Hello, I'm Ashli and this is a story I started writing about a year ago. I've decided to go back and redo some of it. Kind of trying to change the point of it so I'm really not sure how it's going to turn out right now.

I hope you read it and enjoy it.

Burn Myself In You

Today was a day just like any other. A boring shitty day. I can't say my life is terrible... hang on, yeah I can. Ok, so maybe my life isn't all that awful, but it's not exactly great.

I did the usual this morning. I got up at the annoying sound of my alarm clock buzzing. I smacked the snooze button and rolled out of bed. I brushed my untamed thick brown hair out of my face. I walked to my bathroom door, trying not to fall over. Plus it's kind of hard not to fall since it's pitch black and my shoes and clothes could be anywhere just waiting to trip me.

After I got out of the shower I went down stairs to the kitchen. I don't normally eat breakfast before school. I just grab a cup of coffee, sit down, drink it, then leave. My mother wasn't in a very good mood. But when is she? Every morning she would yell at me for blasting my stereo with 'My Chemical Romance' every morning. She would usually just yell for me to turn that shit down, but I never pay attention. So she just gave up. I can't go anywhere without my iPod, which of course has all three of My Chemical Romance's albums on it. I'm not saying that they're my only favorite band, but they're pretty kick ass. As for the lead singer Gerard Way, Hot! Makeup looks better on him than it does on me, sadly. I'm not saying I like drag queens. God no! Just that a little dark eyeliner never hurt anyone, that I know of. Not unless they accidently stabbed their eye or something, but still! It's not likely that would happen... I hope.

So I walked out the door and slammed it shut behind me. The weight of my bag, full of unfinished homework and detention notices, was killing me. Since my bag was one with just one strap you put on your shoulder or across your chest, that didn't really help much. My arm may have been killing me, but the loud music blaring into my ears was enough to make me happy. The loud music also helps to block out everything around me. Such as, the whistles that are given to me by passing cars or people also walking past me. Can you say creepy? I hate those idiotic people that play their music in their cars as loud as they possibly can and the bass sounds like total shit. I think it's seriously rude. I may listen to my music loudly, but I'm not forcing other people to listen to it as well. Everyday I have to put up with this. That's because I have to walk for ten minutes to get to school. Yeah, sounds like fun huh. Well it's not that bad. I just try not to get ran over or kidnapped.

I finally made it to school. I usually get stared at quite often, and not in an adored manner either. Of course all the students staring at me are stereo-types and they think I'm a "bad person" because I usually wear dark colors. So what if I like blue and black more than a bright girly pink.

My gaze was turned away from the sickening glares that followed my movements to the school building. I was staring at the ground, as usual, trying to avoid making eye contact with anyone. I'm obviously not the most social person with these people.

My eyes shot open when I caught an eyeful of something I thought I'd never see there. I saw him sitting over in a corner by himself. His slouched down figure made him look calm and relaxed. I had never before seen him here. Finally! We get a new student and it's a guy. Can you say 'Hot!'? Because I can! Hot! It took almost every bit of will-power I had in me to keep myself from running over to him and stripping him or his clothes. I normally don't get urges that intence. I know what you're thinking, 'How in the hell would you get an idea like that?!'. But trust me if you would have seen him you may have possibly came up with an even more "interesting" idea.

Even though he had his head tilted down and his hair cascaded over his eyes I had a strange feeling that his eyes were watching me. It felt as if he were consentrating on me to see if he could make me explode into a million pieces. I sure hope not. I mean really, I don't even know the guy. If he isn't trying to do that now he might want to try it later on if we ever properly meet.

Properly... ha! There's nothing proper about me! Except for my properly rude way of insulting people for a few laughs. Even though I'm just joking people always take me seriously. Sometimes I may mean it, but you can tell when I don't. It's kind of hard to believe someone when they say 'I hate you' and they can't stop laughing about your expressions.

I was kind of nervous and timid about passing him to get to the doors of the school building. I didn't even realize it, but I was instinctively pulling at my shirt and hoody, trying to straighten myself up a bit. I started to bite at my bottom lip, like I always do when I get nervous or frustrated. I told myself to keep moving and not stare at him like a hypnotized fool or, with my luck, fall. When I walked close enough that he could hear, my newly added, Evanescence coming from my earphones, he turned his head toward me. Instead of following me with his eyes until I was too far past him to see me from the corner of his eye, he spoke. I saw him mouth the word, Hey.

I was so surprised I just stared at him for a moment, not sure if he was actually talking to me. Oh great and now I'm drooling. Speak, stupid! Speak!

I pulled at the wires of my earphones, now allowing me to hear. I would have just pressed the pause button on my Ipod, but I really didn't feel like shoving my hand down my shirt and trying to fish my Ipod out of my bra. I seriously didn't want to give him reason to believe that I'm weird, already.

"Oh, uhh... Hi." Wow! I actually managed to say that! He must think I'm so interesting to talk to now. (total sarcasm) I felt my face warming up a little as I sheepishly smiled at him, trying not to look so odd.

I can't really see his eyes until he flings his head to the side and his hair is brushed out of his face. He looks me straight in the eyes, as I stare at him... like an idiot. Even though he probably thought I looked like a retard who can't stop staring at people it felt as if he didn't mind. He wasn't saying anything, but his eyes were laughing at me. His mysterious amber colored eyes. I hadn't ever seen anyone with eyes like his. Neither one of us were blinking. I couldn't take my eyes from his. I didn't want to stop staring into their maze of colors. The shades of amber seemed to get lighter as they meet in the middle of his eyes, rounding his pupils with a light and brilliant golden color.

"You have...such...beautiful eyes." I said, without realizing. I put my hand over my mouth, some-what hoping he didn't hear.

"Thank you. You have beautiful eyes too. Very deep and vivid dark brown eyes." Now my face was getting notAmybly red and I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks.

I didn't know wether to run for it or to just continue talking with him. I felt so much like laughing at my own stupidity and running for the door, but I couldn't leave. My feet wouldn't allow me to move. I wanted to stay even if I did end up making him think I was a complete idiot.

I slightly nodded my head and replied, "Thank you... umm..."

Pushing himself up off the wall, he stood, hovering over me. He really didn't look this tall when he was sitting down. He dusted himself off and then returned his gaze back to me. It some how felt kind of warm having him so close.

"I'm sorry. I totally forgot to mention my name." His strong hand gently grasped mine and he bent his head down and lightly graced my hand with a kiss. "I'm Tristan Thomes. And yourself?"

As he slowly let my arm drop back down to my side and my hand slip from his I realized he was waiting on my reply. "Oh... sorry. My name is Amy Johnston. My friends just call me Amy Lee though. I don't mind if you do."

"No need to be sorry. Although your name is pleasing, I know not of any words worthy to describe your beautiful features." His squinted eyes were roaming around, as he thoughtfully stroked his chin. "Hmm..."

I got lost in a debate with myself again, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Was this seriously happening? I can't even remember the last time I had a boyfriend, let alone some one with a brain hit on me. I shut my eyes for a moment and opened them again. Nope... I wasn't dreaming and yes, he was totally compliamenting me, again. I didn't think too highly of myself as it was and the guys at this school aren't exactly the best at helping with that issue. I started to bite at my lip, not noticing that I was doing it.

His frustrated loud sigh pulled me from my dazed thoughts. I looked up at him. His frown made him look disappointed. I slightly tilted my head to one side and blinked at him. "What is it?"

Tristan's eyes snapped back to attention and focused in on me again. "Oh, sorry." He crossed his arms across his chest and pouted, sad-puppy-dog-eyes and all.

Oh my gawd, he looked so cute like that. I still couldn't figure out what was bothering him. "So... you gonna tell me what you're pouting about?"

"Oh, yeah. It's like I said... I don't what to call you that would be suitable to your beauty." A sudden spark appeared in his widened eyes. "Oh! I know. How about I just call you... beautiful?" He softly laughed at himself.

I started laughing at him as well. "You know... you could just call me Amy. That works for me. I'm not that picky about what you call me. As long as you don't call me a whore, it's ok."

"I would never." He looked partly shocked and some-what amused with me. "So... I guess I'll just have to call you Amy, until I can think of something. Speaking of Amy Lee. Weren't you just listening to her new album, The Open Door? Actually... I think it's still playing." He said, pointing to my earphones hanging out of my hoody. "Aren't you going to turn it off or something?"

I hesitated for a moment. "Yeah, it's Evanescence that I'm listening to." Amazing, a hot guy that actually listens to Evanescence. "Why? Do I have to turn it off?"

I almost jumped out of my skin when the bell, notifying class to start, blared. I looked up and saw why it was so freaking loud. We were standing right under one of the bells.

"You alright, beautiful? Erm... I mean Amy." He said, teasingly.

I sighed out a laugh and shook my head. "Yeah, I'm fine. I guess we better go in before we get trampled on by that big mobe of people." I said, glancing to the side, where the steps are.

He nodded in agreement and we both went inside the front doors. The other students made it to us quicker than I had thought they would and some how I ended up losing Tristan in the middle of the crowded hall.


You'd think I would make it on time to class, but no. I'm never on time for class. My locker seems to be as far away as possible from all my classes. But of course, this is my luck we're talking about here. That's basically why I get detention so much. For every time I'm late for a class I get detention. Hints all the detention slips in my bag.

Speaking of my crappy luck, I'm just walking down the hall and all the sudden someone pushes past me quickly and knocks my bag off my arm. Of course like the idiot I am, I didn't zip my bag closed. My bag hits the floor and all my papers, books, and pens start to pour out of it. "Great!" I shout. The shuffling feet in the hall just scatter my stuff even more. I at least figured I'd get to class before something shitty happened. I've already taken care of my embarassing moment for today. All that's left is someone to get pissed off at and to make all my teachers hate me. Oh wait, they already do. I just stood there and let everyone push past me. (...two hours later.)

Everyone cleared the hall and I started to collect my stuff. Someone comes running down the hall and their foot kicks one of my pens I had reached out for.

"Thanks, you jerk off!" I yelled, at the person continuing to run down the hall.

I watch as my pen continues to spin along the floor. I growl and continue to pick up my papers scattered about me. I look back at the pen when I hear a click and the spinning stops. I look at a black and red pair of All Star Converses with designs of fire drawn on the white tip of the shoe, that stepped on my pen. I look up at the same person I hardly knew, that I had a conversation with earlier that morning. The new guy, Tristan.

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