H a l c y o n D a y s



That was the first thought that came to mind at that time. I felt numb, frozen and extremely pained. It was as if there was a great strength holding me in place, not allowing me to move or talk. Then, it happened.

It was then when, all of a sudden, the car submerged into the wall ahead. I instantly closed my eyes, my body pushed forward and back in a sudden movement. The screeches of the brakes echoed loudly throughout the neighborhood.

The pigeons flew franticly, and the sound of contact reverberated around us.

I did not dare to open my eyes, afraid of what we had become. When I finally did open them, I realized that the collision did much more damage to the car than the wall in which we collided in.

It, unfortunately, also killed the person next to me, Hilary, who happened to be a very important person in my life. Tears began to roll down my face as I stared at the limp body next to me.

Her beautiful hazel eyes, fortunately, were closed. I would not have been able to stand it if they were open. Her dark, brown hair surrounded her face, messier than ever. I remember the week before, she was complaining about how whenever the wind picked up, her hair would fly all over the place not allowing her to see her surroundings. I smiled at the ironic thought and then turned away to see our location.

There were bricks covering the back half of the car, which prevented me from seeing where we actually crashed. Ahead of me, however, seemed to be a big, empty studio. I then examined myself. I was not in a bad state such as Hilary, but my hand was glazed with blood. I realized it was coming from my forehead, as I wiped my sweat off just recently. I tried to open climb out through the window, since the door was trapped. When I got out of the car, there were glass shards on my legs and on the floor. I winced and limped as quickly as I could from the car. I needed to get out of here, fast.


I quickly walked to the nearest store, while some glass shards were beginning to fall out, other stubborn pieces decided to stay firm on my leg. I found a wall towards an alley and leaned on it for support.

Looking up at the street signs, I noticed I was on the corner of Maple Avenue and Holmes Street. I slowly slid to the ground, and examined my legs. There was more blood now, but the glass shards left huge cuts. I winced as I began to pull the remaining shards out. I did not bother cleaning up the trail that I left, but disposed of the glass. I staggered to a nearby restroom, which reeked of the horrible smell of urine and dead...something. Luckily, no one saw me yet. I looked at the sky before walking in. Judging from the lack of sun, and the color of the sky, I assumed that it was at least three or four in the morning. No one would be up at this time other than some early birds. I washed myself up and wrapped my legs with toilet paper. It was the best that I can do for now. I had to get myself home, where I had more…adequate materials. I knew that time was against me, and sooner or later, someone will find out about the crash. I was lucky that no one had heard me already. I just hoped that…his men wouldn't find out that things went according to his plans.

It took about two hours until I finally reached the hellhole I called home. It was more like a pigsty. The doors of the house were on the verge of falling, the carpet had stains, the house was overall messy and smelly. The pain lessened in my legs as I sat down on the beat-up couch.

I still couldn't accept that she was gone. It wasn't supposed to end this way. I curled my hand into a fist, and bit on my lip in frustration. I was not going to cry again. I closed my eyes, but all I could see was her...and her dead body. Her words lingered in my mind.


My phone rang. I looked at it. It continued to ring. I felt my heart beat faster and faster. I slowly walked to it and picked it up.
"H...hello?" My voice came out as a choked whisper. My throat felt dry and I felt weak.

"Hailey...long time no talk." I could just hear the smugness in his voice. I could hear his smile, his amusement. He knew. He had to or else he wouldn't be calling. Today was the day.

"Sykes." I said curtly.

"Hailey, Hailey...How many times do I have to tell you to call me Tyler?" I heard a chuckle in the background.

"What do you want?"

"Did you think that you would be able to get away? It's all over the news. Poor Hilary. Poor you! You must be devastated." His voice didn't show any sympathy.

"Hilary had nothing to do with this. You know that." I couldn't help myself.
"Yes, I'm aware." He had amusement in his voice again. He didn't care about Hilary, not even one bit.
"Then why did you bring her into this?"

"For you, my dear. I just love to see you frustrated."

"You bastard!" The moment it left my mouth, I instantly regretted it.

I heard a chuckle again. I closed my mouth, I knew what he could have done to me. He got back to business. "I'll let you off easy for that one, Hailey. You're such a nice girl, you really shouldn't yell." He paused.

"You know we never do things in the morning. I didn't think you'd be so reckless, Hailey. But, you did well." I bit on my lips to prevent me from yelling back. And also to prevent the tears that were threatening to fall.

"You know where to meet. I expect you there at midnight." I looked at the time. It was 6:30.

"Don't forget our little contract." I gripped the phone even harder. He knew everything already. It was as if he was there when I was talking to her. How? It was impossible. I never even told anyone. "I'll be there."

"I knew you would follow the plan. I'll see you then, Hailey. It's always a pleasure doing business with you." And then I heard a dial tone.

I put my phone back and looked at my legs. I completely forgot about the injuries there, too busy thinking about Hilary. I grabbed my bandages and wrapped my legs carefully and firmly. I rushed around the house, gathering my necessities. All on my mind was getting away.

And the stupid contract.

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