"I really like your hair like that."

I looked over to my friend Nicole and watched as she looked at the guy before her indecisively, while shooting me a quizzical look. Always cautious—she's not one of those girls who will believe any sweet words coming out of a boy's mouth only to end up in a regrettable situation later. That's my girl!

Before I go any farther, let me rewind and introduce myself. The name's Bond. James Bond.

…fine, my last name's not really Bond. Whatever, I can dream, right?

Oh and my first name? Yea, well, that is unfortunately James. Did I mention I'm a girl?

Let me go back even further.

So, there I was, you know, being born and all. Pretty natural process if you ask me. …what's that? You didn't ask?

Bite me.

But anyway, things get a little complicated when one's giving birth to triplets. And no, I'm not talking about the actual giving birth process; I'm talking about after that. You know, naming the kids and shit like that.

So my parents had three perfect names which they wanted to give their children no matter what. No matter what. Curse the meaning of those words—aren't there exceptions or something in the case of a child of the opposite sex?

But I digress.

The three perfect names? Jordan, Jessica, and James. Cute alliteration, no?

So, the first child born and the oldest would be my lovely sister Jessica. Yes, Jessica. Got the privilege of having a girl's name. That bitch…

Anyway, second born would be Jordan. A perfectly common name for a boy, up until a few years before we were born when people decided to go name girls that too. But not my parents, apparently. Jordan, the semi-multi-gender name, was given to the boy.

And I was left with James. JAMES. A GUY'S NAME. It's not very often that you go down the streets and say, 'hey guys, I got a new girlfriend. Oh, her name? It's JAMES!'

But again, I digress. So, for the past seventeen years of my life, I've been living with this gruesome name of…James. Yuck.

Obviously, being the creative person I am, I wanted to give myself a nickname, and settled with the ever-popular Jamie. Now why couldn't that have been one of my parents' favorite names? IT'S BOTH A BOY AND GIRL'S NAME, DAMN IT!

I'm getting my name changed the second I know how. Or am able to; whichever comes first.

Right. So, let's see…

I attend Ridgewood High School.

I don't do drugs, don't drink.

I am seventeen years old.

I am really, really good at sounding like a boring, monotonous form which quite frankly, I'd love to chuck at the wall. But I'm not quite finished with myself just yet.

Let me go to the relevant details to the current story at hand—the one about Nicole, and fill you in from there.

Basically, if you noticed before that I used the term friend to describe Nicole, and not best friend, well…you're perceptive! Ha, well that's all.

Okay, no, but let me have a little fun.

But right, I say she's my friend because I don't simply have just one best friend. I know, that's said really often. However, in my case, it's actually true. See, I have a few really close friends. None of them the best. They all piss me off at different times. I piss them all off at times as well. But hey, that's life, and we love each other for it.

Over the years, we've become more accepting of one another's…less enjoyable traits, and have learned to live with them. Ah nostalgia.

Ahem. So, instead of doing the whole 'I'm going to introduce all of my friends now and then have you read about one of them seventeen years later so that you won't even remember who it is' deal, I'll just introduce as we go along.

What can I say? I procrastinate. Sue me.

So right now, there's Nicole. Brown haired girl. Hazel-green eyes that change. I'm serious. No, they're not that unreal violet color which turns to blue when struck with emotion. They really do change!

Back to Nicole. She's studious. She's cute. She's popular to boot? Err, not quite, but damn is that song good.

Holy crap. Starting today, I, Jamie middle-name-deprived Arlington, am going to try my best to stop from going onto tangents. Let's see how that works, shall we? Ha, that reminds me of that one time my friend…NO, NO, BAD JAMIE!

Alright then. So here we were, Nicole and I sitting at our table in the cafeteria.

Nicole was enjoying her pleasant salad with low-fat dressing, while I bit into a granola bar that was to make up for my lack of lunch, thanks to my time being spent to the wonderful subject of calculus.

You know that procrastination thing? Yea, it doesn't just apply to me telling people things.

Um, so where was I? Damn, that makes the score for today: Tangent 1, Jamie Love.

How cool would it be if my name was Jamie Love Hewitt?!



Alright, so Nicole and I were sitting there, minding our own business, when this guy from the football team came over. Cliché much?

So, he sits down, and then in a husky voice, says, "I really like your hair like that."

And as I said before, Nicole looked at him indecisively and shot me a quizzical look.

And me? Well, I died inside.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is where another cliché is thrown into the whole mix. That would be Dan O'Connor, a.k.a, my childhood best friend. Ex-best friend since high school began. I'm sure you already get the gist of it.

Luckily, he was apparently attempting to woo Nicole and not myself. So no story happening there!

But come to think of it, why is he here?

And why hasn't he even so much as glanced in my direction?

"Oh come on Jamie, please? Please, please, please?!"


"But why not? He seems like such a nice guy!" Nicole pleaded, walking quickly to match my rapid pace as we went down the hallway to our next class.

"Well he's not!" I replied crossly.

"What do you mean 'he's not'? You don't even know him!" Yeah, about that, Nicole didn't exactly know that I had any…history with Dan. She moved here in ninth grade, after Dan and I went our 'separate ways'.

And I wasn't about to enlighten her. She actually seemed genuinely interested in him, and I didn't want to stop her from going out with him. I just wanted myself to be kept out of this whole mess.

"So what?" I tried, not able to come up with anything better to respond with.

"So, you have to stop being so…judgmental!" she exclaimed.

"Look, I don't give a damn if you go out with him; I'm just not going out with his asinine best friend for him!"

"So are you busy Friday night?" Dan asked Nicole.

"No, anything in mind?" Nicole responded.

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner with me…"

"I'd love to," Nicole said, smiling.

"Great! I was thinking that we could double…so do you have a friend that'd be willing to go with my friend Tristan?" He asked.

I knew what was coming. I knew when Nicole looked over at me. I knew by the look in her eye. I absolutely knew when she offered me up to Dan, who finally glanced at me for the first time since he sat down at our table.

I knew that she really wanted me to go. I also knew that I never would be caught dead going anywhere with Dan's best friend, Tristan.

But before I had a chance to object, the plans were sealed, and Dan had left the table.

"Why not?" Nicole begged. "I'll do anything!"

I whirled around and was about to tell her off, when I saw her face. It was filled with a mixture of desperation, dejection, and…hurt.

"Nicole, why don't you just ask one of our other friends to do it?"

"They're all busy…plus, I already told him you'd go! Please, please, please! It's just for one night!"

I sighed, already regretting my decision. "Fine."

Nicole cheered and gave me a quick hug, just as we heard the bell ring.



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