Vampire Airlines Graffiti Love Letter


I'm the target audience

See the big red X on my forehead?



Turn around. It's all

The same type of sound coming

From all directions


Your life is a series of snapshots

Striking poses for security cameras

Mine is one of those songs where they change a few words

Until almost everyone can relate


It's not lying; I just have multiple histories


Passed out face down on the living room floor

With a fish telephone still playing sweet loops

That's when I realized it wasn't all daydreams

And the simplicity of shapes

This is not how I thought it would be

When I looked for a lighthouse amidst a sea of Listerine


Locked away all alone in a small space

I know what this looks like but

Believe me

You're only half right

This is not how I thought it would be

When I set out to finish my textbook


I cough

I choke

I clear my throat

So I can sound opinionated

I represent

Whatever pays the rent

So I can feel isolated

We upgrade and update

Constantly to compensate

So we can join a spectrum that scrapes up our knees


You don't believe in the future

You don't believe in the past

You don't believe in gods

Or what you learned in science class

Falling for that same old police line

In the back of your mind

That you've crossed once before

We all do at some time

You measure the edges

Of all the stars

As always, you miss the point


Live to

Dream of

the end

of the



Too many thoughts


Ride the



Sunset eyes




Every night

I walk off

the planet

and sell my

dreams to

return each



There were

so many thing that

I tried to

say but the

words always

got in the way.


This is my mixed metamorphosis


You're talking or maybe singing again

Either way I've tuned it out

The occasional word slips past my barriers.

Always ending in "ression" or rhyming with bee

Accidents are your philosophy

You await the coming of a pariah


The wind never blows through my hair and my

Feet never touch the ground (back and forth)
directionally impaired (falling from space will do that to you)

It's so disorienting to learn

There is more to it than left, right

Up, down (they're hard enough to differentiate between)

Circles, triangles

Cubes, and spheres of influence


"Descending 4000 feet"

"I recall seeing Kennedy's funeral on TV"

"They've even put a price on time"

"Can't you stay on topic?"
I want to be you, you want to be me

(we rebel in the most cliché manner possible

and it drips away)
You try to use his braces to intercept radio waves and

it cuts at your tongue (nothing but useless feedback white noise)
Forgive me if I don't understand

The law is on my side the cops are on yours

You don't know what you're talking about but you

Know whom you're talking to.


They bribe you with needles and

Flatter you with color codes

Convincing you everything will be all right


We had a mostly joking debate

Over if the sides fought each other or it just

Was a ph(r)ase to mean loyalty


And everyone will like you and be happy for you

All it takes is some ink and dye

A few years time

You'll smile and laugh

And meet everyone's expectations


I'm tired of writing alibis

For people who claim to be my enemies

I don't agree but why say I disagree

It's not like your reality applies to me


A firefly. A horizon. Take-offs. Landings.

That's my life. I'll just ignore the borders.

Watching with dull fascination as vampires

Fall out of airplanes.