"Some-Kind-Of Chemistry"

This some-kind-of chemistry between
The entities that are you and me
Is nothing less than perplexing.
And yet, somehow, the complexities draw me in
And I am entangled in a web of thought as to what
Exactly this might mean,
This some-kind-of chemistry between.
I wonder if it means there's meant to be something more,
Or if I'm reading too far in and merely hoping
Hoping for something, for everything we had before.
But if this some-kind-of chemistry means nothing at all,
Then why is it that when I'm falling,
I see no one but you as fit to call?
Why is it that you are my comfort place,
The only face that seems to make things right?
If this some-kind-of chemistry is so unimportant,
Why is there this connection between us,
And why do I get the feeling it is?