They told me it was impossible.

That I should simply give in.

They thought I'd never make it.

But I swear, I'll prove them wrong.


I'll run these thousand miles.

I'll move these mountains

And walk on this water.

Impossible is nothing.


You never believed me,

When I said I'd be the first to win.

You thought I wasn't being serious,

But you thought wrong.


This is it.

Impossible is possible.

The unbelievable will be done.

Because nothing is impossible.


Everyone who has ever laughed at me,

Will have to take it back today.

As I do what they've only dreamed of doing…

I'll say no to you.


And the people gasp in wonder,

They never thought I'd follow through.

But I've done what I should have done for a long time,

I said no to you.