I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who read and reviewed Isolation; I now have 105 reviews and all of them have been so helpful. It's a real motivation when you have other people's feedback – thankyou all so much.

One or two people PM-ed me asking me where my ideas came from. It was pretty simple. One of my friends had some homework where she had to design a new reality TV show, and we came up with the idea of trapping a group of students inside a school, and them having to survive by themselves for a week. It basically stemmed from there (and watching the Korean High School Haunting series didn't help of course)! So yeah, there you go.

Just so people know, I am planning another story, though at the moment I only have a few characters and an idea of the setting. It'll take some time to develop. If you'd like me to let you know when the first chapter is up, just leave a review or send me a message or something. You're not obligated to read the next one... but I do like getting reviews... poke

Ok well thanks again for reading, have a great week!

Ylsa xxx