outsider and him being the most popular guy in school and all, well three things,

My mother and his mother have been best friends since they were three years old.

He's pretty good friends with my older brother, (I haven't told you about him yet, well, he's Sabine's twin, his name is Taliesin. He's got messy blonde hair, and a tan, according to most girls in my school 'he's drool worthy man meat' I know, I didn't want to hear it either – who even says drool worthy man meat? - , but I can say, he's got the whole surfer boy look going on.)

He lives next door. I know it sucks, believe me, do I ever know! He goes out of his way to be a jerk to me!

And because of all the above reasons, every single Sunday, our family has lunch with him, taking turns at who's house it's at. Let me explain about him being a jerk, like throwing stuff at me, i.e. whenever I step outside the house I have to wear a helmet or I get pelted with rubbers (or erasers whatever you want to call them). Not that I do, wear a helmet that is, cause that would just be sad, no I just dodge. And I remember my first day at high school, I was glad I knew three people, my brother, my sister and Silver. So we weren't friendly, but when I said 'Hi' to him, he didn't have to reply 'Don't talk to me stranger.' I mean come on! Sad little boy, with his sad little life.

Oh, and our mothers, don't get me started, you know how mothers should be all over-protective about their children losing their virginity at high school and all. Not our mothers, they think, you should find a member of the opposite sex, go at it like rabbits, and then move onto the next one, 'That's what high school's for.' They say. Ha! If only I had a normal mother. My dad goes out hunts down homeless teens, and finds them a new life. Or at least I think that's what he does. I paused when I heard a voice,

"hey! Allie!" that would be one of my best friends, Danny. My other best friend was Jules. They were perfect for each other. They just needed to realize they were perfect for each other.

They both had the whole preppy punk down to a perfect art. I grinned at him as he sat down at the lunch table. He was smiling, that smile faltered when he saw Jules, I looked at her as well, she had scratch marks down one side of her cheek.

"JULIA HEATHCOAT!" I shouted and she came over, grumbling all the way, she sat down and stared at her tray, I could see Danny was containing his anger,

"What the frick happened?" I asked, so I try not to swear. I do, though. I don't really mean to, but it becomes a habit after a while.

"Sophia King." She muttered, I felt my eyes narrow and looked up towards the popular people table, Sophia was not a nice person, she was a slutty bitch. My brother, my sister and Silver sat at the popular people table, my siblings both felt my gaze, we have a slight sibling connection, they looked up, and I stood, hands on hips I walked over. I'm pretty tall, five eight. So if they're all sitting I can look intimidating easily. So they all know who I am, I'm the girl who'll beat up anyone who messes with my family (friends are included, they obviously didn't know that). I'm Sabine and Tal's little sister. The girl who has very long debates with Silver in English (English is my best subject, so I do it with the year above). But that doesn't mean any of them try to associate with me. They went quiet as I neared, I kept my gaze on Miss King. She didn't seem to notice, she just continued flirting with one of the football players, and her 'flirting' is my 'throwing herself at him'. Eventually someone nudged her and she looked up surprised that the table was quiet and then she saw my narrowed eyes, Ohhhhhh, she was going to pay.

"Why'd you hurt her?" I asked, Sophia looked surprised for a moment, and then a pout came onto her face,

"She called me a slut." I sighed, and took another step towards the little slut,

"You are a slut. There's nothing wrong with stating a fact." Her eyes narrowed,

"Calm down Alethea." I glanced at Silver, and threw him a glare, he did not want to get into this. In moments I had her against a wall, I told you! I'm an aggressive person,

"You cannot mess with my friends!" and I pulled back my fist, and was stopped by Tal. I growled at him, he pulled me away,

"Allie, I can't stand back and watch you hit another girl." I growled again and narrowed my eyes, but I didn't intend to hit my brother,

"I agree Mr Reed. But you can escort your sister to my office." We both turned to look at Principle Garrett. Who was, surprise, surprise, frowning. We nodded slowly, and my brother led me to the office, Tal was told to return to lessons, and my parents were called, which meant my mother and Liza came, (Liza being Silver's mother), they had been out shopping and she was my surrogate mother anyway.

They both didn't understand what was wrong with starting a fight at school (remembering these are the same people who bought me four-hundred-and-forty-four condoms four's my lucky number for my eleventh birthday, that's right. I was eleven! Technically, I was ten, as they gave them to me in the morning.) But after Principle Garrett explained what was wrong with fighting, - I helped him out with such comments as "Criminals know how to fight." Which Liza replied to by saying "So do the police." Honestly. I worry about our family sometimes.

My punishment was a month's detention (Yay! More time debating with Silver. He was one of those people who was always in detention, mostly because he was caught making out with some girl, - which our mothers thoroughly congratulated him on and told him to keep it up. – and maybe Danny, he got into detention for the most random things, like once for wearing a green shirt to school, yes, the shirt read 'eat cheese you cheese ' now if you think about it, the stars couldn't have stood for fcker. As there were only five of them, Danny said they stood for eater, but, only he would know.) Also I had to see a psychotherapist, or a psychologist or a psychoanalyst or something. Anyway, it had the word psycho in it. I'm not crazy, like I said before, I just have a temper, and I have imaginary friends, and an OCD about the number 4 and that when I'm in a room on my own, the door has to be closed and music has to be playing, and I have a fear of people who choose to be bald and people who have beards, or moustaches, or both. Damn. I'm crazy.

"ALETHEA!" I growled at Silver, he was the only one in detention, where were all the bad-asses?

"What do you want?" I asked, he grinned at me, now if I wasn't annoyed with him, I would have noticed what a sexy heart-stopping smile it is, but as I was annoyed with him, I didn't. notice that is.

"I wanted to tell you, that I saved you a seat next to me!" he said pulling his bag off the chair beside him,

"Please sit with me Alethea! Otherwise I'll be all alone!" he said, with this pout on his face, again, if I wasn't in a bad mood, I would have noticed how cute and hott he managed to look with that pout on his face. I sat on the opposite side of the classroom, but turned my chair to face him,

"Alric, do you think I'm crazy?" he frowned, seeing where I was seated, but then turned his attention to my question, by nodding like a kid on a sugar high and going,

"Yup! For sure. You're the craziest person I've ever met!" I had noticed that he didn't act so immature when other people were around, I sighed, and dropped my head onto my desk, moments later I felt a weight on the desk, it was Silver, much as I hate to say it, he had a very nice butt, now normally I hate it when people say that, I'm like, how the hell can someone have a nice butt? But right then I was feeling pretty hypocritical.

"Checking me out?" Silver asked, and I realized I'd been staring at his backside, I glared at him,

"No. just wondering when you're going to lose your puppy fat." So it wasn't the best comeback, but it was the best I could do, at the time. He grinned down at me, and reached out and ruffled my hair, I growled and pulled back,

"Don't do that Alric." He smiled and seeing the door open went back to his own seat.

I frowned as I swung my school satchel back and forth on my way home, I was bored, and I was probably crazy. All in all, it had been a bad day,

"Hey!" I stopped, when I realized someone was talking to me, a guy came and started walking beside me, I didn't feel nervous, like I said, I can take care of myself,

"Soooo." He started, I didn't say anything, but glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, he was probably a collage student, he was reasonably good looking, with hazel eyes and curly brown hair,

"What do you do for a living? Except for looking beautiful that is?" I almost laughed out loud, but instead I kept a straight face and said,

"I help out my mom. She's a midwife." He stopped walking for a moment, then continued still in step with me, so it was a lie, but it put most guys off, I continued,

"And I'm training to be a boxing champion." Again he stopped but then continued,

"Really? I see that, I mean you're a knock-out." Again I hid my smile,

"So what's your number? 0800-cheesy-chat-up-lines?" I asked him, before Freedom told me to get out of there, Freedom is one of my muses. I have six, an earth muse, fire muse, water muse, air muse, angel muse (but he's defiantly not a good angel) and a daemon muse. Freedom, is my air muse, so I stuck out my leg, he fell forwards, landing on the pavement, I saluted him and ran home.

Have you ever gotten home, had a major urge for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich only to discover you can't open the jelly, and no one's home so you have to go ask the neighbours for help? Well I have, and believe me, it's not fun. It would be fine if someone other than Silver had opened the door. He looked at me with his little smirk on his face,

"Can I help you Alethea?" he asked grinning at my bare feet covered in mud, Nate, the angel on my left shoulder, (when I say angel, that doesn't mean he's good. Cause believe me, he's not. But he isn't as evil as Ash – Ash is my daemon muse.) liked mud.

"Is anyone else in your little house Alric?" I asked, he snorted, okay, so his house wasn't little. That's not the point!

"Nope I'm all alone. But I guess, maybe you could help me think up something to do?" he said raising his eyebrow, in I guess what he thought was a seductive manner, okay, it was very, very sexy. But I still hit him on the arm, albeit, I hit him lightly, cause he was teasing. That's what he did.

"Okay . . . well, then. Couldyouopenthisjarofraspberryjellyforme?" he looked at me with a raised eyebrow, and I swear, if I could blush I would have then.

"Could I what? Say it again slowly, or I'll just make an assumption and do what I want to you." Did he really think it was still funny? Cause it wasn't. funny, that is.

"I said, you deaf numbskull, could you open this jar of raspberry jelly for me?" Deaf numbskull? Good one Allie!

"What's the magic word?" he asked, with one of those patronizing looks, damn, the man could even look good while being patronizing!

"Platypus." I replied without a moment's hesitation. Okay, well, long story short, when we were little, we hated saying please, so the p-word was platypus, Silver laughed, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his kitchen, he put down the jelly, brought out eight slices of bread and started making us each two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And instead of giving me mine, he held it just out of my reach, see what I mean when I say he's horrid?

"GIVE ME THE SANDWICH ALRIC!" he chuckled, and replied,

"If you agree to watch a film of your choice with me." I growled further but quickly nodded my head.

When I woke I decided not to open my eyes, it's comfy. Feels warm and . . . . right. I thought to myself and for the first time ever, all my muses agreed with me, I snuggled into the mattress and the blanket tightened round my waist . . . . WAIT! WHAT?

My eyes flickered open, and it took me a moment to realize my so called 'blanket' was an arm, and my 'mattress' a full grown boy. I rolled myself off the person onto the carpet and stared up, blinking up at the sleeping guy. How the hell had we fallen asleep like that? I hurriedly left the house, that was strange.