Chapter 44 - Duck


I was up and had swooped her into a hug in a moment, or at least the best hug I could with only one arm and a rainbow cast.

"I heard you tripped." Mera didn't look convinced, damn know-it-all. "What happened?"

I mumbled something incoherent, or at least I thought it was incoherent, but apparently not…


"It was an accident," was mumbled, except Mera heard this too. Next free moment I have, I intend to practice my mumbling skills.

"How can her pushing you have been an accident?!"

My mother was now listening in, and Silver and Tal were looking interested.

"She didn't mean for me to trip down the steps. I think she just meant for me to, you know, fall over."

Mera glared at me and then strode over to my mother. They started talking in hushed-shouting-whispers, occasionally glancing over at me. I went and hid behind Silver and Tal, and eventually the two of them hustled me into the car--after a goodbye to Corrin, who apparently lived nearby the academy, so I guessed I'd see him some. It didn't take much for me to get them to play Common People by Pulp on the car ride home. They were all feeling sorry and being nice to me. T'was great.

I peeked through the crack in-between the doorframe and the door and grinned fervently (not that I know what that means)—oh, this was priceless. If only I had a video camera!

Oh, wait! I do! (Whoa, Doctor Who moment…gosh, that was painful, because he went all old and wrinkly and nine hundred years old. Shudder)

Freedom: I'm still pretty sure that it's illegal to wander round the neighborhood with a video camera.

Me: Shhhh, I'm only filming people I know doing wonderful things, like Arc singing RHPS songs.

He's quite impressive, actually, and has a decent voice, so showing this to Jules and every other single person I ever met in my lifetime wouldn't be a bad thing.

Arc paused suddenly, and I froze, afraid he'd heard me. Then he lifted up his hands and pushed them down, um, powerfully? It looked impressive, and then he started singing 'Planet Schmanet Janet.'

I did I quite well; I didn't burst out laughing til he said, 'So quake with fear, you tiny fools.' And then I was rolling on the floor, clutching the camera to my chest (rolling on the floor laughing is so much harder when your arm is in a cast).

Arc kind of appeared, looming over me, so I ran for it.


Jules, Sab and I watched, tres amused, as Arc sang. It was great til I collapsed, and then it was just a lovely close up of my breasts. Lovely, however that part caused Jules to burst into laughter . . . . at least someone's amused.

And then an alarm went off. What the hell? At three thirty four in the afternoon, Sab got up; she'd found the video amusing, I could tell, but she was trying to be mature about it. I wonder where Mera is . . . .

"Come on, you two, let's go say goodbye to Tal and Silver."

Wait, what?! "HUH!"


Freedom: BLADE! There are children here.

Freedom gestures at Skip. Blade turns and glares at Skip

Blade: I said 'duck,' alright, kid?

Skip nods and Blade subtly hands over a cookie

"Why are we saying goodbye to Tal and Silver?" I did my best 'answer-me-I'm-cute' face for Sab.

She pulled me up and started dragging me towards the door (man this chick is strong). "They're going away. Remember?"

They are? And I'm not invited? Puppy dog eyes

Tal and Silver were standing outside with a wheely suitcase and a backpack each, I could see Josh, Neo, and Jack waiting in the car.

Search your memory, Allie, search it. Nothing. I'm getting nothing. I narrowed my eyes at Tal and Silver. Tal visibly flinched. "Where are the two of you going?" Impersonating my mother when she's angry, I put my hands on my hips and stepped forward. In perfect unison, they both stepped back.

Tal spoke first. "We may or may not be going to tour Europe."

I narrowed my eyes. I've learnt I don't look very threatening like this, but I feel threatening, and that's what counts right? "May or may not?" Step forward.

Tal and Silver step back. "Matters on whether or not you're angry about us not telling you."

I'm not angry. Why would I be angry? Do I look angry?

Blade: They totally can't get away in the time it takes us to run into the kitchen, grab a meat cleaver and return.

Glaring, I held out my hand to Tal. Self control…I have self-control. "Have a good trip, then?"

Tal took my hand. He was shaking a little bit--wimp with his whole 'don't hit a girl even if she hits you first' thing. He slightly awkwardly shook my left hand. He had BETTER be scared! I turned to Silver and pouted, "Angry at you."

He nodded. "I know."

Hmmmm, angry, angry, remember Allie, angry.

Silver looked genuinely upset with himself…angry! Remember? ANGRY!

I pounced and hugged him as tightly as possible, ignoring the slight pain I got as my arm crushed against him. Silver hugged me back and then turned his head to kiss me.

Not exactly fireworks, more like bubbles of happiness, which is much, much, much, much better if you ask me. I didn't kiss him for too long; my family and his family were right behind us, after all. I gave him a smile, and standing on tiptoe kissed the tip of his nose. "Have an amazing time, call me, buy me a really good gift and don't cheat on me with someone just because they have a kewl accent."

Silver stared down at me, looking a little confused before muttering,


I hugged him tightly again before letting go and stepping back so he could say goodbye to everyone else. Which he did, and then he gave me a quick hug, kissed the top of my head and headed towards the car.

Idiot. Glares.

Stupid car. With it's stupid driving off. And it's stupid taking MY stupid Silver away. Tal I can live without, not forever but for the summer holidays. But that's MY Silver! What if he does meet someone with a kewl accent? It doesn't matter if he loves me, no one can resist an accent. It's like the laws of the universe.

I turned round and started to stomp back to the house. I am waaaay too mature to chase after it and scream "TAKE ME WITH YOU!" so I shall not give in to the temptation.

"Allie, you alright?"

I ignored Jules. Well, tried to. She's too sweet to ignore, so I turned round and nodded to little Miss The-Love-Of-My-Life-Hasn't-Gone-Away-For-The-Vacation. "Yeah, I'm just going to go in and mope. Alone. Is it okay if we postpone 'the-vacation-of-fun-and-joy-and-all-things-amazzling-like-that' til tomorrow?"

Jules smiled and nodded. "Sure. Well, if you want any help moping, just call. I'm only a phone call away!"

That was a terrible attempt, but I gave her a smile nonetheless.

Ah! Sweet Sanctuary of the Allie Room, here I come! I entered and turned on the radio.

"I've been awake for a while now,

You've got me feeling like a child now,

Cause every time I see your bubbly face,

I get the tingles in a silly place."

Oh. Waaaay to make me feel better.

"It starts in my toes,

Makes me crinkle my nose,

Where ever it goes I always know,

That you make me smile,

Please stay for a while now,

Just take your time,

Where ever you go."

Even if it is a prettyful song.

"The rain is falling on my window pane,

But we are hiding in a safer place,

Under the covers staying dry and warm,

You give me feelings that I adore."

I'll show him I'll have an amazing summer vacation and . . . .

"It starts in my toes,

Makes me crinkle my nose,

Where ever it goes,

I always know,

That you make me smile,

Please stay for a while now,

Just take your time,

Where ever you go." . . . .

Miss him tons. Loser. What's the point in getting me to fall in love with you if you're just going to disappear for two months? Humph.

"What am I gonna say,

When you make me feel this way,

I just . . . . mmmmmmmmmmmm."

I don't need no stupid Silver. I'm an independent mature young woman!

Nate, Ash, Skip, Starr, Freedom and Blade laugh

"It starts in my toes,

Makes me crinkle my nose,

Where ever it goes,

I always know,

That you make me smile,

Please stay for a while now,

Just take your time,

Where ever you go."

I'll just mope today, then have a bloody brilliant vacation!

"I've been asleep for a while now,

You tucked me in just like a child now,

Cause every time you hold me in your arms,

I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth."

Moping for a day is fun.

"It starts in my soul,

And I lose all control,

When you kiss my nose,

The feeling shows,

Cause you make me smile,

Baby just take your time,

Holding me tight."

I mean, Silver has gone away, and Sirius and Remus are dead.

"Where ever, where ever, where ever you go,

Where ever, where ever, where ever you go…

Ohhhh, where ever you go, I always know.

Because you make me smile,

Even just for a while."

Blade: Relevancy?

Nate: Shhhh, she still finds the fact distressing and is yet to get over it, that's why we don't mention it.

Starr: It's quite boring, really. She almost burst into tears when she saw a black lab yesterday, and he wasn't even a black lab!

Skip: And the cookies disappear on full moon nights.

Me: Shhhhh, I'm MOPING HERE!

I put on "Make a Memory" by Bon Jovi, then lay down on my stomach onto the Allie Bed, put my chin on my hands and glared fervently at the picture. It was a mucked up family portrait. Basically, it was of the family's, but it was done like those photo booth pictures and all stuck together on a bright purple piece of card, which had been surrounded by those sticker stars that teachers give you at school. There was one of my parents, one of the Silvertons, one of Bastian and Jer (taken six months after they first got together), Sab, Tory and Fae (I swear he thought he was Fae's mother when he was younger who thought he was Fae's mother?), Tal, me with my arms crossed over my chest, glaring to the side cause Silver had been standing there at the time, and Silver's picture had a big smiley face sticker stuck over it. I pulled the sticker off, carefully so as not to rip it, and then moved the picture along on the wall.

Next to it, I placed the one my mother and Liza had managed to take during prom night. The first one was my mother and father; my mother had dressed up in her prom dress from what a billion years ago and forced my dad into thankfully what was not his prom tux (apparently it was orange) but into something more suitable. Liza and Pete were much the same; apparently, they had snuck into the prom (they don't look like teenagers! I'm thinking bribery was involved!). There was a picture of Jules and Arc sitting at their table drinking punch and laughing together, and there was one of Fae standing beside the punch bowl in a mini tux, pouring out punch to some girls I didn't recognize but who were cooing over him.

Tal and Cammie were dancing to a fast dance and looked pretty cute. I wanted to hug them. Tory and Rainbow were crouched down next to the stage, cradling something between them. I'm worried. Sab and Jay were stood near the dancing floor, half dancing, half talking; they looked like some silly-ily beautiful people. Glares. There was one of Danny standing on his own, waving cheerily at the camera (so finding him a girlfriend. I am about to enter an all-girl's boarding school, so it should be easy). There was one of Jer and Bastian standing next to Bastian's convertible, obviously leaving. They looked suspiciously younger, so I'm thinking that one is possibly from their own prom (my plan to get Bastian in a dress and for him to pretend to be a girl so he could win prom queen to match Jer's Prom King failed. In fact, it didn't even start as some silly fool wouldn't wear the dress). There was one of Mera wearing one of her summer dresses (that fool missed our prom), looking startled (but adorabubbly so), and was that Rosie beside her? Since when were Rosie and Mera friends? I feel unloved.

Finally, there was one of Silver and me dancing after he'd been made prom king. We looked so different from everyone else there. Penelope was standing slightly to the back, scowling. I placed the smiley face onto her face. Silver looked wonderful and I . . . . well, let's just say I now have proof the tomato is neither a fruit or a vegetable, but actually in fact some weird species of . . . . me.

The picture made me smile. Widely. It's been a good four months. Life sure is worth it.



A/N: i'm not quite sure i like the ending, but hmph, i'm sorry it took so long, fires and confusion held up myself and the amazing Aro, sequel information is below, if anyone's intrested i have pictures for Sparrow, Mera and Liam. i'm working on getting a picture for Kits, i think the excerpt bit is quite possibly my favourite thing i've ever written, it makes ME laugh for like hours. which is pathetic i know, but I DONT CARE! FOOLS! i'm about to put up the first chapter of the sequel, i'm not sure what it'll be called as the title doesn't fit in possibly 'I kind of lose my mind' but we'll see. secretive eyes

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Cause when you're standing oh so near, I kind of lose my mind.

Summary: So I was wrong. I am crazy, and I don't hate him. I love him, but that happens sometimes: me being wrong. I mean, I thought boarding school would be boring. (FULL TITLE: Cause when you're standing oh so near, I kind of lose my mind.)


As we were leaving, some idiot starting shouting, really, overly loudly,


I felt sorry for whoever he was shouting at until he tapped Sparrow on the shoulder, and we all spun round. He had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and was cute. Cute in an adorable way, not a smexy way. Staring right at Sparrow he said, "Are you a porn star?"

The four of us were silent for about three minutes until Kits eventually said, "Possibly the worst pick up line I have ever heard."

And I burst out into laughter. The boy seemed to realize what he'd said, and he turned bright red. Sparrow continued to stare at him, obviously thinking 'What the fuck?!'

The boy continued, "Oh my. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that you look like this girl from the back of this porn thing!"

I continued to laugh, and Kits had joined in by this point.

"Oh! No! Not like that!" the boy continued, obviously realizing how that sounded. "I don't watch porn. It's my roommate's."

Mera had to sit down from laughter, but Sparrow just looked incredulous.

"Well! I mean! Um! Not that there's anything wrong with porn if you are, in fact, a porn star. I just personally don't enjoy it."

I could see Sparrow was holding in her laughter. I tried to stop, as boy looked close to tears and I felt a little cruel.

"I'm sorry, I just get really nervous around girls. I don't know what to say. I went to an all-boys school, and when I talk to girls I always sound like an idiot and start to ramble—like now. Boys are much easier to be around. I don't feel like they're always judging me…and then you're expected to ask them out…girls, that is, not boys. Well, you can ask boys out, but then loads of people get all judgemental and prejudice, and yeah, asking girls out! I can barely ask my mother for second helpings at dinner let alone ask someone out on a date, and then whenever I think of dinner…I always think of meatloaf. I don't know why, I don't think I've ever had meatloaf. What is it? Is it just a loaf of meat? And I-"

I had managed to calm down and decided to put him out of his misery, so I held out my hand and said, "I'm Allie."

He looked at my hand as if it was about to explode, then very gently took the tips of my fingers and shook them for about three whole seconds.

"I'm Colin. Liam."

Ummm . . . .

"I'm Liam. Colin's my brother. My mother used to confuse us and call me Colin all the time, so sometimes when I'm nervous, which I am right now, I muck up, and I'm sorry I'm nervous, it's just I get nervous around girls. I-"

"This is Sparrow the Porn star, Kits and Mera."

Liam's eyes widened, and he stared at me, Mera and Kits. "You're the girls who snuck into the college! You're famous around campus. They want to start a web-"

"You go to the college?"

He looked about fifteen, sixteen at the oldest.

Liam turned bright red again…can I keep him? Kits got to keep the parrot.

"I'm older than I look. I'm actually nineteen, which means I'm in my second year of college, and I'm studying Philosophy, and IT. I'm an IT geek, I go 'quack' for the mac! The hard drive drives me hard! The-"

"You can stop now."

I glanced at Mera and sent her a gazillion thank-yous. If Liam turns any redder, he'll be a cherry!

"Tell you what, Liam, my buddy oh Liam," I started, linking my arm through his. This was too good a chance to miss.

He froze and then turned to look at me, looking slightly ill.

Really helping my self-confidence buddy.

"Come hang out with us. As the four most sought after young ladies-" a snort from all three of my adoring friends, "-in this measly town, you can consider yourself lucky while getting used to female company."

And then Kits took his other arm, and we started frog-marching him to a Starbucks.

The two of us had to stop while I calmed myself from laughter after Kits said, "You know, if we'd been alive like three-hundred years ago, and you'd said that, it would be because we were prostitutes."

Liam made a strangled sound and turned into a cherry, so Kits said, "Sorry, I mean Ladies of the Night." And then she winked at me, which caused me to practically collapse.