The Undoing of Juliet

And as the wind blows,

climbing, twisting through the trees,

I sit and stare at my room's wall

as my arms craddle my knees.

Sick of despair, I'm gasping for air.

Pulling out my hair because

you act like you don't care.

You know how they say

love is worth it all?

Well, you start to believe it

until you begin the fall.

You notice it when he stops the late night calls

or holding your hand - and at first you don't understand.

You brush it off and just look ahead,

but yet you're haunted by that ghastly choke of dread,

and suddenly it all comes crashing back on top of you,

every word that he said.

As if to contradict every lie he did tell,

you realize it's over, done, and you begin to dwell

on the smiles and the charm

and how he held you in his arms...

I heave a heavy sigh and keep telling lies.

Better days and I have parted ways,

but you'll always be a part of me,

a scar upon my skin - I'll dig in you name so deep

you'll be my eighth deadly sin.

I should let you fade away but that just wouldn't be me,

and now you're the part of me I'm too ashamed to see.

Cover it all up, it's something to hide;

was I the apple of your eye

because all I see is the rotten core inside...

I'm so fxcked up right now,

you don't have a clue

how I wish you knew this was all about you...

Please please please,

take these memories that are haunting me,

because it hurts, so I have to take my leave.

Face the facts, I'm the piece of the puzzle he lacks.

I shouldn't give up, I'll never give in -

someday when I least expect it,

there will be my prince...

I've got nothing to lose and nothing to gain -

it's not hard to believe my love for you remains the same.

Yet out of the darkness shines a strange shining light,

hands so soft as they reach out for mine.

A smile contorts my lips,

making me forget my heart that lies ripped.

This curious stranger I've known for awhile

has suddenly and unexpectedly been my reason to smile.

Your eyes are gentle,

calm like the sea,

and when I'm around you,

it feels so good to be me.

You smell like Heaven and

you feel like bliss -

I vaguely wonder, do I dare steal a kiss?

When we are apart, I don't feel right,

and I can't help but toss and turn

thinking of you at night.

Do you have any idea what I'm feeling?

Cause I like what I'm seeing.

Tangible memories now only lead to you

and words we exchanged are burned into my mind.

At night, I think we might

be staring up into the same dark blue,

and you're my last thought

when I close my eyes at night...

Tonight, I'm sure I'll see you in my dreams

and you'll hold me until forever it seems.

"When I tell you that I need you,

please believe that I won't leave you"

are the words I'm dying to say,

but if I told you how I felt,

would it all be okay?

You're a diamond, I'm a heart

living in this house of cards.

I finally get the guts and spill them, hoping you'll understand.

All I want is a shoulder to lean on and a willing hand.

I panic and crybecause I know you'll turn away,

but then you lift my chin and tell me to not be afraid.

I say I just wanted you to see, wanted you to see

how much I wanted this to be.

"All I ever think of is you; do you even think of me too?

You ever so suddenly became my world,

do you think maybe someday

I could be your girl?"