The Date

The highs and lows of the last two weeks were about to hit their highest peak for him. Today, there would be a date. This was bigger than graduation on the last Thursday, and much better for his soul than the forced acknowledgment of the previous day's events. News had come the day before of his Grandfather, and tomorrow, he and the members of his family would make the 250 mile migration for the funeral.

But today, was all about the date. This girl, a newfound friend of his, had suggested a date. The latest Spielberg creature feature that was all the big news in the theaters this week, shattering box office records and the like was their destination for the evening. But, not to be a date in the traditional sense, they would ride there together, then leave separately, and pay separately. This was at her suggestion.

She was an interesting girl. Not the kind he would ordinarily look twice at, especially under the circumstances of their meeting. His best friend had introduced her to him as his date for the Prom. At the time, he simply smiled at the girl and congratulated his friend on making a trip that he himself had avoided like the plague.

Now, a month later, the friend had moved on, and she had been on the phone with him every night for the last week, including comforting him when the news of his only grandparent came around. He found himself attracted to her intellectually, having initially written her off as a scatterbrained teenager. He had had enough of those to know that he was done with them.

The small town theater seemed to take "small" to heart. It was fortunate for them that they arrived as early as they did, as tickets for both showrooms would require a line. The other showroom had a shorter line, but the biography of a female musician that was also debuting that weekend was not one they thought they should see as a first date.

While in line, the two discussed what the coming movie would be bringing, her having read some of the book, him having seen it two nights prior. He was trying to keep his voice down, not wanting to give away details of the movie to those in line around him.

"I don't get you," she told him.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, how can you be annoyed at the T Rex for eating the lawyer?"

He smiled down at her. "Simple," he answered. "It shows that the dinosaur lacked professional courtesy."

She stared blankly up at him, not getting his joke. He just shook his head, hoping that she had a bit more of a sense of humor toward other things.

The box office finally opened, followed by the theater doors, allowing them to flow in with the rest of the crowd. Stepping through the doors, he went toward the concession line, asking with a jerk of his thumb if she was interested. She shook her head, patting her stomach in response.

He stared at the position of her hand for a moment, contemplating the tautness of her stomach through the skin tight tee shirt she wore. He was obviously still a little too long, as he was jostled by a girl half his size, pushing her way past him to get to the concession stands. "Excuse me," he heard an annoyed pre-teen voice say.

"Sorry, distracted," he muttered walking over to meet with his date. She stared at him, raising one perfect eyebrow in question. "Guess I was taking too long," he told her. "Let's go find a seat."

The small showroom was packed fairly full already. There were places to sit along the middle level and a few spots scattered along the back, but the first two rows still remained empty. He pointed to a spot, left of center in the second row. She looked at him like he was crazy. He shrugged at her, and waited while she looked all around the rapidly filling room, before sighing in frustration, and moving to the very seat he had pointed out.

She took the second spot in the row, staring evilly at him as he sat smirking beside her. "I hate sitting this close," she told him.

"Better perspective here," he told her. "Think how much bigger they're going to look when you're sitting right underneath them."

She stared at him for a moment, contemplating another meaning for his words, but shook it off, seeing him pointing up at the screen, not looking at her at all. Even still, she found herself self-consciously crossing her arms over her chest.

He checked his watch and found that there was still plenty of time before the film began. "Are you sure you don't want something?" he offered. "I'll buy. I mean, I know that goes against the purpose of going Dutch, but still, consider it just a friendly gesture."

"Okay," she responded. "Just a soda, though. Whatever they have that's clear."

"No problem," he answered back. "Be back in a flash."

The line was still fairly long for the concession stand, but it wouldn't matter. It was a good way to pass the time, and allow him to contemplate how very wrong he had been. She was his type. Not just smart, but actually saw some value in taking care of herself. And if the tone of her stomach wasn't enough of a giveaway, the firm and high breasts that she tried to cover up, not to mention the lovely round buttocks that he had observed swaying in front of him during the walk to their seats were.

And there were her eyes. Never again would he think brown was boring.

By the time he had their drinks in hand and made his way back into the showroom, previews had started. There was one for a new Harrison Ford movie, and one for a big screen remake of a cartoon he used to watch as a child. Neither held his interest as much as the girl next to him.

She was petite, but that was fine. He knew that he could rest his chin on top of her head with both of them standing, but he was still pretty sure she was over five feet tall. Her black hair was thick, and tied into a very thick braid that hung down just past her neck. Her face was round, and sported a dazzling smile to go along with the other beautiful qualities he'd noticed. She flashed that very smile at him as they sunk deeper into their chairs to watch the movie.

The film went as all creature features tend to. The big monsters ate the silly humans, only a few make it out alive, and those that do are basically all bleeding severely. It was an excellent watch, with a lot of dramatic tension, wherein she had grabbed his hand, and on one occasion, his thigh. The end result of that one being him happy with his choice of jeans rather than shorts, lest his leg now sport a few fresh crescent shaped cuts.

The movie over now, the two walked around the theater and shopping center, coming to a pause next to a rock wall behind a grocery store. The just past waist height on him wall was as tall as her shoulder, and he chuckled a bit as she tried to pull herself up onto it, unsuccessfully.

"Need help?" he offered.

"Yes," she said, looking down at the ground, annoyed. When she looked up, he was there, filling up her entire field of vision. He was big, not only towering over her, but looked like he could break her in half without working up a sweat. That thought continued as he wrapped his hands around her waist, and with hardly any effort, hoisted her up so that her behind was level with the top of the wall and plopped her into place. The copper colored shirt with the French cuffs that he wore hid quite a bit more than she realized.

She had asked her own friends about him, most of them offering up the same sort of shrug. Nobody knew a whole lot about him other than that he'd not had a lot of good luck with women, and that he liked to lift free weights a lot. She could now confirm the part about the weight lifting, having had all 123 pounds of herself tossed like a small child.

He had her rapt attention as he used just the strength in his arms to maneuver himself up so that he was straddling the wall facing her. "Show off," she muttered.

"I'm a guy, that's what we do," he retorted, staring down at her, willing her silently to turn and face him. She did, finally, and the moon shone down on them, turning everything into shades of grey. He stared down into her eyes. No boring brown, just a soft and beautiful sparkle that would likely captivate him for years to come. He slowly brought his gaze down to her mouth.

She saw where he was now looking, and felt her stomach knot. "This is our first... this isn't even a real date," she thought frantically. "He can't kiss me. He won't kiss me... God, please don't let him kiss me."

He saw her expression change and drew back, watching her face. He looked at her quizzically, seeing the look of panic come up. Scooting closer to her, he dropped a hand to each knee. He cocked his head to the side and asked "what's wrong? I won't bite."

She chuckled nervously at him. "Professional courtesy?" she offered even as the mantra continued in her head. Don't kiss me. Don't kiss me.

"Hardly," he answered, taken aback. "I just don't want to scare you off on our first date."

"So..." she responded, "If this weren't our first date, biting would be an option?" Stay away, please don't kiss me.

"Maybe a few nibbles. But hey, that could get covered in this date."

He was watching her mouth again, with the same intensity as before. She thought, "I shouldn't give in. I won't let him kiss me. He's going to have to pin me down..." she paused in her thoughts, shaking off the frightening mental image that went with the last one.

"Are you feeling okay?" he asked. "You look like you're ready to bolt."

"I... I'm fine," she stammered. He was just too damn close. She could smell his after-shave and something else that was just incredibly... masculine. She could not resist him much longer. Don't kiss me… Don't kiss me… Even as the thought repeated itself over and over in her brain, she could feel his stare pull at her, making her lose what little sense that she held onto, and worse yet, it started to feel… right. Yet, she still fought it. Don't kiss me… God, please…

He watched her resolve crumble. It made him feel powerful, the way she fought her own urges, but he was winning, and that was a heady feeling. He decided to push her past her limits.

He reached out to her with his left hand, dragging his knuckles along her cheek before wrapping his hand around her braid, and pulling her closer. The constant mantra scattered from her head, as his lips brushed over hers, and then claimed her mouth fully.