by Queen of Sarab

By day the woman endures brutality, the drunken ravings of her violent husband
Hoping, praying that he will take her instead of the two children sobbing beneath the kitchen table
She bears the bruises with strained pride, telling herself he doesn't mean it
Fear is her only companion
But soon enough the moonlight will take her, and tonight she is ready
The wolf knows no fear
A silent shadow, she is waiting when he stumbles in the door, smelling of cheap cologne and whiskey
In all of Eve's glory she steps into the circle of pure moonlight staining the ragged carpet
As her husband looks up blearily, hardly comprehending when the change takes her, transforms her into the rightful master of the night
Beautiful and deadly, her silver coat glistens as her lips draw back in a snarl
An unearthly howl escapes the wolf's throat as she lungs
The children huddle under their thin comforter in fear, ears stung with snarls and screams
While their mother becomes their white knight avenger
And the wolf becomes her own
And, for a night, they are one and the same
In the morning, she awakes
Knowing full well she is free
Both of her