Chapter one

I am a long lost spirit. I walk between Men, a spirit of the past whose life was already forgotten. I walk around the trees of the green forest. I smell the flowers, the same ones that colour the path in wish I walk. Even surround by all this living beings I feel the emptiness. My existence is an infinite nothing, infinity of thing without meaning. The light that illuminates all things around passes by without touching me. The only creatures that posses the capacity of see me are the ones lost in insanity or condemn to death.

Even those are target of my jealousy.

An incomplete existence like mine turns in to a slow and painful torture. I am a sigh between life and death. I am homeless soul who had lost his path between this life and the other. You may think that for such a terrible punishment I must have committed a horrible sin. You are mistaken. My existence is a temporal, physic and psychic lapse. Incomprehensible and inexplicable. I am condemned to this imperfect life just like all the living beings surrounding me are condemned to death.

Looking at the sunlight in the sky I know it is time. I have been waiting for this little distraction. The distance between me and my objective is travelled in seconds. Taken in the arms of the wind I arrive to the place that I always visit. Everyday either if there is rain or the sun shines in the sky I am there. The only place that seems to connect me to the shadow of my late existence. What my eyes see is a picture of some of my earth memories.

Where the forest ends and the plain begin there is an enormous mansion. I cannot define the architecture as it seems to me that it is moisture of different ages and different places. Painted only by the colours of the black steel and the green of the plans that surround it, the mansion seems not to disturb the course of nature. In the first floor, supported by two big columns, the balcony seems to catch my attention. Standing in front of the big balcony doors stands a beautiful woman. The most amazing burnet I had ever seen, the future princess of this kingdom.

She is already waiting for him.

I follow the direction of her gaze and I finally find him. At south of the mansion a masculine figure appears from the woods. I know very well the shape of this man's body but it is the face that always catches my attention. When you find in him those amazing green eyes everything else seems to disappear.

That same green…

Lighter than the leaves, stronger than the legs of a grasshopper. The same green that fills my memories and my torments, the same green that used to fulfil my lover's eyes. Looking at that green is killing the rest of life that is left in me, but even so I cannot stop looking at them. He passes me by to finally get together with her. In the middle of the bushes, I look at them, I admire them. But even felling the need inside of me to come closer I do not such thing.

I fear that they can see me, I fear that they are doomed…