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In the social hierarchy of Roosevelt High School, the Geek is a fine specimen. The Geek lacks the awkwardness of a nerd, but also falls short of the social grace needed to make it into the upper class of this caste system. Their intelligence makes them the pariahs of the school. They are outcasts and exiles forced to use that intelligence to fight their way back into the running. These ungainly teens get their hands dirty, often mixing with the dregs of high school society: The Goths, the Skaters, the Druggies.

The view of a classic Geek gives the impression of a skinny, pasty, teenager, always a boy, with a pocket protector, suspenders, and overly large broken glasses. These bumbling "geeks" are portrayed as naïve and are shown being manipulated by their peers. The Geeks in a modern high school situation, however, are the manipulators. The Preps, the Jocks, the Choraliers. They are all the Geeks prey, though they don't realize it. The clique known as the Geeks, is a fair sized co-ed group of knowledge sponges. They retain information with the ability to regurgitate it when they are in an advantageous position. Whether it is to impress the commonplace teachers or to confuse the enemy, they use their knowledge in no way similar to the geek who are so commonly portrayed in the media.

However different the RHS Geeks are from the classic geek, they keep up the façade of the original, blundering geek. Marching Band is their first and favorite extra-curricular, and they would never be caught dead using the phrases 'funner' or 'did good'. Under that façade, there are adolescents hardened by the condemnation of their peers. They are not rotten, not yet, but they are not naïve to the rough, real world.

As ascetic as this way of life seems, the Geeks of RHS seem to find much pleasure in little things. After their weekly meetings, they diagram a few sentences together, rearrange the Periodic Table of Elements, or, if they're feeling really wild, they'll take out the Star Wars: Battlefront.

The fact that these clever individuals are manipulative, almost to the line of corruption should not be forgotten. They induct new members every month and are slowly growing, taking over. They will not stop this period of initiation until they are confident. Until they know there is nothing that could possibly stand in their way.


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