This was a section to a poetry project I had to do in my English class recently, actually writing an original sonnet in Shakespeare's rhyme scheme. This is my very first sonnet, which I did find difficult but fun to attempt. It's not perfect; if you notice, there's maybe about four lines that are not ten syllables exactly, but my teacher said even famous poets are off at times and that'd it be ok as long as most of the lines are exact more than not. Because this is only my first attempt, I'd really appreciate if you give me some (nicely said) constructive criticism and comments if I ever decide to try it out again. Enjoy, and please review. : )

"A Light in the Darkness"

Life is a long series of twists and turns,
A frequent nightmare where the light is not seen
When we most need the hand that does not spurn,
Causing our spirits to dwindle from keen.

Our lives laid out before us, we wish to see,
Like a placid mirror as clear as day.
Often hazy images of who we'll be
Will shroud our paths instead to our dismay.

When Luck turns back her head, our days run long,
And to the sky we cannot always reach.
At times, our hopes and dreams, no matter how strong,
Like an unwanted storm, dismal thoughts breach.

And yet, our friends will always be around,
Giving us hope whenever we are down.