Chapter 19


Unfortunately, they weren't false. Only a few days had passed by when I finally got the whole story. Word obviously travels faster in the Vampire world than the human. There was a meeting held in that secret room in the Library and that was where I heard the news of Lord Jamison's tragic death.

According to what Lady Viva said and the on-hand witness of several of our own vampires, there was an ex-Slayer gone mental in Beauton. According to what was said, this Slayer had his eye on Jamison's mate, who had once been in the same group of Slayers, and went completely insane when she continuously denied him. His mental stability finally shattered and he ambushed the two, placing some kind of amulet around Jamison's neck and staking him through the heart when the Vampire Queen denied him again.

While there was uproar from all forty convened vampires including Euric, I sat quietly in the back against the wall. I was in total disbelief that the only one who's ever helped me was gone and that I'd never see him again. It really hurt me deep inside. I know Euric would have sensed it, but he was too busy with the debate to tend to me.

That was fine. I really didn't want to be consoled right then anyway. But I thought about what Jamison said to me that one day, about moving my family to Beauton for safety. According to what was being said at the meeting, Beauton is the most unorganized town in the country right now because of all the rumors that were spreading about our kind: Seemed that this ex-Slayer had a field day in revealing our secret.

Not in Jamison's dreams would I have moved my mother and brother there. Besides, I think they're both better off where they are now then they would if they were still living.

I got up from my chair and left the room. I needed to get away from the arguing group of pissed off vampires. That and I really didn't want to be around when the fight broke out between two high class vampires over what should be done about the situation.

When I got outside, I did feel a little better than in that stuffy room. The weather got colder as winter approached and the air was dry and still. But it was still cold. The trees have long since lost their leaves and the nighttime flowers are sleeping until the next spring. The ground was dank and the grass had little ice crystals on them. They looked beautiful, but they also looked dead.

I never liked winter.

The sound of footsteps were gentle and coming up behind me as I sat on a low wall near a small park. The presence was familiar and I relaxed some when Peregrine came up and leaned against the wall on his arms. I saw him look up at me and then out at whatever it was I was looking at. We were silent for some time as we just enjoyed the comfort of each other's company and the chill of the night.

"I'm happy for you," he said. "When I heard you made it complete with Euric, I was a little upset that I couldn't grab you for myself. But I was also very happy because I knew you'd be happy with him."

He hadn't found out that I made the mating complete with becoming Euric's Queen until this night at the meeting. I saw the hurt in his eyes and I felt the nervousness and warning in Euric's mind when he saw Peregrine. But a hand on his arm calmed him and the meeting commenced without any more agitation from either Lord.

I was silent after that and I continued to look out at the open space. There was a question at the back of my mind that I wanted to ask him, but I didn't know if I should or shouldn't.

"Did you actually love me?" I asked finally. I figured what the hell? Nothing would happen if I asked anyway. He was silent for a second before I heard a snicker and I looked to my left towards him. His face was right there close to mine and I held still, not sure what to do.

"Yes," he said seriously. "I loved you very much, though I didn't show it that well."

He moved away and lifted his leg up and over the wall so he straddled it like he was riding a horse and faced me. I continued to look at his face and noticed that he returned his hair color to the pale silver like the day I met him. He reached up and tugged on a lock of my own hair and smiled.

"You're going back to red," he said. "I liked you as a redhead."

He got really close to me, or I got really close to him. Either way, we were both closer to each other than was healthy for both of us. I knew where this was going, and I'm sure he knew as well. But the thing is that I didn't know how Euric was going to take it. I've seen these two fight over me before. I know how bad and deadly it could turn.

His hand was on my cheek now, his thumb stroking my skin gently.

Go ahead, I heard Euric's voice say. I'll allow it because I know you need it.

I leaned in towards Peregrine and tilted my head up until our lips met in a very gentle kiss that wasn't demanding nor friendly. It was just the right pressure and the right measure of time before we broke away and we smiled at each other, green eyes to amethyst. I got up from the wall and took a few steps away from him back towards the library. I turned back to him and smiled.

"You'll find your mate again," I said optimistically. "I know you will. You're a good person, Peregrine, and you deserve to be happy. I thank you for all that you did for me."

He smiled back and me, flashing me his crystal white teeth and those fangs I've gotten used to seeing on all those around me.

"I want you to do something for me," he said. I cocked my head to the side in question. "I want you to have a lot of kids so I can be their godfather."

I smiled at him as he walked away and out of sight. Don't know if kids were in my future, or even if Euric wants them. But I guess it would make sense to have some kids if we were and king and queen. We would need an heir to our position as either king or queen of this area, so maybe I should consider having kids.

It's funny: I'm only seventeen. A regular teenager my age wouldn't give a damn if they got pregnant or not. If they did, abortion would be the only thing on their mind and hey, back to the parties to do it again.

It made me think about my long lost friends. Jiffy was a lesbian, so I doubt she'd ever have kids. But she did say that there were too many in the world to begin with and adoption was on the top of her list. She really did like them.

And then there was Jason. There wasn't much I knew about him to begin with, so I really don't know what he would be doing right now. I wondered if he had a girlfriend…

Gah… thinking about all that made my head hurt a little too much. All the losses I went through were at the back of my head, tugging on my conscious mind. I knew they were there, but I wanted them gone. And then I didn't. They reminded me of all the shit I went through this past… I don't know… two weeks?

Two weeks. Seemed longer than that.

"Do vampires even celebrate Thanksgiving?" I asked. Arms wrapped around my shoulders and I leaned back to look at Euric. He was looking out over that same space I was just staring at. He looked calm, he felt agitated, but his heart was content.

"Yeah," he said, "we have our own thanks we need to give, and we have our own obnoxious families. You may not know this, but I have a blood brother in Europe with nieces and nephews coming at the end of the week to celebrate with us."

Okay. I guess it made me feel a little better that I do have another family. Maybe now I wasn't completely alone.

"You never did find out about The Blood, did you?" he asked. "What me to tell you?"

"Nah," I said with a shake of my head. "Some things are better left unknown. It's been hidden from me too long for me to care anymore. And I'm pretty sure Rama lied to me when he said I had it."

"Perhaps," he said. "But that's okay."

I guess everything was okay now.



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