Walking through the hallways,

That were your legacy,

Ten steps to freedom,

Ten steps to insanity,

As I pass the polished section,

Of hideous green tile we used to scuff with out shoes.

34 steps to the first floor,

counting to distract thoughts of you,

102 steps to where I stopped,

hugged you goodbye,

and ran away.

102 steps to the stairs,

34 steps to the second floor,

Better walk the next ten quickly,

Or I'll collapse behind closed doors.

Sometimes I walk slowly,

Remembering you,

All the smiles and alibis, excuses you told me,

The way you always protected me,

From things both physical and verbal,

Sometimes I laugh at the places I pass,

And I can still see you smiling back at me.

I'm always remembering,

Sweet melancholy,

The way you used to be there for me,

The kind of friends we used to be.

Oh, Oh, Sweet melancholy,

I'm still missing you to this day,

365 days of love,

One hasty kiss in hallways,

Dreams of other days.