I just thought I'd write something highlighting the positives about Washington. I just read the book Twilight, and the author tends to over exaggerate the raininess. I love Washington, so here it is.


Enumclaw, WA

Some days it's sunny. Some it's snowy. Some it hails or gusts. But most days it rains.

People who don't live there say that it's the rainiest place in the world. They are probably right. They never visit. Who would visit a place where you can get half-drowned just by walking to your car?

But they don't think about all the trees and mountains. The only reason there are so many gorgeous trees there is because of all the rain.

The trees are a shelter, a haven. Seemingly nothing can hurt you if you are safely hidden among the trunks.

If you sit inside on one of those rainy days, you can listen to the pitter-patter of the rain as it falls on the land all around you. It is a beautiful sound, music. It gives you a sense of warmth, happiness that you are inside, toasty warm, without any obligation to go outside.

On a dry summer evening you can watch a storm coming from a long way off. The lightning cracks overhead and you are sitting safe from the rain under the eves.

When it pours enough to be a shower, you can stand outside and get soaking wet, knowing that you can go take a hot shower to warm up, without a care in the world, other than to have fun in the biggest shower in the world.

In the winter, you are only an hour away from a ski resort. In the summer you are close to several lakes to swim in. In the fall you can collect caterpillars and jump in leaves. In the spring you can plant gardens and go to the fair.

People may say it's boring. They may say it's wet. But they have not experienced the true wonders of Enumclaw.