Angelic Twilight


20th eve of Saku 500 (3rd) A.B

The first signs of dawn flitted across the horizon as the soft thumps of hooves echoed quietly through the forest. The horse was tall and lean and had a gleaming chestnut coat . It walked slowly, as it's rider was in no hurry to reach their destination.

A tall muscular man with mahogany hair and gleaming black eyes. He wore tattered clothes that he looked to have been wearing for weeks. His body was hunched over his horse, tense and uneasy. His eyes were burning with anger. His temper resembled a thunderstorm, he was always cold but when he was angry the earth seemed to quake under his feet. This moment was one of those unlucky times, when Regin Ryer was in a rage.

It had been three days since he had received that notice from that woman, the woman he had once trusted. But he had been impractical; he had always been told not to trust others. Yes, trust only yourself, live for only yourself, be loyal to only yourself…

In short, having emotion was against the law. But to Regin emotions were a key part in his endeavors, such as his anger was the obstacle he was trying to overcome. But his past emotions also fueled him to follow up on the note, regardless how angry he was at his old friend.

He was the only one who felt that way, however. His comrades were the equivalent of emotionless. They followed orders without question. That is what their life's meaning was. The only other person that thought emotion was important was the woman who he was meeting.

The sun was now slowly rising in the sky, and the trees gave way to a small clearing. Someone had made camp there. A fire blazed ferociously as a woman sat by it, huddled for warmth. In her lap was a sleeping infant girl, unaware of her surroundings.

The woman had light golden hair that framed her face and fell to her hips. Her eyes a sharp emerald, seas of green filled with endless depths of wisdom and fierce waves of memories. They gazed into the forest searchingly, and Regin knew she was waiting for someone, waiting for him.

Apprehensive, he dismounted before giving his horse a fond pat.

"Stay here, Legacy. There's plenty of grass to graze on." The horse whinnied in response. Regin smiled and reluctantly made his way into the clearing. The woman looked up at him and smiled slightly.

"Regin, I have been awaiting you." Her voice was sweet and melodious. Regin narrowed his eyes. Usually her voice was like a mouse's, when there was nothing wrong and she went about her tasks bravely but her voice was always shy as if she wasn't satisfied or was bored. This tone was used, however, when she was both determined to do something, and something very difficult lay ahead of her.

"Amaya, what do you want?" he snapped coldly. His rage began to surface once more and he forced himself to be calm.

"I want you to do me a favor," she said, unperturbed. "Or rather, do my daughter a favor."

Regin's gaze dropped to the small baby with doubled rage. He remembered when she had been born. Her eyes had been ruby reds that had reminded him of the pools of blood that stained the ground after every battle he left. How his would one day be there. Her skin had been deathly pale as if she was a ghost. Her nails had been long and slanted ending with sharp points that could pierce skin as easily as a knife. Now Amaya had transformed her. Her nails were short, human nails. She was now fair-skinned. However, Regin could not determine her eye color, even though he assumed it would have also been changed. But appearance was nothing; the baby was still a monster to him.

"What favor do I owe the child?" Venom dripped in his voice.

"Take her away," Amaya's voice grew smaller, not her usual mouse like voice, but cold. Scared. "Take her away from me, so when I turn myself in, she may live happily."

Regin stared at her, dumbstruck.

"It is true, I will give myself to our leader and he will exile me to the hellfire. But don't I deserve it? I let my curiosity get the better of me, but Regin…I was only thinking the thoughts of every lover, and now this innocent girl has been birthed, but for what? To be exiled into a place where no happiness exists? That is a sin greater then no other. The sin of diminishing a life before it has been lived. The girl will be punished for something she could not help. I won't tolerate that, the question is, would you?" Amaya now spoke passionately, staring past him into his soul, and into the crevices of his heart.

Regin's heart began to beat faster. Part of his rage was directed at Amaya for putting herself in danger, and now she was turning herself in. How did she expect him to find that monster a home? Who would take her?

A surge of emotion overwhelmed him and he felt ready to explode. His blood rushed through his veins and his body tensed. His eyes burned with fire. He felt the thin layer of ice that had withheld his anger crack under the pressure.

Enraged, he reached out and grabbed the collar of Amaya's shirt. She tightened her arms protectively around her daughter and stared at him icily. Regin knew that she wanted to explode as well, to defend herself and her child, but her ice was thicker then his. Her fire was warmer then his, she could warm people's hearts while his could burn. Until recently, when that warm comforting flame had lashed out at him and given him a burn that would never heal.

"You may be willing to give that child to me and ensure her happiness? But you're forgetting one thing…it is not my responsibility to help her when you are the source of her misfortune!" The words flew out at Amaya like a gust of the harsh wind. She narrowed her eyes at Regin then said venomously:

"I know that, Regin! That is why I am turning myself in. But this child has done nothing to deserve this future. You may resent her and I for what I have done and who her father is, but what would your guardian say? He's here, is he not?" Amaya spoke with reason and anger. A passionate anger.

Regin sighed. His guardian, a spirit of fire he had been assigned when he had first volunteered for his job. He could insert it wherever he wished; an inanimate object as most people did, or it could learn to co-exist with an already living creature. He had chosen the latter, which now stood in the shadows watching him intently.

He disapproved. He wished for the child to come with them. Seconds turned into minutes before Regin regretfully spoke.

"I see your point. I will take the child, but understand I have to allegiance to you or her and if she ever commits a crime I will punish her. Now, what is her name?" His voice rumbled, harsh and cold. The infant twitched uncomfortably. Amaya's eyes immediately softened as she muttered assurances to her daughter.

Fondly, she whispered her name to Regin, who froze instantly, enraged by the choice of the name. But he gained control of himself.

"A fitting name for few, least of all her. But very well. I will take her." He watched her with knowing eyes, as Amaya sadly cradled her child softly uttering a farewell. Tears gleamed in her eyes that she refused to let fall and handed the baby to him.

"Goodbye, Regin. Find her a caring family, please. Thank you." Amaya spoke sadly as nostalgia poured over her. "I'm sorry…"

Regin blinked as Amaya stood up and wrapped her arms around him before releasing him and smiling. She curtsied, kissed her baby once more, then returned to her camp to pack up.

Regin walked briskly to where Legacy stood, grazing.

They galloped away together as the morning flowers were in full bloom. The azure sky beamed joyfully down at them, but Regin could only feel hatred. His heart thrummed in his chest as he recoiled in anger.

The infant in his lap was peaceful, sleeping as if nothing happened. But something had happened. He took a deep breath. His hatred would have to be put aside. Emotion was a key part in his endeavors, yes, but hatred was his weakness and his greatest strength at the same time.

He decided to head down south towards his home town. It wasn't too far away and it would be the quickest way of getting rid of Amaya's daughter.

A bitter smile worked it's way up his face. It could take months to find someone who would accept the girl. If he made one wrong move, said one wrong word, and the girl's identity would be discovered. Then he would be treated as a criminal. But one thing he had learnt long ago was that life never allowed short cuts.

Hello readers!

I hope you enjoyed my prologue, I forshadowed a lot of important things in this prologue, thats why it is so confusing. When you read on everything will click into place.

Pay attention to Regin, he's our menter figure. Only not a very good one. I also changed this draft, since thanks to some wonderful constructive criticism, a few plot holes came into place, as well as several writing flaws.

To tell time I created my own system. I will spell it out right now to avoid confusion.












The days are just numbered as well as the week. Todays date would be written as:

7th eve of Reya 2007 (1st)

In the brackets is the number of the week.

They are currently in the 500, which is counted by the years since human beings came into existance.

The calender is 'A.B' After Birth.

So tomorrow would be:

8th eve of Reyo 2007 (1st) A.B

I hope this wasn't too confusing!