"You used to tell me that life was worthless, that you were ready and willing to die, that you could not fathom a life so painful, so useless, so bland and pointless and meagre."
Robin to Tamsen in my novel, Their Kingdom Come

starla said:
life is a joke
and i don't
think i can
live with the
pain live at
all really.

starla said:
life is rotten
like some old
filet mignon
left out in
the rain for
a week. hey
look at the
white mould
on the peas
on the best
of the best
things there

starla said:
life is stupid
and useless
look cristina
i fucked up
again it's
not new so
don't act
surprised i
think i will
die someday
yes we all
die someday
me sooner
than you.

i think
the gods
killed you
for that.

(and you
my dear
were only